Business and Hotel Management School, Switzerland

Business and Hotel Management School, Switzerland

Luzern, Switzerland | Private


The Business and Hotel Management School, Switzerland is a leading hospitality school, with 4 campuses located in Lucerne, Switzerland. The BHMS is a member of the Benedict Switzerland group pf schools, founded in 1928 with a mission to provide education to adults. The students are from over 70 different nations who speak different languages and have differing cultural values. This diversity enables students to adapt themselves and use this as a beneficial attribute in learning to live and work within a divergent cultural environment. Industry related trips and field trips form an integral part of the curriculum at BHMS. The school provides undergraduate Hospitality/ Global Management and postgraduate Hospitality/Global Programs. There is a clear pathway open for students from an Higher diploma to a bachelor degree and then to a postgraduate degree or to obtain a postgraduate degree without a basic degree. Msc in International Hospitality Business Management and Msc in Global Business Management are the postgraduate courses.

The BHMS in collaboration with City University of Seattle offers a language assisted MBA program in 3 specializations: Hospitality Management, Innovations & Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing.


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The 4 campuses and student residences of the school are located in the heart of Luzerne, within walking distance from each other and from the city center. Switzerland is perfectly situated in the center of Europe, bordered by France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein. Furthermore it is an internationally recognized location for those seeking higher studies in Business and Hospitality management.


The 4 campuses are at Lakefront center, St-Karli-Quai (BHMS campus), City campus (BHKS campus and residences) and Baselstrasse 57 (student residence). The buildings are well equipped with computer labs, state-of-the-art facilities, WLAN, language labs , c lass rooms and other teaching and learning facilities.

A BHMS student councilor is on attendance 5-6 days of the week. Many student services are on offer to enrich the overall student experiences. Some of these are; counseling, personal development, pastoral care, meditation and a great variety of indoor and out door recreation.

The campus and the residences are equipped with WLAN and LAN . Those without computers are provided with computer facilities to pursue their studies unhindered.

Residing Options

The student accommodations are provided at a 3-Star hotel establishment and include student restaurant,computer labs, kitchen labs, library, student lounge and other limited teaching facilities. There are single room and double rooms with double room kitchens. The main accommodation facility is at Student Residence Baselstrasse while another housing for 45 students is operated at residence Ladelistrasse. En-suite showers, kitchenettes and WLAN are the main features of the residences. Students are given 3 meals a day during the week and crunch and dinner during holidays and weekends. Those who prefer vegetarian food and those who do not eat pork or similar items are provided with special dishes at no extra cost.


The language of instructions is English. German and French are also taught, as this enables the students to communicate with the local community and ensure placements and other benefits.

The MBA course extends to a period of 9 months full time academic work followed by 6-9 months of internship in Switzerland or abroad. During this period the students are required to follow 5 MBA modules through online delivery. The MBA has three specialization pathways in Hospitality Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing. A contemporary curriculum is followed in order to gain focused insight and skills in the chosen pathway in addition to key business practices. Use of real life case studies, data handling, projects and business simulation competition ensure the course is value added and is applied and of real career value.

Jobs and placements

During the study period the students are given internships so that experience is gained in various areas of hospitality industry. The masterworks career center, Switzerland would assist, guide and navigate the students through the recruitment processes so that the student is found a position in the industry. The services include document preparations, help with industrial profiling questions, telephone and video conferencing skills as well as assistance with various VISA application processes. The BHMS makes it a point to be represented at various recruitment fairs. The school provides optimum conditions to acquire professional skills and practical experiences to develop and fine tune the personal profile. Workshops are an integral part of the curriculum.

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