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LOR Samples for MS in Mechanical Engineering: How to Write LOR for Mechanical Engineering?

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The LOR samples for MS in mechanical engineering are a critical element in your MS Mechanical Engineering application. It is a testimony to your work ethic, interpersonal qualities, and personality from an external perspective. Let’s explore the types of LOR required in MS Mechanical Engineering.

Different LOR Samples for Mechanical Engineering

Universities offering MS in Mechanical Engineering usually require two academic and one professional LOR. However, it is okay to provide two professional and one academic LOR samples for mechanical engineering depending on how practical or research-oriented the course you're applying to is.

Schools either require online or physical LORs. Your recommender can submit online LOR samples for mechanical engineering from their official email ID.

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How to Choose Your Recommenders for MS Mechanical Engineering Program?

Your academic recommender would be any of your professors from the Mechanical Engineering stream. Your professional recommender could be an immediate reporting manager at work, a supervisor, or a colleague. An ideal recommender is somebody who is familiar with your work, supportive of your career aspirations, and understands your innate capabilities and personality.

How to Write LOR for MS Mechanical Engineering Program?

In an ideal scenario, your recommender should write the LOR samples for mechanical engineering. If they are willing to write your LOR, it is best to share your talking points, resume, and any other relevant information that can help the recommender gauge your candidature. We recommend the following blueprint for writing the LOR samples for MS in mechanical engineering.

How to Write LOR for MS Mechanical Engineering Program


Introduce the recommender and their professional experience and designation. What is the recommender's relationship with you? (professor; what course, what semester, project guide with a topic, immediate supervisor/reporting manager/team, lead/project, lead/senior manager). Mention the recommender's duration of association with you.

For professional LORs, mention your role in the organisation? Mention the name of your team/project/department you're associated with, an overview of your career growth/progress in the company, and the recommender's general impressions about you.

Very Important: The LOR samples for MS in mechanical engineering should be written from the perspective of your recommender. It should not exceed a page or 500 words.

Body Paragraphs

  • What were your notable qualities? State each quality in a different paragraph. Address these qualities in order of importance. Focus on two-three qualities, so you keep the body of the letter to two or three paragraphs.
  • Use specific examples to show how each quality was observed. What were the specific incident/s—when and where were these qualities/skills/capabilities noted by the recommender.
  • Mention the details of the tasks you performed and the tools you used. If you write about a project, elucidate instances that highlight your performance/contribution. Additionally, quantify your achievements at the workplace.
  • Mention your engagement in or contribution to extracurriculars if applicable. Mention when and where these activities took place and how the qualities you have demonstrated will help you in future undertakings.
  • Focus on any one of these qualities: hard work, dedication, sincerity, and proactivity. Explain with situations and examples—when and where these qualities were demonstrated.
  • You can also cover your research aptitude, team management, time management, organisational abilities, leadership and initiative, communication skills, organisational abilities, and emotional maturity. Each quality you mention needs to be supported with an example/situation—when and where this quality was demonstrated.
  • Discuss your experience and how it helped you acquire relevant skills for an MS in mechanical engineering.


Summarise your qualities as a desirable candidate for the program. Add any other comments you feel appropriate. Encourage the reader to contact the recommender for additional information or questions. Close the letter with the proper business closing and the recommender's signature.

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LOR Requirements of Top Universities for MS Mechanical Engineering Program

Following are the top three universities for pursuing MS mechanical engineering along with their LOR requirements and guidelines.

  1. Stanford University
  2. University of California, Berkeley
  3. Purdue University

Let’s check their LOR requirements one by one!

1.  Stanford University

Stanford requires three LOR to be submitted. Two letters must come from an academic source. If your background includes industrial experience or involvement in leadership, public service, or entrepreneurial activities, you can submit a letter from somebody who can comment on that part of your experience. LORs must be submitted online.

2.  The University of California, Berkeley

Berkely also requires two recommendations to be submitted electronically. It should be a combination of academic and professional LORs. Once you submit the form, your recommenders will receive an email with instructions on how to submit letters electronically.

3.  Purdue University

Purdue requires you to submit three LORs. Your references should be persons who can assess your academic potentials, such as faculty members, academic staff, supervisors, industry leaders, employers, or advisors. Purdue University strongly encourages students to provide reference email addresses that are affiliated with an academic institution, professional organisation, or employer.

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Important Tips for Writing LOR for MS Mechanical Engineering

Following are the steps to write an actionable LOR for Mechanical Engineering.

  • Choose your recommenders cautiously as per the specifications in your Application.
  • Communicate and stay in touch with your potential recommenders when you plan on requesting recommendations from them well in advance. Networking is indispensable!
  • Discuss your career goals with your recommenders.
  • Target the purpose for which the letter is written clearly once at the beginning and once at the end.
  • Ensure that each LOR has distinctive anecdotes and qualities to showcase.
  • Assess your strengths and capabilities and present them candidly without exaggerating.
  • The letter should demonstrate the familiarity between you and the recommender. The recommender should have sufficient information to be able to substantiate such familiarity.

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We understand that writing a sample LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering can be challenging. But don’t worry, as Yocket is here to help you master the nuances to draft a succinct LOR. You can avail of our end-to-end personalised services and connect with well-trained counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium. They will guide you through the process making it easier than ever.

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