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Study Marketing in Canada: Ultimate Guide on Best Marketing Courses in Canada

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Pursuing a marketing course in Canada can help students to develop their personal, consumer behaviour and presentation skills. This course provides students with different and engaging career options after graduation and having a degree in marketing specialisations allows students to work for a business in a range of fields. The average salary of a marketer in Canada is around 46,500 CAD per year.

If you are planning to pursue marketing in Canada, this blog will help you thoroughly to make it to the best marketing universities in Canada along with some other essential points from costs to career prospects after completion.

Table of Contents

  1. Why study Marketing in Canada?
  2. Course Overview for Marketing in Canada
  3. Best Universities in Canada for Marketing
  4. Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Marketing Courses in Canada
  5. Documents Required for Marketing Courses in Canada
  6. Admission Process for Marketing in the Canada
  7. Cost of studying Marketing in Canada
  8. Career Opportunities in Canada after Marketing Courses
  9. Scholarships to Study Marketing in Canada


Why Study Marketing in Canada?

Before proceeding with the marketing courses in Canada let's first find out why pursuing a marketing degree in Canada will be a boon for you as an international student.

  • Practical Training: Graduates of marketing in Canada acquire the required theoretical as well as hands-on training in the marketing techniques to develop an effective advertisement and generate sales for their companies, using the latest marketing tactics, strategies and techniques.
  • Job Vacancies: Job vacancies of marketers and marketing managers in Canada are predicted to reach between 19,400 between the year of 2019 and 2028, with 19,900 new seekers in Canada.
  • Growth and Learning: Some of the top business schools and colleges in Canada have partnerships with different types of industries to provide access to students with the latest marketing technologies and techniques. This also assists you in practising your knowledge in the industry or getting internships opportunities.

Course Overview for Marketing in Canada

Marketing courses in Canada are mostly offered by Canadian universities and colleges in different levels of study: Diploma, PG Diploma, Bachelor and Masters. Let us take a brief overview of each of the level of study

Diploma in Marketing in Canada

Diploma in Marketing in Canada at undergraduate level are pursued by students directly after the completion of their high school education. This program introduces students with all the latest marketing standards using the latest technologies in the industry. Some of the important topics you will study in the program are

  • Business Concepts and Computer Application
  • Marketing Principles
  • Business and Marketing Mathematics
  • Mathematical Analysis for Marketers
  • Database Marketing

Bachelor Degree in Marketing in Canada

Bachelor's degree in marketing in Canada is an undergraduate degree program of a duration of 3 to 4 years in which you will learn the cutting edge techniques of marketing to develop their marketing skills. Some of the subjects you have to study in bachelor degree are

  • Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Customer Behaviour
  • Marketing Communications

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing  in Canada

Pg Diploma in Marketing in Canada is the advanced or master level course that offers the advanced level of marketing and economics. In this course, you will learn to devise marketing strategies, designing of promotional campaigns, perform marketing research and incorporate the latest trends in customer relationship management using marketing techniques.

Masters in Marketing in Canada

Masters in Marketing course provides the critical analysis and decision making skills that are required for marketers today. This program helps you in learning about the state of the art in marketing and research tools.

Recent graduates of non business or business domain who have not completed their marketing coursework can apt for this course.

Now, we are all aware about the different types of marketing courses available in Canada, let's dive into the marketing colleges in Canada.

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Best Universities and Colleges in Canada for Marketing Courses

Along with world class universities, Canada is well known for its recognised universities or colleges as well as the quality of education they provide. There are different types of marketing universities in Canada that offer a variety of courses in a range of disciplines. Some of the top universities and colleges for marketing courses in Canada are 

  • Simon Fraser University
  • York University
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • North Island College
  • George Brown College

Let's discuss each of the universities one by one.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is a public research university located in British Columbia west coast of Canada. The university provides admissions to Bachelor in Business Administration of Marketing that combines applied problem solving and hands-on experience with a foundation in contemporary business principles and practices.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Annual Fees

15,276 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

York University

York University is a top ranked international teaching and research university in the world that aims to prepare their students for their long term career and personal success. The university offers marketing courses that blends theoretical and practical applications to address all the areas of marketing process, including marketing tactics, marketing products and services, pricing and promotion etc.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Annual Fees

26,714 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Marketing
  • Masters in Marketing

Thompson Rivers University

The Thompson Rivers University is a research based university that focuses on empowering their students to reach their goals with the on campus and online learning options and be involved through hands-on learning and research opportunities. The university provides two different degrees in marketing major in which students learn the skills to devise profitable new product or service ideas.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Annual Fees

19,604 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing
  • Post Baccalaureate in Marketing

North Island College

The North Island College is a comprehensive community college that is located in Vancouver Canada. The college has been internationally recognised for its technology enabled distance learning programs for studies. The marketing course helps students to gain marketing and communications skills to qualify for the management level positions.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Annual Fees

15,865 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

George Brown College

Provides admissions to a number of degree programs to international students. The business administration marketing program open its doors to opportunities in the exciting and the fast moving field of marketing. This program teach students with advanced marketing subject matter such as digital marketing, international marketing, marketing research and strategies, etc.

Institution Type


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Annual Fees

15,190 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration Marketing
  • Diploma in Business Marketing

Now that you know about the best colleges and universities in Canada for Marketing Courses, let's discussed about the eligibility criteria and admission requirements for the course.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Marketing Courses in Canada

As mentioned earlier, marketing management courses in Canada are offered at different levels of study. The eligibility criteria for all of them varies in terms of their qualifying exams. However some of the common requirements you must have are

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Language Requirements
  • Additional Test Scores
  • Study Permit

Let's discuss about each one of eligibility requirements in detail below

Educational Qualifications

The requirements for marketing courses at an undergraduate degree level is to have a 10+2 degree with good academic records. For graduate level courses of marketing degree, requires an advanced diploma or bachelor degree in business or related programs from a recognised institution.


Language Requirements

The English language proficiency test scores are mandatory for admission to marketing courses in Canada for international students. The minimum scores for different types of tests are 

  • IELTS: 6.0 - 7.0
  • TOEFL: 80 - 88
  • PTE: 54 - 60
  • CAEL: 60 - 70 

Additional Test Scores

Additional Test scores in terms of SAT or ACT for bachelor degree and GRE or GMAT scores for masters in marketing management courses in Canada. However, in most of the cases these scores are not essential to submit in the universities and colleges.

Study Permit

A valid study permit and a passport is a must for all the international students who want to study at any marketing universities in Canada. You must apply for the study permit visa at least three to six months before the expected travelling dates.

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Documents Required for Marketing Courses in Canada

To get admissions in the marketing colleges and universities of Canada for the different levels of studies requires a list of documents. Some of the most common documents you must submit in the admission application form are 

  • Educational Transcripts with original marksheets 
  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • ELP Test scorecards
  • SAT or ACT test scores (if applicable)
  • GRE or GMAT Scorecards (if applicable)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume or CV
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Study Permit Visa

Admission Process for Marketing Courses in Canada

A step by step guide to apply for admission at the different universities to study marketing courses in Canada are given below.

  • First you have to finalise your level of study and select the best universities or colleges offering that course.
  • Go through the official website of the university and collect all the required data in terms of the eligibility criteria and the intakes deadlines.
  • Upload the scanned documents including transcripts, resumes, entrance test scores, etc.
  • Fill up the university application form and pay the application fees.
  • After completing the above process, you will get an email from the university side. You can use it for checking application status.
  • Once your application form is accepted you will get an acceptance letter from the university.
  • Accept the offer letter and pay the tuition fees to confirm your seat of acceptance.

Cost of Studying Marketing in Canada

The cost of studying marketing courses in Canada for international students depends on the number of factors. Broadly speaking, the overall cost is divided into two different categories: tuition fees and the living costs. 

Tuition Fees

On an average, the average tuition fees for studying marketing courses in Canada should range anywhere between 9,000 CAD to 32,000 CAD per year. However, the tuition fees here vary with the type of program and from one university to another.

Living Costs

Apart from the tuition fees of marketing courses in Canada, as an international student you need to spend a lot of money on your living too. The cost of living in Canada may depend upon your type of lifestyle and the preference. On an average, you have to spend between 900 CAD to 1,500 CAD in your living. This will include all your basic amenities such as foods, transportation, stationary, housing etc.

Career Opportunities in Canada after Marketing Courses

The marketing courses in Canada prepare the students to pursue a variety of career options in a variety of sectors such as banks, insurance, manufacturing, retail industry, pharmaceuticals industry, animation, aviation, information technology and many more. 

Apart from the types of marketing industry, some of the job roles of a candidate after the completion of marketing courses in Canada are given below

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary 

Brand Manager

71,922 CAD

Digital Marketing Specialist

58,800 CAD

Market Research Analyst

58,063 CAD

Assistant Product Manager

62,175 CAD

Marketing Coordinator

48,772 CAD

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Scholarships to Study Marketing in Canada

There are different types of colleges and universities in Canada that offer various types of scholarships to study marketing in Canada. Some of the scholarships to fund your studies in Canada are given below.

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Dean's Renewable Entrance Scholarship, University of Windsor

Students must have grades between 90% to 94.99%.

2,500 CAD per year

UdeM exemption scholarship

International students must have good academic records based on their transcripts

12,465 CAD per year

Major Entrance Scholarships, McGill University

International students with good academic achievement entering to a full time major degree

10,000 CAD

Farouk and Dawn Ahamed International Student Scholarship, Wildfred Laurier University

International students entering from high school in a full time degree with good scores

Educational Fund

Studying Marketing degree courses in Canada are beneficial as well as affordable for all the students. If you are having any trouble in managing your expenses, do check for the different types of scholarships available or financial aids on the universities websites. For more information regarding the course and guidance for study get in touch with our Yocket admission counsellors now.



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