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Established in 1991, The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus- Senftenberg is the top technical university in Brandenburg, Germany. Located in Cottbus, in English it is often called Technical University of Cottbus or TU Cottbus. As per the census of 2012 the University had 112 professors, 594 academic staff and 6,972 students, of which 1,234 were of foreign origin from 89 nations. As of today the total enrollment is of 9,000 students which is a pretty good number as compared to the age and locality of the university.
German language eligibility:-
The university has mentioned that even though German language is not a compulsion a student still must know bits and pieces of it. Professors who belong to the locality find it difficult to communicate in a good vocab of English so you might find a mixture of language. Eventually, learning a bit of German won’t harm you as the courses are not technically in German language.
Exams required:-
Entrance on the basis of exam is not a common thing in German. BTU does not conduct any kind of specific exams for their under-graduate programs yet for masters one might have to go through an entrance test.



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Cottbus, a city or shall we rather call it a town which has experienced great historic incidences but preserved very few. Cottbus was always on the sidelines because it is referred as the country side of Berlin. There are a few places to hangout like the Branitz Park and handful of bars and cafes in town, but you wouldn’t find a place full of crowd cheering to the top of their voice. Cottbus is rather a calm place and a perfect atmosphere to study at.


The University is separated into 4 faculties each of them having a focus on certain study and research areas. Each faculty is further subdivided into departments (Institute). Apart from this the university is established on a pretty big area and has mesmerizing modern infrastructure. The modern university library will sure make you feel like a Tron set-up and everything in it is modernly beautiful.

Residing Options

The cost of living on the accommodations given by the university can range 3,000-4,000 US$ which is an average expenditure considering the not-so expensive life of German towns.


We used the term ‘modern’ quite a few times, the reason being that this university works on a basic fundament of ‘modernism’ that is new technologies and methods. The university’s faculty has an altogether different way of teaching their students which differs from subject to subject. Every faculty is unique in its teaching ways for which they are trained after being recruited. The university has one of the best faculties and students are happy with their response to doubts and problems.

Jobs and placements

It is difficult to find a pass-out to know about his experience from BTU as they are busy in a MNC or rather a bigger firm. 60% of the graduates are happy with their education at BTU and they agree that the in-campus placement has helped them get a good job. The university undoubtedly has good contacts for which they are renowned throughout Germany. Out of those 60% satisfied graduates 90% of them have got the job they always desired and wish to work at the same firm all their life. So over all the university has good contacts and surely helps one in their specific career.

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