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The Bauhaus University Weimar is located in Weimar Germany and specializes in the artistic and technical fields. Established in 1860 as the Great Ducal Saxon Art School, became a college on 3 June 1910. In 1919, the new Director Walter Gropius renamed the school as Bauhaus, and it received its present name in 1996. Approximately 4,000 students are enrolled at University today. Bauhaus University has become well known for its wide range of teaching and research activities based on Civil Engineering, and Architecture Oriented Disciplines. Today the University offers an extensive spectrum of instruction with about 40 courses of study including free art, design, web design, visual communication and many more.

According to Uni Rank, Bauhaus University ranked 1499th in the world and 69th in Germany. According to Ranking Web of Universities, the University ranked 1273rd globally.



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The Bauhaus University is located in Weimar Germany. Weimar is a very fabulous city in the federal state of Thuringia, Germany. It is located in Central Germany between Erfurt in the west and Jena in the east, approximately 80 kilometers southeast of Leipzig, 170 kilometers north of Nuremberg and 170 kilometers west of Druden. The city was a focal point of the German Enlightenment and home of the leading personalities of the literary genre of Weimar Classicism, the writers Johann Wolfgang Von Gothe and Friedrich Schiller. Two World Heritage sites converge in Weimar: The Classical Weimar World Heritage Site and The Bauhaus and its sites in Weimar, Dessau and Bernau World Heritage Site. Weimar has a great variety of museums: Gothe’s Garden House, The Schiller Museum, The Gothe National Museum, and many more. The city’s main church is the evangelical St. Peter and Paul at Herderplatz.


With faculties and areas of study such as Architecture and Urbanism, Art and Design, Civil Engineering and Media, the Bauhaus University Weimar has a distinctive identity within the German University Landscape. The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism with its discipline of architecture and urbanism and additional study courses offers a well-rounded education program. The Faculty of Civil Engineering has provided five decades (that is 50 years) of well established and renowned education in the field of Engineering. Due to recent structural changes in the business world, the teaching-research program of the faculty has been considerably extended and adjusted to meet new requirements, based on the complex structure of faculty, which is unique in Germany. With over 5000m2 of usable floor space, the library houses a collection of approximately 4,88,500 books and other media. After a four-year construction phase costing 4 million euros, the new University library opened in 2005 and in 2006, the building was awarded the Thuringian State Prize for Architecture and Urban planning.

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Furnished rooms are available for rent in student housing. They are all single rooms provided kitchens and bathrooms are generally shared. The minimum rental period is 6 months. Shorter rental periods are possible but the rent is more expansive. Many students in Weimar live in shared flats (WG) in which two or more students can share a room. In a WG, you have a good conditioned room in a large flat with a shared bathroom and kitchen. The room price depends upon the size and the total rental costs for the flat.


The University ahs Faculty to student ratio of about 1:7. There are 4,072 students in the University. The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism represents the largest portion of the student's body with its 1,131 students followed by the Faculty of Civil Engineering with 1,101 students. From faculty, there are 70 professors and 15 junior professors. From 4,073 students, 26.7% are international students. The national average is 12.3% while at the Bauhaus University it is almost 27%.

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Bauhaus University Weimar Career services support students both during and after their studies. Career services offer individual career consultation, workshops, and seminars on entering the workforce or starting a new career. To network potential employer and company representatives, University organizes company visits and an annual career networking fair. Career services, by the permission of University, is also the contact for employers looking to recruit. University invites Potential employers to publish their jobs in the University’s job portal.

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