LOR for PG Diploma: How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for PG Diploma Courses?

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Do you wish to study abroad to follow your dreams and passion? Do you wish to pursue a PG diploma course from a university abroad? If yes, kudos! One of the key factors in getting into a renowned PG diploma university abroad is to have a well-written recommendation.

A letter of recommendation mainly acts as a connection between your teachers and the university you wish to apply. It helps the admissions officers to get to know the student, from what motivates them to how the individual plays a role on the college campus. An impactful LOR will help you receive admission from the most competitive universities according to your profile.

But how to write an impressive LOR for a PG diploma course? This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on various facets of the LOR for PG diploma courses.

Types of PG Diploma LORs

Usually, PG diploma universities ask for two LORs, but in some rare cases, they might ask for three. The LOR types include academic or professional, or a combination of both.

  • An Academic LOR is generally written by the professor/teacher and constitutes a student’s academic capabilities, achievements, and reasons why the professor considers them the right fit for a particular university/course. This is needed for a better understanding of the LOR application for joining the university.
  • On the other hand, a Professional LOR is a very important document, especially for PG diploma This is primarily written by the student’s supervisors or managers in the company they work for. The letter should include information, such as who the recommender is, their connection with the student, their qualification, and their skills.

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How to Write a LOR for PG Diploma?

A PG diploma LOR can be written with up to 500-600 words, have 4-5 paragraphs, and should follow certain guidelines and professionalism. Let’s check them!


At the beginning of a LOR, introduce the recommender. Mention their professional experience and designation. Follow up with the relationship you have with the recommender (professor/course instructor/mentor, etc.) or your leader or manager in case of professional LORs. Then talk about the duration of time the recommender has known you and what subjects they taught you. Finally, end the introductory paragraph with the recommender's general impression of you.

Body Paragraphs

The body of your LOR can be written in 2-3 paragraphs and mainly talks about how the recommender remembers you and of your notable qualities.

Mention these qualities as most relevant or important to lesser ones. Give examples or scenarios of how each quality was displayed. Then, mention your projects and achievements you have worked on during the mentorship of the recommender. Follow up with technical skills or certifications you have gained under them.

Write about any special projects you have done and your contributions and roles in them, which of course were performed under the guidance of your recommender. Always remember a LOR which merely praises you will not be effective so make sure a recommender must also point to a room for improvements through the body of the LOR. In case there were instances where you had faced certain challenges, let the recommender mention them and how you overcame those situations.


In the conclusive paragraph, mention that the recommender is ready to vouch for your admission to the university to which you have applied. End the LOR stating the recommender is confident to recommend you to the university. Plus, mention their contact details in case the university wishes to connect to resolve a query.

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Top Universities for PG Diploma and Their LOR Requirements

Following are the LOR requirements of PG universities abroad along with the subjects:

University Name

PG Diploma Subject

LOR Requirement

Oxford Brookes University, UK


1-2 academic recommendation letters

Lancaster University, UK

Data Science

2 references are required out of which at least one should be an academic reference letter

Thompson Rivers University, Canada

Business Administration

1 optional academic or professional LOR

University of California, Berkeley

Corporate Finance & Financial Analytics

Optional submission of 2 LORs

Boston University, USA

Applied Business Analytics

2-3 LORs to be submitted online

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Tips to Write LOR for the PG Diploma Course

Maintain professionality and keep a proper continuous style and format of your LOR in the PG diploma by considering the given do’s and don’ts.

  • Do’s
  1. Make sure the information provided is correct in the LOR.
  2. Highlight essential information, such as work, projects, and skills.
  3. Specify the skillset/qualities and why this recommendation is made.
  • Don’ts
  1. Try not to praise the candidate too much, as the LOR can turn out to be less effective and believable.
  2. Do not repeat points like the type of qualities or anecdotes used.
  3. Stick to actually needed/course-specific information and don't detail unnecessary instances/qualities.

As mentioned prior you can see that a LOR plays a vital role in admission to a dignified university. It vouches for the candidate’s abilities and improves their chances of getting selected. It also serves as a validation of the student’s resume for both academic and/or professional experiences.

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