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Work Experience Certificate for International Students: What is an Experience Certificate Format?

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Whether looking to pursue MS or an MBA abroad, submitting a work experience certificate as part of the admission application will help build your profile. This professional document, printed on corporate letterhead, includes a summary of an employee's prior work experience, achievements, essential duties, skills learned, and the overall performance assessment. 

But is this all? Or is there more to a work experience certificate? Let’s explore this article to understand the need for an experience certificate for study abroad aspirants, its format, and more. 

Table of Contents: 

  • Benefits of Experience Certificate for Study Abroad Students
  • Work Experience Certificate Format and Components 
  • Difference Between Relieving Letter and Work Experience Certificate
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Experience Certificate

Benefits of Experience Certificate for Study Abroad Students

Work experience certificate is required when you want to study an MBA or masters degree from a reputed university abroad—where prior job experience is asked as part of the admissions application. Submitting an authentic and impressive experience certificate can significantly impact the selection process. Besides, through a work experience certificate, the admissions committee inquires about a candidate's designation at the job and tenure of service. 

Next, let’s check a few benefits of work experience for higher education applicants: 

  1. A work experience can help bridge the gap between you and the dream university by demonstrating your clear interest and enthusiasm for the chosen program. 
  2. It helps students build their profile if, otherwise, their projects or internships are mediocre. 
  3. Work experience can give you the knowledge and confidence to speak or interact with your peers, which can further help you gain more information about the chosen course/industry. 
  4. With prior experience, you will have learnings and case studies that will be insightful for the class when presented during the course. 

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MBA vs MS Work Experience Requirements

Now you know who requires a work experience certificate and why. Next, let’s check the experience certificate format and components. 

Work Experience Certificate Components and Format

There is no specific experience letter format for submitting to a university. However, keeping the pointers that the admissions committee would like to check in mind, it must illustrate the following details: 

  1. Experience certificate must be addressed to a specific person, institution, or “whomsoever it may concern”.
  2. Date/year when the work experience letter has been issued should be mentioned.
  3. Name of the employee/ candidate should be mentioned. 
  4. The designation/ role/ title that the candidate holds must be given. 
  5. Work details with major responsibilities, achievements, and conduct should be mentioned. 
  6. Date of recruitment or resignation/ last working day should be included. 
  7. Any additional crucial information could be added.
  8. The signature of the Director, Head of Department, or Head of Human Resources and company seal should be present. 

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Lastly, a work experience certificate for international students must be formatted correctly. Let’s explore the breakdown of a few essential details in an experience letter format. 

  • Date of Issue: The date of issue must lie on the second line in the upper right corner. 
  • Letterhead: The experience certificate must be typed on the official or business letterhead of the organisation. This certifies the work experience as authorised. 
  • Conduct: This section includes the manager’s feedback and observations of the candidate/ employee’s work.

Who writes a work experience certificate? The organisation’s HR department usually writes an experience letter. However, before writing one, they gather information from the candidate’s department manager. 

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Now you know what is an experience certificate and what is a work experience certificate format. It is crucial to note that a relieving letter and a work experience certificate are different. Many study abroad aspirants get confused between the two. Therefore, let’s check the…

Difference Between Relieving Letter and Work Experience Certificate

Although the relieving letter and the experience letter have similar content, they both have a distinct purpose. Let’s check how? 

Relieving Letter

Work Experience Letter

It acknowledges an employee’s intent to leave, accepts their resignation, and confirms the last working day of their employment. 

It states a candidate’s work experience, time duration, and position/ job designation. 

It is usually received when an employee is leaving the company. 

An experience letter can be asked/used any time during the service tenure or after its completion for various purposes like applying for a loan, college admission application, visa application, etc. 

So, ask for a work experience certificate from your previous organisation while applying for a study abroad course or a job opportunity. Furthermore, sort out all the paperwork beforehand to avoid last-minute hindrances. 

Other than a work experience certificate, the study abroad masters application process includes submitting numerous critical documents like a statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, CV, academic transcripts, etc. If you need personalised guidance on submitting the university application or other concerns like the application for loans/ scholarships/ visas, connect with our expert counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium.

Frequently Asked Questions on Experience Certificate

Ques. How to get work experience certificate for study abroad education? 

Ans. An employee can apply for a work experience certificate for international education from the authorised person in their organization by following these tips:

  • Write a straightforward and concise email to the authorised person. 
  • Show gratitude for the chance to work in the organization.
  • Mention your name, employee code, job title, department name, and reason for your request to procure the experience certificate. 
  • Double check the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. 

Ques. Can I get a work experience certificate if I have worked for 6 months in an organisation?

Ans. Employees can ask for a work experience certificate even if they have worked for six months in an organisation. They have the right to receive an experience letter from the employer regardless of whether they resign or get terminated. 

Ques. Do work experience certificates help students to get enrolled in top study-abroad universities? 

Ans. A work experience certificate is a necessary admission requirement for various masters programs. It enables students to depict their skills and readiness for vocational degrees. Thus, its presence surely helps a student get admission to top universities abroad. 

Ques. Is work experience mandatory for international students planning to pursue MBA in the UK? 

Ans. Yes, most universities in the UK require a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience. As the MBA program help students understand the value/ significance of teamwork, it would be simpler for the candidates to grasp the management concepts if they have prior work experience. 

Ques. Is work experience compulsory for international students planning to pursue MS in Canada? 

Ans. No. Work experience is not compulsory for international students who plan to study MS in Canada. However, if they submit experience related to an MS specialisation/ subject, their chances of admission can increase. 

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