Scholarship in Australia: Know About Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students 2024-25

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Australia is a well-known destination among international students for its significance in excellence, education, and real-world learning. However, studying in Australia is costly and can be around 48,950 AUD a year because of its high tuition fees and living costs. While studying in Australia, international students are expected to cover their costs of studying, including housing, food, textbooks, and other living expenses.

The best way to manage these high studying costs is to get scholarships. There are various scholarships in Australia for Indian students and other international students offered by the government and Australian institutions. These may include merit-based, need-based, grants and selection specific. The scholarship amount can go up to 60,000 AUD, depending upon the degree and the student profile. Also, some universities offer half to full waivers of tuition fees.

In this blog, you will get information about numerous scholarships to study in Australia for international students, even the fully funded scholarships for international students in Australia, along with the procedure for scholarship applications.

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How are Scholarships Beneficial for Studying in Australia?

Although studying abroad is a dream of many students, so with its high expenses. Many students find it quite expensive to study in Australia. To help them, scholarships in Australia provide a great opportunity to pursue higher education. Some of the benefits of scholarships in Australia for international students are given below:

  • Having a scholarship can help you to cover the full tuition fees of the selected course.
  • Some scholarships also cover your transportation costs, living expenses, accomodation and study material.
  • Many Australia university scholarship are need-based and merit-based, with one payment covering major expenses.
  • A bi-monthly stipend or a Contribution to Living Expenses is also available that will cover living costs in Australia.

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List of Scholarships in Australia

There are countless university and government scholarships to study in Australia for Indian students and other students. These scholarships are designed to attract meritorious students and those who want to pursue work after graduation. Here is a list of government and universities in Australia for international students scholarships you can refer to:

  1. Australian Awards Scholarships
  2. Victoria University Scholarship
  3. Australian Government Research Training Program
  4. Destination Australia Scholarship
  5. Deakin University Scholarship
  6. University of Newcastle Excellence Scholarship
  7. Griffith University Academic Scholarship
  8. Edith Cowan University Scholarship

Let's discuss each of the scholarships in Australia for Indian students one by one below:

1.  Australian Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships is a long-term award offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It aims to contribute to developing partner universities' needs that align with the policies. These scholarship opportunities in Australia for people from developed countries, especially Indo-pacific ones, to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate study at the participating universities and TAFE institutions.

Eligibility Criteria


Must be enrolled in Participating institutions in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.




Full tuition fees waiver

Air travel ticket payment

Establishment allowances

Contribution to living expenses

Pre-course English fees

Overseas Student Health Cover


2.  Victoria University Scholarship

Victoria University supports hundreds of international students annually through its scholarships. It provides a range of externally funded and university-specific scholarships to support students. This scholarship provides financial assistance to students during their studies. Some offer a stipend to cover the tuition fees and living costs, while others provide only partial funding opportunities. Some popular scholarships are VU Global leaders, International, Pathway, and Future Leaders.

Eligibility Criteria


Students commencing their higher education diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) studies in 2024, 2025.



10% to 20% tuition fees


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3.  Australian Government Research Training Program

This training program aims to support domestic and international students pursuing a research-based master's and doctorate degree. It is valid for around 42 recognised Australian institutions covering their tuition fees. Students are required to apply for the scholarship from the university before the deadlines. The selection of the students will be based on academic merit, research training, and their academic performance.

Eligibility Criteria


International students enrolled in an accredited course at an Australian university.

Must satisfy the academics of your respective master and doctorate students.

A minimum language test scores should be

○       TOEFL: 79

○       IELTS: 6.5

○       PTE: 62





Student Health Cover

Relocation Allowance

Dependent Child Allowance

Thesis Allowance


4.  Destination Australia Scholarship

Destination Scholarships are offered by the Australia Department of Education. It is for domestic and international students looking for financial aid in Australia. However, the total number of universities and tertiary scholarship providers changes yearly. You need to apply to a recognised education provider to avail it. Anyone from Certificate IV level to a PhD level can apply for the scholarship

Eligibility Criteria


Students enrolled into Certificate IV level to a PhD program

Full paying and non-sponsored students

At least 75% in previous academic

Have Valid Student Visa

Tertiary education course




Over 15,000 AUD per year

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5.  Deakin University Scholarship

Deakin University provides scholarships to students with consistently high academic performance and with the potential to make a leading contribution to the university and their communities. Those applicants who fail to fill out the scholarship form can be automatically considered. These scholarships in Australia for international and domestic students to start their university studies. It is recommended to apply at least one month before starting your studies.

Eligibility Criteria


Be a prospective university student

Have an overall score in between 79% to 85% based on the type of scholarship.

WSM of 65 or more in last education

Overview of any extracurricular activities

Personal Statement




20% to 100% of tuition fees

6.  University of Newcastle International Excellence Scholarship

University of Newcastle International Students scholarships in Australia for Indian Students applies to their full-time on-campus degree program at the university. The amount under this scholarship is varied based on the type of program chosen to study. The university also doesn't have a specified deadline for the scholarship. The students will be selected based on their GPA and ATAR during the admission process.

Eligibility Criteria


Have Valid Indian Passport

Enrolled full-time UG and PG Program at University

Paid the full course fees

Have a GPA of at least 6.5 for PG

An ATAR score of 93 for UG



Upto 60,000 AUD

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7.  Griffith University Academic Scholarship

Griffith University offers financial assistance to both their international and domestic students. Some of these are full scholarships for international students in Australia, while some grants a tuition fees waiver. The university doesn't require any application to be eligible for the scholarship, you will be assessed on a theoretical basis. It will be applied prior to the census data of each trimester on meeting the ongoing enrollment requirements.

Eligibility Criteria


Be an international student

Have a minimum of 5.5 GPA or above in 7 point scale or equivalent.

Satisfy all academics and language proficiency requirements.

Be full time. Students starting their studies in 2024 or 2024.




Upto 50% tuition fees

Or upto 30,000 AUD


8.  Edith Cowan University Scholarship

ECU world-ready scholarship rewards needy students financially by assisting them in getting a world-class education. All the academic scholarships offered to international students are assessed automatically at the time of their application, making it easier for them to apply directly to their chosen course and be assessed simultaneously. There are different full scholarships in Australia from bachelor's degree to PhD degree such as International Undergraduate, Masters, Merit and Dean etc.

Eligibility Criteria


Be an international student

Study in the university campus

Not be in receipt of any other scholarships

Commencing the program in 2024 to 2024

Studying any one of the eligible program




20% to 50% tuition fees


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How to Apply for Scholarships in Australia?

You can apply for the scholarship to study in Australia along with your admission process. Some universities have this option while some do not. While some universities offer merit based scholarships without any scholarship. Apart from that university like Victoria or UNSW requires you to submit an application to get scholarship Australia 2024.

  • First find out the university and which scholarship is available for you. Not every scholarship is for international students.
  • Make a list of scholarships and universities offering the scholarship. Check whether you are eligible for it or not.
  • Also, check the official website for the dates of scholarships.
  • If you are looking for a government scholarship, you can apply through the government website.
  • You have to fill up their application with your basic details and admission letter to apply for the government scholarship.

In some cases, your CV and statement of purpose are required for Australia scholarship 2024. It is somewhat similar to the document of the course application.

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Important Tips For Getting Scholarships in Australia

As there are numerous scholarships, applying to the right might be a little confusing to you. Some of the important tips for getting Australia scholarship 2024 for international students are discussed below:

1.  Apply Early

It is always advised to International students to apply for the admission as early as possible and so with the scholarship. Many of the universities have limited funding opportunities available for scholarships. So, the earlier you can apply for the scholarship the more you will receive.

2.  Research Every Scholarship

Various external sources like the Australian government, residential schools, alumni of the university and home country scholarships are available for international students to study abroad. While some are offered to specific faculty of the universe and area of study, so you must research every option to get the best out of it.

3.  Community Life

As there are many scholarships available like university specific and government agencies, some are also offered to students based on their involvement in community life. This must be sports, clubs or community scholarships. Make sure to add your extracurricular skills in the application, several institutions always look for students with leadership skills and are active in their communities.

4.  Assess Eligibility Criteria

Moreover, your eligibility criteria also play a significant role in scholarship applications. You must be eligible for the specific grants and qualify for the minimum scores to obtain them. Some scholarships are permitted only to complete courses and degrees in a specific university. So, to maximise the chance of achieving it, you must fulfil all the scholarship requirements.

5.  Excellent Academics

Some universities and institutions offer merit-based scholarships that are assessed based on the academic scores in the last education. The stronger your academic achievements, the more are chances of your acceptance. Hence, submitting evidence of your previous academics will add to your benefit.

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One must go through the scholarships above and make plans in advance to be eligible for the scholarships in Australia. As some are fully funded scholarships, be mindful of the Australian scholarship guidelines and start with the application process early to avoid any issues. For further guidance and assistance, do connect with our Yocket Professionals.

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