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Study in Wellington and Achieve Your Dream to Study Aboard

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Well-known for some of the world-class universities and colleges offering different programs to both national and international students, Wellington the capital city of New Zealand is located at the south-western tip of the North Island. The city centre is so compact and flat, that one can easily walk from one side to the other in just 40 minutes. Some of the best places in Wellington to visit and explore are Kelburn, Aro Valley and Newtown.


Wellington is also the country’s political, scientific, and cultural heart. Every year many international students apply to different universities in Wellington to get a quality education.


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Interesting Reasons to Study in Wellington

  • Wellington is the most livable city. It has topped Deutsche Bank’s list of 50 cities offering the best quality of life.

  • Wellington is ranked the 16th best city in the world in terms of safety. Wellington also ranks 2nd globally for personal security.

  • Wellington is the culinary capital and a lot of festivals like the Festival mecca of New Zealand, The World of Wearable Arts Show, the International Film Festival, Homegrown, etc. are arranged there.


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 Studying in Wellington

If you are looking to study aboard then Wellington is one of the best places to study in New Zealand. Wellington is one of the top English-speaking study-abroad destinations quite popular among Indian students. From advanced research-based education to globally acclaimed universities, hi-tech technology, and an engaging study atmosphere, world-class education are some of the encouraging reasons inspiring a lot of students to pursue higher in Wellington city.


Students can choose from different undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and other professional courses to have a flourishing career.

Key Advantages of Study in Wellington for Students

  • The mode of education is English

  • It is the right place in the world to live and study

  • A safe and peaceful city

  • The education system is amazing

  • Amazing views and outdoor spaces to explore

  • Wonderful career opportunities

  • International learning exposure


The city has a presence of many renowned universities like Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington Institute of Technology, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, Whitireia New Zealand, Yoobee School of Design, etc.


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The educational institutions located in Wellington offers some of the most demanding courses to international students. Some of the popular specialisations are mentioned below.


Choose from the below mentioned popular fields for study in Wellington:




UG Courses

Nursing, Medicine, Biology, EVS, Business Studies, etc.

PG Courses

Medicine, Psychology, Civil engineering, Social work, Accounting, etc.

 The Top Universities in Wellington

Some of the top Universities in Wellington include:


  1. Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington is one of the popular colleges having four campuses. In case you look for a world-class education as an international student then the Victoria University of Wellington is the best university.


  1. Massey Business School

The Massey Business School is among renowned New Zealand’s business schools and is ranked in the top 2% globally. The school offers world-leading education, flexible programs, research-focused course, and much more.


  1. Campbell Institute

Campbell offers flexible learning programs as part of an enriching student experience at its Wellington and Wellington campuses.


Other Top Colleges in Wellington for International Students

  • Le Cordon Bleu

  • University of Otago, Wellington


The above list of universities in Wellington can help you choose a good university for the desired course.

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Student Life in Wellington

Students studying in Wellington can explore this beautiful city along with getting education quality from one of the best institutions in the world. Also, international students living in New Zealand are allowed to work for up to 20 hours every week during semesters and full-time during breaks to earn an additional income. Wellington is a unique city with breathtaking scenery and amazing study opportunities.


Some amazing things students study in Wellington must include:


  • Wander the waterfront. It is one of the most beautiful waterfronts to go on a walk, run, skate, or getting involved in some biking activity. On Saturdays, students can visit the Underground Market and, while on Sundays, they can roam at Harbourside Market.

  • Wellington city has amazing theatre and music scenes with live shows that are presented every night of the week. While studying there, students can enjoy the nightlife as the city prides itself on being the culinary capital and offer some amazing places to enjoy delicious food.

  • A day-long tour of the Beehive is for all the students interested in art and architecture.


Amenities at Universities

The universities and other educational institutions based in the city makes every effort to make the availability of modern amenities for the comfort of students coming from different nations following varied culture.

  • Modern library

  • Spacious classrooms

  • 24x7 security

  • On-campus accommodation

  • Separate accommodation in hostels for males and females

  • International cuisine

The Cost of Living in Wellington for International Students

Along with arranging finances for tuition and insurance fees, international students need to arrange anywhere between $20,000 and $25,000 per year for accommodation, food charges, transportation costs, etc.



Cost (in NZ dollars) approx.




$50 per week


$100–$150 per week





Lunch from University food hall or café within the university campus


Taxi - 5 km ride



Students studying there must remember that in case they get enrolled for a course that is less than 3 years then they will need $12,500 every month to cover their expenses. The above details are a tentative cost of living in Wellington for international students. The living expenses may vary on the basis of the lifestyle a student wishes to follow during the chosen course duration.


The Climate in Wellington

The Indian students planning to study there can easily adapt to the prevailing climatic conditions.

  • The climate of Wellington is temperate marine; mostly it remains moderate throughout the year.

  • It has warm summers and mild winters, and rarely one can witness temperature crossing 25 °C (77 °F) or below 4 °C (39 °F) mark.


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Wellington is one of the top cities offering a friendly and relaxed environment to the international students studying there. Despite being a bustling, business-driven city, one can always enjoy the company of locals living there. Considering the advantages of study and other favourable factors a student can finalize the city in New Zealand for quality studies abroad. Studying in Wellington can be a life-changing decision for many international students.



  1. Is Wellington a good place to study?

Yes, Wellington is an ideal place to study. The city offers a peaceful and encouraging place to live and get international learning exposure.


  1. Why Wellington is being considered the best city?

Wellington is ranked as the least polluted city and most importantly, the city is full of wonderful people, which makes every day living there a great pleasure.


  1. When should I consider applying for admission to universities in Wellington?

The application process can take a good amount of time. Hence, students are advised to initiate the admission process at least one year in advance.


  1. How to choose a course to study in Wellington, New Zealand?

Based on the acceptance rates, educational background, course, programme duration, job opportunities, and future goals, candidates must choose the most suitable course to study in Wellington, New Zealand.


  1. What are the application dates for admission at the Victoria University of Wellington?

Applying before the allowed deadlines can increase your chances for admission to different undergraduate, postgraduate, and other courses at the Victoria University of Wellington. Trimester 1 (March): Application deadline 1 December

Trimester 2 (July): Application deadline 1 May

Trimester 3 (November): Application deadline 1 September 

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