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The University of Siegen, locally known as Universität Siegen, is an institution of higher learning based in Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Siegen was established in 1972 and has a population of 18,618 students in the school by the year 2017. The institution is led by the combination of both a Chancellor and a Rector. The institution is also featured in both Urban and Suburban setting of the city of Siegen.

The university has just four faculties, offering a total of 126-degree programs. Though, established in 1972 and thus very young compared to most local and international peers, yet, it prides itself as the 49th and 708th best University, locally and internationally in respective order.



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Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia is an urban and suburban residential as well as an industrial location which houses Universität Siegen. It sits in the Weidenau District. The Adolf-Reichwein-Strasse campus is a part of the Faculties at Hardenberg, which is known to have the most edified lecture halls, the central cafeteria, the central library as well as a part of the Centre for information and media technology.

There are various campuses that surround the location of the Universität. Getting information and disseminating it won't be a problem at such a location, as the Holderlinstrasse campus accommodates the center for information and media technology. The moribund brewing factory, which has been transformed into an art faculty, provides an avenue for Art students to be involved in the school. The location provides an opportunity to be practical by engaging certain practical activities like painting and photography. You will not only get practical, but you will also get a shot at exhibitions held on a regular basis, which will help you showcase your talent and skill to the world.


The architectural and infrastructural design of Universität Siegen is astounding and brilliant. To get things started is the Artur-Woll-Haus, a mouthwatering edifice, designed by Dutch architect vau architect. It's an arc-shaped central unit complemented with three wings that looked well like a tug. This edifice couldn't have been if not for a cost of construction that is almost about 8.6million. One can't but imagine what such edifice would look like, with such a huge cost outlay.

Adolf-Reichwein-Strasse campus features several lecture halls, central cafeteria, and the central library. On 25 March 2003, a building on the eastern slope of Hardenberg Hill, was opened and is billed to accommodate the guest house and the externally funded research facilities. Another edifice of note is the Emmy-Noether-campus.

Residing Options

Universität Siegen is one of the leading universities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Hence, it is to be expected that it should have student housing and resizing options. In this wise, Siegen provides student housing in its various dormitories, which is taken care of by the Studentenwerk. In addition, not only the dormitories, there are further dormitories in Siegen operated by different institutions as well as partnerships with people of age, that is, the old and elderly people. Surprisingly, for students who love more privacy, Siegen has arrangements for private living halls. One of such is the Wohingemeinschatfen, otherwise known as shared apartments.


Universität Siegen has an undergraduate and graduate faculty to student ratio of 1:8, constituted by around 17500 undergraduate and graduate students. It has 1380 academic staff and 773 administrative staff members respectively. As earlier mentioned, the school has just four faculties that offer 126 programs. About 13.5% of their students are international students; yet, Siegen has been able to treat their visitors to a sumptuous variety of 144 fields of study, thereby giving everyone a choice of career.

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