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Sat Superscore 2023: How does SAT Superscore Work in Colleges Abroad

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Superscoring sounds great! But there is a condition in it as many colleges and universities count students’ SAT Superscores; many others do not. And remember, Superscores only come into the picture if you take the SAT more than once. SAT superscore meaning is when a student has taken the SAT exam multiple times, and the Superscore merged average is the highest score they have achieved per section regardless of the SAT attempt.

Before sending your SAT superscore to colleges, you want to apply, ensure and find out the policy of Superscoring in those colleges so that you can come up with the best application plan. Some schools highly commend that you send all test scores to ensure you are considered for the other opportunities like  scholarships, admission process and other programs. In this blog, we have entailed all the details about what is SAT superscore? And how does SAT superscore work and additional required information.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is SAT Superscore?
  2. What Colleges Accept Superscore SAT?
  3. List of Colleges that Superscore the SAT
  4. Tips for Applying to Superscoring Schools

What is SAT Superscore?

SAT Superscore is a method in which colleges or universities abroad consider your highest section scores crosswise on all the dates you took the SAT. Rather than restricting your scores to one specific date, these schools will take your highest section scores, creating the highest possible composite score.

For Example:

If Your SAT scores from the previous 2 attempts are:

Attempt 1: English: 29, Reading: 25, Math: 31, Writing: 6

Attempt 2: English: 33, Reading: 30, Math: 23, Writing: 10

After using the SAT superscore calculator, your superscore will be represented like:

  • English: 33
  • Maths: 31
  • Writing: 10
  • Reading: 30

Note: Through this example, you can easily see you took the highest scores from the respective sessions, which makes your composite score.

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Best Colleges That Accept SAT Superscore

If you’re considering colleges abroad and thinking about how to send superscore SAT, ensure to connect with admission counsellors of your prospective college and understand its policy on SAT superscore. Some of the following schools that accept SAT Superscores are:

  1. Boston University
  2. Columbia University
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology
  4. University of Chicago
  5. University of North Carolina
  6. Yale University
  7. University of Southern California
  8. New York University
  9. Eastern Maine Community College
  10. St John's University Jamaica
  11. Eastern University
  12. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  13. Missouri Baptist University
  14. Alfred University New York State College Ceramics
  15. American College of the Building 
  16. Montana State University Northern
  17. El Centro College
  18. American Musical and Dramatic Academy
  19. State University of New York at Buffalo
  20. Durham Technical Community College
  21. Southern Virginia University
  22. Albany State University
  23. Elon University
  24. Stephens College
  25. Essex Community College
  26. National Polytechnic College of Science
  27. Texas Woman’s University
  28. Florida Institute of Technology
  29. Baker University
  30. Frankford Hospital School of Nursing

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Tips for Applying to Superscoring Schools

Superscoring is a procedure through which colleges consider a student’s highest section scores casing all the dates that a student took the SATs. Here are some tips that students can go through before applying at Superscoring schools.

·       Take the SAT Exam Early

Before sending and thinking about how do you superscore SAT, take enough time to test as much as you need to feel confident sending SAT superscore to colleges abroad. Starting at the opening of your junior year of high school will give you plentiful time to test multiple times.

·       Work Across Multiple Test Dates

The most important benefit of the SAT superscore procedure is the chance to repeat the exam while focusing on precise sections. One test date can be expended pursuing your highest writing and reading score, while another test date can think mainly on the Math score. So, it's very important to think about how to superscore SAT to get admission to top universities abroad.

·       Focus on One Section at a Time

If you are best in one test section than others, you may also repeat the exam a couple of extra times to focus on refining that section alone. When a college permits you to send the highest scores for each section, your weaker presentation areas benefit from the devoted time for improvement without worrying about fetching down your composite score.

·       Look for Score Reports in each College's History

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A school's overall scoring verge for acceptance can help you scale how much improvement is essential as you study for each SAT section of the exam. While these reports often show averages and vary vastly, they can help get an idea of what scores led to an acceptance.

Understanding the scoring policies of each college you are applying to will help you regulate which SAT Superscores to send to which colleges. For more information on how to send superscore SAT, connect with our Yocket Professionals and clear your queries proficiently.

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