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MBBS in Denmark: Everything About MBBS in Denmark for Indian Students

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Known for its extensive research programs, along with a praiseworthy, technologically advanced infrastructure, an MBBS in Denmark is currently gaining a lot of traction among the study abroad international student population. Denmark as a study abroad destination offers humongous opportunities to study medicine in Denmark for international students. 

An MBBS in Denmark is one of the most enriching programs in terms of world class facilities, highly educated faculty, and immense industry exposure. If you wish to study MBBS in Denmark, you have landed at the right place, as we will make you acquainted with the minutest details to study MBBS in Denmark for Indian students!

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An Overview of MBBS in Denmark 

MBBS in Denmark cannot be compared to an Indian MBBS programme, because medicine, as a discipline, is cumulatively offered in Denmark through a Bachelors in Medicine and a Masters in Medicine. An MBBS in Denmark for Indian students can only be accomplished provided students take an entrance exam. Only after pursuing a Masters degree in Medicine, and clearing the entrance test, are students eligible to practice medicine in Denmark. 

To help you understand what a Denmark MBBS looks like, let us tabulate some key aspects for you below: 


  • Bachelors in Medicine- 3 years 
  • Masters in Medicine- 3 years 

Number of Universities 


Specializations Offered 

  • Clinical Biomechanics
  • Medicinal Chemistry 
  • Pharmaceutics 
  • Clinical Medicine 


  • Study courses 
  • Complete Thesis 
  • End with examination 

Average Tuition Fee for International Students

50,000 DKK/ year 

Top Universities & Colleges

  • Aarhus University 
  • Danmarks Tekniske Universitet 
  • University of Copenhagen 
  • Aalborg University 
  • University of Southern Denmark 

Popular Programs Offered 

  • Bachelors in Medicine 
  • Masters in Medicine 
  • Medicine with Industrial Specialization 

Best Universities to Pursue MBBS in Denmark 

An MBBS in Denmark for international students from top universities will not only ensure you an excellent academic profile, but also present you with a high Return on Investment. 

Let us move forward to know about some prominent universities to study MBBS in Denmark for Indian students: 


Popular Programs Offered 


Average Tuition Fee for International Students 

Aarhus University 

Bachelors program in Medicine 

Masters program in Medicine 

3-5 years 

Masters program in Medicine - 15,300 EUR/ year

University of Copenhagen 

Masters in Medicine

3 years

50,000 DKK/ year

Aalborg University 

Medicine with Industrial Specialization 

3 years 

Not available 

University of Southern Denmark 

Master in Medicine 

MSc Medicinal Chemistry

3 years 

270 EUR per ECTS 

PhD in Denmark Guide

Eligibility and Admission Requirements to Study MBBS in Denmark 

Let us now check out the requirements and eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Denmark for Indian students:

  1. Bachelor's degree 
  2. Language proficiency test scores 
  3. Entrance exam 

Given below are the MBBS Denmark requirements: 

1. A bachelor’s degree 

A bachelor’s degree (along with other academic transcripts) is one of the basic requirements to start the application procedure to start a Masters degree in Medicine in Denmark for international students. When applying to a Bachelors in Medicine, you will be required to submit your high school transcripts and certificates. 

2. Language proficiency test scores 

Bachelors programs in Denmark, in the field of medicine are only entirely taught in Danish, and therefore it is important for you to submit Danish proficiency test scores. Masters in Medicine, on the other hand, is taught in both English and Danish. 

It is essential for you, as international students, to have an English proficiency proof in terms of IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or other tests. The minimum IELTS requirement to study at some of the best universities in Denmark for Medicine is a score of 6.5 or above, depending on the university/ program you choose. 

3. Entrance Exam 

In order to start your application process to any Medicine program in Denmark, it is essential for you, as international students, to pass an entrance examination suited specifically for medicine. Therefore, a good entrance test score is extremely essential to study medicine in Denmark for international students. 

Note: Some universities in Denmark for MBBS may also ask you for work experiences, LORs, Resume/ CV, criminal record certificate and interviews as additional requirements. Make sure you check the university’s official website for all the requirements.

Application Process to Study MBBS in Denmark 

The application process to study MBBS in Denmark for Indian students has been discussed briefly below: 

  • Start with clearing your entrance exam. 
  • Choose your university to study MBBS in Denmark. 
  • Submit the application form along with the application fee, and all the language requirements, according to the course you’ve chosen. 
  • Submit all the required documents including transcripts, along with additional requirements like SOP, Resume, LORs, and proof of work experience, as asked by the particular university.
  • You may also be asked for an interview process. 
  • Apply for a scholarship or financial aid, if available at the university. 
  • Wait for the admission decision. 

Cost of Studying MBBS in Denmark 

Most Danish universities offering programs in Medicine offer an affordable education with a Denmark MBBS fees costing between 50,000 DKK- 60,000 DKK per annum, which is similar for both- UG and PG programs in Medicine.

Students should also budget for the living expenses in Denmark of about 5,000 DKK to 8,000 DKK per month in addition to the MBBS fees in Denmark.. This estimate is based on a single person's basic needs, which include lodging, groceries, clothing, public transit, and other miscellaneous expenses, wherein the major chunk sticks with 4,000 DKK being the monthly rent for accommodation. 

Cost of studying in Denmark!

Scholarships to Study MBBS in Denmark 

Numerous scholarships are available to pursue the PhD in Denmark for Indian students, including a lot of university-specific, privately funded and government funded scholarships. Most universities also offer a fully funded PhD to students. 

Given below are some scholarships to aid the PhD in Denmark for international students:

Scholarships/ Financial Aid 


Award (in CAD)

National Scholarships in partnership with NEXT at Aarhus University 

Indian Students enrolled in Medical Chemistry

Full tuition fees along with additional 8300 DKK per month 

Danish government scholarships for highly qualified non EU/ EEA students 

Students showing exemplary academic performance 

Full or partial fees 

Nordplus Scholarship program 

Full time enrollment at any affiliated university 

7,000 DKK per semester

An MBBS in Denmark cumulatively corresponds to a duration of 6 years starting with 3 years for a Bachelor's degree in Medicine, and a 3 year Masters degree in Medicine. You can cover the cost of studying MBBS in Denmark with the help of various scholarships for international students in Denmark. Post masters, you can start with your medical consultation as a doctor/ physician or specialize by studying further. Some probable job prospects include becoming a general practitioner, starting with your own research, or becoming a doctor at a reputed hospital in Denmark.


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