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Acadia University is an undergraduate university which was established as Acadia College but by the year 1838 it was given university chatter and renamed as Acadia University. The university is founded under a strong religious affiliation. The university is located in Wolfville in Nova Scotia. Acadia University has managed to offers over two hundred degrees. The university has four faculties namely: pure and applied science, Theology, Arts and Professional Studies. These faculties are then divided into schools and department each of which is specialized according to the areas of research and teaching.

This university developed a technology known as Acadia advantage in 1996 which has been advanced according to technological changes. In the 2019 global ranking, the university was placed position 47.




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Acadia University is located in Wolfville in N.S, Canada. The population is that the area is slightly higher compared to the number of students from the university. This small town is home of tourism as it carries interesting historical sites, for example, Gaspereau Valley, Bay of Fundy and other cultural attractions. Students find the place conducive, welcoming and safe to live in. Wolfville has been growing economically due to Acadia University, landmark East School and attraction sites. These are the three major reasons that have been attracting visitors from various countries.


Starting with historic buildings, Acadia University has a seminary house which was built in the year 1878. By then, it was used as a home for the women who attended the university. this building is named as a historical site of this country since its oldest facility in Canada to associate with higher learning for women. Carnegie Hall is also among the historic building built in 1909 and finally, the Memorial house kept as an honor for the students who died in the 1st and 2nd world war. The Emmerson hall built in 1923 as the “Emerson Memorial Library” carries with it a strong sense of Art from the early years. The lecture halls are enough and spacious with the required facilities for the students. Research centers, university’s archives, and Art Gallery are also inclusive in the university’s properties.

Residing Options

There are various housing options for the students, one can decide to live off-campus or in the campus residents. Living on the campus premises will enable you to have fewer expenses since the rooms are affordable and no transportation costs needed. The residences have a strong accessible internet, telephones and kitchen facilities. Acadia university owns twelve residences where over 1500 students live. Rooms application forms can be found on the university’s website. The number of applicants is always high which is why one should apply earlier.


The faculty to student ratio at Acadia University is 1:15. The total number of students is 3,765 and the academic staff is 251. The administrative staff adds up to 345 in total. The university ensures that only professional lecturers with the required criteria are employed in this university.

Jobs and placements

Occupying a job in an established company seems to be hard for many graduates. Alumni from Acadia University have been acquiring well-paying positions from various companies in and outside Canada. The chances of getting a job from top industries are not that easy but with the education provided by this university, alumni from Acadia University have shown high potential in their skills.

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