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Top Universities to Study MBBS in Netherlands for International Students

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Pursuing MBBS in Netherlands is a great opportunity for international students because of its world-class faculty and experience with foreign academics. The Netherlands MBBS is conducted in Dutch and English, where students from all over the world prefer to study medical in the Netherlands. The healthcare colleges in Netherlands offer pre-clinical, clinical and health degrees, which range from dermatology dentistry to psychiatry and toxicology.

Around 13 institutes in the Netherlands offer 47 diverse courses in medical and healthcare in the undergraduate stream. 12 Institutes in the Netherlands offer 41 courses in postgrad degrees. The Netherlands has always been a lucrative and suitable place to study MBBS. However, tuition fees for international students are knowingly higher for medicine at around 10,000 to 32,000 EUR per year. So, if you’re interested in studying MBBS from the Netherlands, we have curated a guide below to study medicine in Netherlands for Indian students.

Table of Contents:

1. Why Study MBBS in Netherlands?

2. Top Universities for MBBS in Netherlands for International Students

3. Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for MBBS in Netherlands

4. Documents Required for MBBS in Netherlands for International Student

5. Application Process for MBBS in Netherlands

6. Cost of Studying MBBS in Netherlands for Indian Students

7. Scholarships to Study MBBS in Netherlands for International Students

8. Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS in Netherlands

Why Study MBBS in Netherlands?

Studying MBBS in the Netherlands for Indian students is the best option because of the following reasons:

  • The process of taking admission to MBBS in Netherlands is smooth and straightforward.
  • MBBS in the Netherlands for international students gives experience to students because of highly advanced medical hospitals related to Netherlands medical universities that offer practical knowledge.
  • A medical program to its students is a globally recognized degree. As no donation or tax fees are required to study MBBS in Netherlands.
  • Netherlands medical universities offer multiple job opportunities.
  • There are separate classes for Indian students in English who seek MBBS in Netherlands.
  • The cost of living is cost-effective with high quality of life.The Netherlands is exceptionally safe and protected for Indian students, and the environment is also safe.

Top Universities for MBBS in Netherlands for International Students

Among all the Netherlands' courses that are for international students, Netherlands MBBS is the most popular. Various Netherlands MBBS colleges are offering different bachelor's & master's medical courses to students. The following universities are:

1. University of Amsterdam

2. Erasmus University Rotterdam

3. Maastricht University

4. Radboud University

5. University of Twente

6. University of Groningen

These are some of the best universities for MBBS in Netherlands for Indian students. Let’s know the details of the particular university located in the Netherlands.

University Name

QS World University Ranking 2022

Medical Courses

University of Amsterdam


MSc Biomedical Sciences-Medical Biology

Erasmus University Rotterdam


MSc Clinical Research

MSc in Health Sciences

MSc in Infection and Immunity

Research Master [MSc] in Health Sciences

Maastricht University


Bachelors in Medicine-International Track

MSc in Health Sciences [Research]

Masters in Medicine

Radboud University


MSc in Medical Biology-Spec in Human Biology

MSc in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease [Research]

University of Twente



MSc in Health Sciences

University of Groningen


BSc in Medicine

MSc in Molecular Medicine & Innovative Treatment

MSc in Clinical & Psychosocial Epidemiology

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Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for MBBS in Netherlands

There are some eligibility criteria & admission requirements that international students need to follow to pursue MBBS in Netherlands. The following criteria are:

1. Education Transcripts

2. English Language Proficiency Test

3. NEET Exam

4. Age Criteria

5. Netherlands Student Visa

6. Additional Requirements

Let’s discuss in detail about all these requirements to study in MBBS in Netherlands.

1. Education Transcripts

International students interested in studying MBBS in the Netherlands should have science in their 12th standard with 50% marks in chemistry, physics and biology. If applying for a postgraduate degree, a student should have a bachelor’s degree in medical science.

2. English Language Proficiency Test

To study abroad, international students need to clear the English Language test, including IELTS or TOEFL exams. The minimum test scores for the IETLS exam are 6.0 and for TOEFL (iBT 92 overall), (PBT 580 overall).

3. NEET Exam

The NEET exam is an essential eligibility criterion for studying MBBS in the Netherlands; students need to qualify for the NEET exam with 50% passing marks.

4. Age Criteria

The student should be amid 17 to 25 years of age to take admission to Netherlands Medical Universities.

5. Netherlands Student Visa

The international students who want to study MBBS in Netherlands need to fill up the online application form with the correct details and check all the required documents. And once the student receives the acceptance letter from the university to which they have applied, they need to pay tuition fees and apply for the Netherlands student visa as soon as possible.

Documents Required for MBBS in Netherlands for International Student

There are some additional documents required to take admission for MBBS in the Netherlands; the following documents are:

  • Valid Passport
  • SOP
  • Updated CV
  • GMAT/GRE Score (Optional)
  • Migration Certificate from the earlier studying college
  • Original and photocopies of marksheet of both 10 & 12th standard
  • Eligibility certificate issued by medical
  • NEET scorecard of the student
  • Birth certificate must be given to the concerned authority
  • Evidence of enrolment in Netherlands medical university
  • Copy of financials that shows adequate funds to pay MBBS university fees.

Application Process for MBBS in Netherlands

To get admission for MBBS in the Netherlands, there are some essential steps that an international student needs to follow:

1.Search for the MBBS universities in the Netherlands and fill out the application form through their website or by “Studielink”, an online enrolment system.

2.After selecting the university, ensure to check all the documents required for admission and submit those documents before the deadline.

3.Take the language test, which is mandatory for international students to get admission efficiently.

4.Write the motivation letter (if required)

5.Wait for the results, and once you receive the acceptance letter from the applied university, revert within the allotted timeline and pay the tuition fees.

6.After clearing all the admission processes, apply for a Netherlands student visa.

Cost of Studying MBBS in Netherlands for Indian Students

The cost of studying MBBS in Netherlands includes the Netherlands MBBS fees and cost of living in the country while studying.

Average Tuition Fees

The average tuition fee for MBBS in the Netherlands can cost around 10,000 EUR/ year, and if the student chooses to study in a private institution, it can cost around 30,000 EUR/ per year.

Cost of Living

Before moving to the Netherlands, international students should calculate their living expenditures which can cost around 800 to 1200 EUR/ per month depending on their accommodation and lifestyle.

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Scholarships to Study MBBS in Netherlands for International Students

There are various scholarships offered to students to ease their studies in the Netherlands. The following best scholarships offered to international students are:

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria & Benefits

AMC Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

Medical school scholarships for international students who are studying at master’s level in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam

Benefit: The scholarship consists of 4,000 EUR or a comparative amount if you start the program in February.

Holland Government Scholarship

This Netherlands scholarship is given to international students as it inspires them to study in the Netherlands and is a one-time scholarship.

Benefit: 5,000 EUR


University Twente Scholarship

This scholarship aims to accept international graduate students who excel in their respective programs.

Benefit: 3,000 to 22,000 EUR for a whole academic year

Maastricht University Holland

It is awarded to international graduate students who show outstanding in their respective graduate programs.

Benefit: Tuition fee dependent on your program, annual living expenses of 11,400 EUR for 12 months, visa application fee, and others.

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An MBBS degree from top medical universities in the Netherlands sets you up for striking career options after graduation. The scope is enormous, from professional doctors and surgeons to research assistants at research associations to consultants. If you’re planning to do MBBS in the Netherlands connect with our Yocket professionals today and get guidance for further higher studies.

Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS in Netherlands

Ques. How it is beneficial to study MBBS in Netherlands for Indian students?

Ans. To pursue MBBS in Netherland, medical students from India can easily relocate to this country for higher studies. MBBS in Netherland is known worldwide as the colleges and universities are approved by MCI.

Ques. Which university is best to study MBBS in Netherlands?

Ans. Some of the best universities to study MBBS are:

  • University of Amsterdam
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • University of Groningen
  • University of Twente

Ques. What is the salary of MBBS doctors in Netherlands?

Ans. The average annual salary of an MBBS doctor in Netherlands is 147,195 EUR, with an hourly wage of 71 EUR.

Ques. How many years is MBBS in Netherlands?

Ans. The MBBS in the Netherlands is a 6-year long program. The last three years include some internships and research opportunities each university provides.

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