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Masters in Marketing in Canada: Top Universities, Courses, Fees, Requirements, and Scope

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Marketing courses in Canada are a highly sought after program among the students today due to their ever-increasing demand in the present times. Masters in Marketing in Canada is a business program that provides marketing practitioners with business and advertising fundamentals. The program is primarily for students who wish to enhance their expertise in marketing theories and use it to conduct advanced marketing research.

So if you are the one who is aspiring to make your career in the marketing field, this blog will help you in making the best decision in your life. Here we take you through every one of the aspects of MS in Marketing in Canada including the top universities, admission requirements, costs and career prospects.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Study Masters in Marketing Courses in Canada?
  2. MS in Marketing: Course Structure
  3. Comparison between Masters in Marketing & MBA in Marketing
  4. Top 4 Best Universities in Canada for Masters in Marketing
  5. Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Masters in Marketing
  6. Documents Required to Study at Masters Marketing Colleges in Canada
  7. Admission Process for the Masters in Marketing in Canada
  8. Cost of studying Masters Marketing in Canada
  9. Scholarships for Masters in Marketing in Canada
  10. Career Opportunities in Canada after Masters in Marketing

Why Study Masters in Marketing Courses in Canada?

There are different types of reasons to study marketing courses in Canada. Not only is it considered as the best country for the quality of education, but also witnessing a tremendous growth in the marketing sector. Some of the the reasons to study MS in Marketing in Canada are

  • Employment Opportunities: The advertising sector is expected to reach 12.5 billion dollars worth by the end of 2023 and emerge as the largest, ever-growing sector in Canada. Moreover, the marketing employment sectors will experience a rise of 19% in employment by 2029. By the end of 2029, there will be around 19,900 new job opportunities in Canada.
  • Quality of Life: Canada has been consistently ranked at the first position for the past few years for the quality of life and education. This country is also labelled as the best country globally for its best quality of life. These are some of the attractive features that enable more and more international students to choose Canada for their studies.
  • Other Benefits: The universities and colleges in  Canada are relatively less expensive in comparison to other reputed countries. The average tuition fees for pursuing a masters degree in Canada will cost you around 12,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD per year. Apart from this, universities also offer internships, financial aids, scholarships to aid students' costs.


MS in Marketing: Course Structure

Marketing course is a specialisation in the field of Business. There are different types of securing a masters degree in marketing in Canada. You can either go for MSc, MS, or MBA in Marketing in Canada. Let's have a look at the various types of marketing masters programs in Canada and their structure.

  • Course Duration: The typical master degree in marketing in Canada lasts for about fifteen months to two years, depending upon the selection of your course and your desired university.
  • Course Content: The exact course content covered in your marketing masters program is based on your course and the university. The Masters Marketing course deals with topics such as supply chain and business management technology, administrative sciences, consumer research and behaviour, advanced marketing techniques, industrial marketing, etc.
  • Course Alternative: You can opt for a pg diploma in marketing or Master in Business management or digital marketing instead of a masters degree program in marketing.

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Comparison between Masters in Marketing & MBA in Marketing

Pursuing a Masters in Marketing is relatively cheaper in comparison to getting admission in MBA in Marketing. Since the duration of both the programs is almost same but in MBA program you will get more practical training.

The Masters in Marketing is a more research oriented degree program that is mainly popular amongst the students who wish to pursue PhD in future whereas MBA in marketing is marketing related programs that provides students a thorough understanding of management and business of marketing.

Masters in Marketing degree is the study of consumer behaviour and marketing strategy with brand management and branding whereas in MBA degree you will study about advertising, branding, digital marketing, and market research.

Now that you know about the comparison between both the degrees, let's discuss some of the best marketing universities in Canada.


Top 4 Universities in Canada for Masters in Marketing

Keeping in mind the career options of marketing in Canada, various Canadian universities offer a range of masters degree courses in marketing. Listed below are some of the best universities in Canada for masters in marketing:

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Guelph
  • York University
  • Concordia University

Let us now take a look at the top universities for studying masters in marketing in Canada in detail:


University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is one of the world's top research intensive universities in Canada and home to world leading research in the areas of global importance. The Marketing degree offered at the university is a research based program that focuses majorly on theory of marketing, consumer behaviour and designing marketing research.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Annual Average Fees

9,100 CAD

Programs Offered

  • MSc in Marketing


York University

York University is the leading international teaching and research university in the world that empowers a diverse community with their uniquely global perspectives, to prepare their students for their long term career and personal success. The marketing curriculum of the university provides students with the critical analysis and decision making skills that are required by the marketers today.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Annual Average Fees

18,700 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Master of Marketing


Concordia University

The marketing degree program at the university is a research based course that is designed for students who want to enhance their expertise with the most up to date marketing theories and the tools and methods that are used for conducting marketing research. This program will develop your advanced analytical and technical skills which are valued by the employers in the modern industries.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Annual Average Fees

19,802 CAD 

Programs Offered

  • MSc in Marketing


University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is recognised as one of the Canada's leading innovation and comprehensive post-secondary institutions. The university provides admissions to marketing degree program to students who want to gain expertise in an area that has been, and always will be, critical to achieving success in any market understanding consumer. This prepares you for a career in marketing research, brand management or academia.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Annual Average Fees

13,600 CAD

Programs Offered

  • MSc in Marketing and Consumer Studies

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Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Marketing in Canada

Meeting the eligibility criteria and the admission requirements are extremely important if you want to go for MS in Marketing in Canada. Since the exact admission requirements vary with the type of program chosen and your choice of university. The general eligibility requirements for the course have been summoned below

  • Educational Qualifications
  • English Language Proficiency Test
  • GMAT or GRE Scores
  • CV or Resume
  • Study Permit


Educational Qualifications

First you must have an undergraduate degree in any relevant discipline from an accredited university. The exact GPA score differs, but you must have maintained the equivalent of at least 3.0 out of 4.3 average or a B-grade in their final two years of studies. 


English Language Proficiency Test

If you haven't completed your undergraduate degree in any English speaking country, you must have to write a pre-admission English language test to get admission to the course. The minimum accepted test scores are given below


GMAT or GRE Scores

A GMAT or GRE test score is essential for admission to a masters degree in Canada. The GMAT score should be 580 or better. However, some of the colleges and universities do not prefer it as a mandatory option for admission. 


CV or Resume

Although work experience is not required, students must provide a copy of their resume showing about their education, professional experience and achievements including volunteering and internships.


Study Permit

A study permit visa and a valid passport are a must for you as an international student to study any course at any university in Canada. You must apply for the study permit at least three months to six months before the expected date of travel.


Documents Required to Study at Masters Marketing Colleges in Canada

Admissions to masters in marketing management courses in Canada requires a set of documents. Some of the common documents that you can submit in the application form are

  • Official Translated Transcripts
  • Bachelor Degree or other degree certificates
  • ELP Test scores
  • GMAT or GRE scores (if applicable)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Copy of your passport 
  • CV or Resume
  • Work Experience (if applicable)


Admission Process for the Masters in Marketing in Canada

The admission to masters in marketing courses in Canada usually takes place in three different intakes: fall, spring and summer session, with fall being the most competitive in comparison to other intakes. Please go through the university website to check out the exact application dates of intakes. 

Since, the admission procedure differs from one university to other and the courses, but the general procedure of the application process are 

  • Visit the official website of your desired university and go to the admission section.
  • Now check out the availability of the application form and fill up the application form with the application fees.
  • Prepare and upload the scanned documents in the form.
  • Track down the application status at the university website using your module credentials.
  • If you get selected at the university, you will receive an admission letter from the university end.
  • Accept the acceptance letter and pay the required fees to confirm your seat acceptance.


Cost of Studying Masters Marketing in Canada

The costs to pursue masters marketing courses in Canada varies across universities. Broadly speaking, the overall cost of studying this course in Canada can be summed up in two categories: tuition fees and the costs of living.


Tuition Fees

The tuition fees to study at the marketing universities in Canada varies in terms of the programs and the university you choose. On an average, you have to spend anywhere between 15,000 CAD to 37,000 CAD to study MSc Marketing in Canada.


Costs of Living

The living costs in Canada will depend upon your type of lifestyle and the preferences. An estimated cost for international students should be between 800 CAD to 1,600 CAD per month. This cost may cover all the basic amenities such as foods, transportation, books, supplies and other miscellaneous expenses.


Scholarships for Masters in Marketing in Canada

Studying MS in Marketing in Canada can be a real hole in your pockets, however there are a number of scholarship programs that help students to aid financially. Here we have listed some of the scholarships that will be helpful for you to save your burning pocket and manage your expenses. 

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


International President's Entrance Scholarships, Western University

International students with outstanding academic performance on average of 90% in previous education

10,000 CAD per year

Dean's scholarship, University of Saskatchewan

Students with outstanding academic records and have studied in thesis or dissertation-based graduate programs. The GPA must be 85% or above

18,000 CAD per year

University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship

Students must have enrolled into a full time degree program and have an average score of 80%, marks as a continuing students.

16,000 CAD per year

President's Scholarship, University of Guelph

Students must have an average score of 80% marks in the last qualifying exam.

5,000 CAD per year

Master's Research Scholarships, Concordia University

A full time degree at the university and have a minimum GPA score of 3.55

17,500 CAD per year

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Career Opportunities in Canada after Masters in Marketing

The marketing industry is an ever growing industry in the world. It will be a promising place to help you in growing your career. The learnings, knowledge and the techniques that the graduates can acquire after the completion of their masters in marketing courses assists them in landing a highly paid job. The Marketers salary in Canada is mostly paid on an hourly basis, that helps the students get liberty to manage the working hours.

Some of the popular jobs after completing MSc marketing Canada along with their average salary are listed below

Job Profile

Average Salary

Marketing Manager

92,749 CAD

Sales Manager

81,605 CAD

Marketing Research Analyst

63,998 CAD

Brand Manager

71,922 CAD

Advertising and Promotions Manager

83,430 CAD

A masters in marketing in Canada prepares the students for different advanced marketing techniques and managerial roles in today's rapidly changing marketing and advertising industry. You can also connect with our Yocket counsellors to bring in more clarity. 



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