The Brandenburg University of Technology is a technological university in Brandenburg, Germany. The institute was founded in 1991 as a building engineering program and elevated to university status in 1994. In 2013, the institution was re-established. As Germany's only technological higher education institution, it conducts surveys in the following areas:

  • Biotechnology, the Environment, and Human Health
  • Intelligent and reliable Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
  • Energy Conservation and Self-sufficiency
  • Advanced Provinces and Culture

BTU seeks remedies to global, federal, and provincial problems through research activities, advanced learning, research and technology transmission, and future research education. These encompass power, medical services, the ecosystem, IT-based infrastructures, information exchange, and sociocultural concerns.

Top Reasons to Study in the Brandenburg University of Technology

The Brandenburg University of Technology, located in the core of the Lausitz province, integrates internationally acclaimed investigations with a forward-thinking curriculum. It contributes significantly to the community, heritage, and financial system through information, new tech transmission, and additional academic progress. Here are the top reasons to study here-

  • BTU, as a major research university, provides a distinctive educational notion in Germany: the courses of study spur either to a higher education institution or a university of practical science degree or even to an as such dual advanced degree, that is acquired through a conjunction of analytic learning and vocational programs.
  • BTU approved the »Diversity Charter« in 2011. It implies that every pupil and staff are treated equally, regardless of sex, ethnicity, racial background, culture or religion, disability, age, sexuality, or individuality.
  • The institution already seems to have made a name for itself in global circles; it would be tough to locate one more institution in Germany with just as many global contractual obligations and pupils. 
  • Moreover, the ratio of female learners registered at BTU is unusually high in a major research university, at roughly 37 percent.
  • Brandenburg University of Technology rankings are recognized globally.

Cost of Studying at Brandenburg University of Technology

Average tuition fee


Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Rankings for The Brandenburg University of Technology

US News Ranking


US World and News Report

More rankings for this university

Knowing the Brandenburg University of Technology world rankings is extremely important. 

The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus is currently ranked #851 in the list of the Best Global Universities. Schools are judged based on their results over various attributes acknowledged by brilliance indexes.

The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus is ranked #851 in the Best Global Universities, #338 in the Best Global Universities in Europe, and #50 in the Best Global Universities in Germany.

Admissions at The Brandenburg University of Technology

How to Apply at Brandenburg University of Technology

Foreign candidates can apply for admittance through the uni-assist webpage by pursuing three simple actions from Brandenburg University of Technology's official registration website. The Global Affairs department recommends overseas learners comply with the regulations.

  • Candidates Have to pay: EUR 76.49 (INR 6300)
  • Registration Gateway: Uni Assist website

Documents Required to Apply to Brandenburg University of Technology

  • Registration form finalized
  • Admission eligibility for postsecondary learning
  • Aptitude in English (TOEFL iBT score of 79)
  • Validation of economic assistance
  • An article
  • Assertions of individual perspective
  • Referral Correspondence
  • Expertise
  • Affidavit of Medical Insurance
  • Copy of Visas & Study permit

Exams Accepted By the University

Here are the Brandenburg University of Technology requirements for admission-

Average academic score

Minimum requirements







English proficiency requirements

To get through the Brandenburg University of Technology admission, here are the English proficiency requirements.


                Minimum requirements

                        IELTS Band

                      6 ( 7 programs) 


                      79 ( 9 programs) 

                Cambridge Levels

      C1 Advanced (CAE) 8 programs

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Rucha Gurav


Cyber Security

Fall 2023

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Power Engineering

Fall 2021

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Aditya Sawant

Power Engineering

Fall 2019

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Paresh Chauhan

Power Engineering

Fall 2019

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Sarath Arrepu

Power Engineering

Fall 2021

International Students

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Total International Students in the university



Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

The Berlin-Brandenburg Transit Affiliation includes the Cottbus and Senftenberg community transportation services . As a result, getting to and from Berlin is very simple.


Besides a larger transit system, Cottbus and Senftenberg have a well-mass transit system that includes metropolitan areas, intercity buses, and tramways. As a result, mass transit provides easy access to all significant and vital locations in Cottbus, Senftenberg, and the environs. Moreover, the urban areas are comparatively dense, and the roads are plain and walkable, allowing more or less all to be arrived securely on foot and by motorcycle.

The aforementioned schedules for urban and provincial road transport are available on the internet:

  •  Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg (all of Brandenburg)
  •  Cottbus Verkehr GmbH (only Cottbus)

Services offered by the university

  • The students can access detailed information on the university from the institution's official website. Overseas students can avail of various services and facilities, which prove to be a great assistance. Medical and healthcare facilities are provided within and out of the institution. Medical professionals render allied hospital assistance, healthcare resources, and necessary immunizations and vaccinations.
  • Three libraries are presented on all three campuses - central campus Cottbus, campus Senftenberg and campus Sachsendorf. The libraries are equipped with the latest research journals, archives, E-books, and resources for web-based learning.

Student life

The majority of student lifestyle in Brandenburg mainly comprises short trips to the neighboring areas of Potsdam and Berlin. Although the rent in Brandenburg is very low and there are lots of residence halls, just a few learners reside here anyway.

Most of this traveling is attributable to Brandenburg's nightlife inadequacies. Nevertheless, in regards to culture, the area has a lot to provide: umpteen concerts, theatrical displays, and pubs that organize live shows. Even after these standouts, academic life is chiefly centered on-premises.

  • Student Life - Researchers assume that one of the university's biggest assets is the diversity of its members. As a result, BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg considers inclusivity promotion to be its responsibility. It is reflected in the university's self-concept and "Charta of Diversity."
  • Campus Life - Although it is a small university, there are many things to do on campus! Many implicated youths encounter here on BTU Campus and construct special equity clusters. Whether sporting events, community spirit, or innovation, most BTU educators might discover many who share their interests. 
  • Sports Activities - Tennis, kitesurfing, and rock climbing are just 3 of the exciting athletics lessons we offer.

The BTU campus sporting events provide a supremely athletic alignment with a diverse number of games at student-friendly valuations. Researchers design a range of options for students every term so that one might find a way to stabilize one's busy academic schedule.

In sum, the institution arranges 110 training sessions each week in around 50 multiple games for pupils. Ninety enthusiastic educators are eager to see students.

On campus accomodation

Whether nearer to the uni, besieged by foliage in the landscape, centrally located, or furnished, Cottbus and Senftenberg have fantastic living room features for all needs, starting at 180 euros per month. This, in turn, allows for more access to privacy and work interests.

Numerous overseas students prefer to reside in the assigned residence hall, gaining an advantage over indigenes in the registration procedure. This lodging provides a glimpse of the campus buildings and the wonderful university. This is not to say that education is perhaps the only stuff individuals can do. The Academic Foreign Office conducts frequent parties and sightseeing tours for pupils to relax from their studies.

Given this, Brandenburg goes to great lengths to render itself more enticing to pupils. The metropolitan area is collaborating with the uni on a program entitled "Studentenviertel," or "Student Quarter," which seeks to establish more local pubs, student-only housing, and amusement choices in the foreseeable future. Till then, the 1,000-year-old Brandenburg will still be a beautiful transit center for several trainees.


University Faculty Stats

There are six academic curricula types steered by guides with expertise and immense knowledge. Faculty 1 belongs to science subjects; similarly, there are experienced faculty members for subjects such as environment and natural science, several forms of engineering, etc. Students are provided with advanced equipment and updated academic resources to be ready to take on the industry and economic market alongside other career opportunities. 

The student-faculty ratio here is 9:1. The acceptance rate here is 75% with enrolment of around 7,280 students. 


Research opportunities at university

The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg does have a long history of global and regional data analysis accomplishments. For instance, a few of the stellar endeavors are introduced here. Furthermore, our researchers weigh in on communally pertinent issues.

  • Lusatian food production is modernized with fresh and old crop varieties and agroforestry-based sustainable consumption.
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Egbers' unit aims to know the impacts of climate change on the atmosphere and sea tides using a one-of-a-kind microgravity research.
  • Professor Dr. Jacob Spallek, for example, is presently anticipated to deliver responses to queries that can only be addressed retrospectively after research exploration on epidemiology.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Internships are often required as a key component of the education system in some curriculums and can be accomplished in foreign. Prepping periods are usually lower than those required for a transfer student exchange. The timeframe and schedule are both adaptable. Fellowships abroad might be incorporated into any aspect of one's studies and are important employment prerequisites in the professional world.

  • The Leonardo-Büro Brandenburg, through EU ERASMUS+ education curriculum, endorses practicums in other European nations for trainees from seven Brandenburg academic institutions.
  • The PROMOS - Program offers scholarships to BTU pupils for non-European oversea traineeships.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

With successful graduation from the BRANDENBURG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, GERMANY, you can expect lucrative job opportunities across Germany and the global job market. The online portal ‘Make it in Germany’ allows prospective candidates to search for relevant job opportunities after graduating from the college. Graduates from the university can look forward to earning an average salary of around EUR 47,000 (INR 38.59 Lakh) annually. Some of the top recruiters here are:

  • RamoDevs
  • Alcor
  • Teamly





Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 03046 Cottbus, Germany

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For graduate programmes, you can expect the tuition fees to be around EUR 1248 (INR 1.05 Lakh).

It is quite affordable to live and study at BRANDENBURG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, GERMANY. You can expect to pay rent for as low as EUR 180 (INR 14,829) per month.

3. Is there funding available for overseas students at the Brandenburg University of Technology?
Criterion stipends are available for bachelor's and master's degree programs for f?oreign learners. Undergrad fellowships are worth up to 30 percent of course fees, while post-grad fellowships are worth up to 50percent of course expenses.

4. Is Brandenburg University of Technology a reputable institution?
Brandenburg's Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung, und Kultur has acknowledged the institution.

5. What are the requisite work hours for overseas learners?
Through the work-study program, foreign pupils can operate up to ten hours per day and 24 working days monthly.