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Masters (MS) in Data Science & Analytics in New Zealand

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Data science is all about analysing data and developing various insights for a particular individual, industry or organization. Studying data science is an excellent option because almost all the industries require data analysts today. New Zealand is an amazing destination if you are planning to study data science abroad because of the affordable fee structures, high ROI and top ranked universities with internationally recognised degrees.

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Why Study Data Science in New Zealand?

MS in data science can open various career avenues for students in New Zealand and also various other countries because degrees from New Zealand are internationally recognised. Furthermore, studying data science in New Zealand can be a lucrative option for the following reasons:

  • The top universities offering data science masters in New Zealand rank among the top 350 universities of the world according to 2020 ranking.

  • The entry level salary for a graduate in data science is around NZD 50,460.47.

  • An up-gradation from bachelor's to masters in data science in New Zealand increases the salary of a Data Analyst by 39% whereas, for other professions, it is only 29%.

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Top 5 Universities To Study Data Science In New Zealand

Data science courses in New Zealand attract the attention of a lot of study abroad-aspirants. The top data science universities in New Zealand for pursuing a masters degree are given below along with their fees and courses offered.




University Of Auckland

Masters of professional studies in data science

Master of data science

NZD 44,310

University Of Otago

Master of business data science

NZD 46,576

University Of Canterbury

Master of applied data science

NZD 47,700


Master of Analytics

NZD 37,701

Massey University

Master of Analytics

NZD 37,210

The universities mentioned above are a great option for someone wanting to study data science in New Zealand.

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Masters In Data Science Course In New Zealand

Data science masters in New Zealand is a 1.5-2 years long course. Data science masters in New Zealand are offered under several degrees like:

  • Master of Data Science

  • Master of Business in Data Science

  • Master of Professional Studies in Data Science

Each of these courses can be out of 180 or 240 points depending on the university and course structure.

Eligibility & Requirements To Study Data Science In New Zealand 

Data Science in New Zealand has some special requirements. However, these eligibility criteria and requirements vary depending on the university and course structure you opt for.

Masters in Data Science in New Zealand eligibility criteria:

  • A bachelor's degree in data science or a relevant field (computer science/ statistics / economics / math) with at least B grade average.

  • Minimum 4.5 GPA in undergraduate degree

  • IELTS score 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 as a proof of english proficiency.

Required documents for MS in New Zealand:

  • Valid passport

  • Letters Of Recommendation (LOR)

  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

  • Completed Student Visa Application Form

  • Application fee payment receipt

  • Offer letter of the institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority

  • Health insurance receipt

  • Two passport-sized photographs

  • Academic transcripts

  • English Proficiency Test score

Application Process For MS In Data Analytics In New Zealand

Intakes in New Zealand take place in February and July. July is the most popular intake for international students.

Students can apply for data science course in New Zealand using the following two methods:

  • Via an online application from your desired university’s website

  • By taking the help of an expert counsellor to guide you through the application process.

Tip: Book a consultation with Yocket to plan your study abroad journey to New Zealand.

Scholarships For MS in Data Science In New Zealand

Scholarships are a great way to cover the cost of living and studying in New zealand. New Zealand offers scholarships to students at all levels of study. Scholarships are offered by the government of New Zealand or are university specific (i.e offered by universities). You can also apply for scholarships to study data science in New Zealand.

Some of the scholarships for students wanting to do data science masters in New zealand are listed below :

  • UC Mathematics and statistics scholarships

  • Westpac southland scholarship

  • University of auckland summer start scholarship

  • Massey University’s masters research scholarship

But, remember that getting scholarships is challenging because of the competition. Make sure that you apply to a lot of scholarships by checking the respective eligibility criterias.

Note: You can look out for scholarships on the study In New Zealand website.

Job Opportunities after MS in Data Science In New Zealand

Students with a masters degree in data science are very much in demand these days. As data science deals with analysing large amounts of data to arrive at a conclusion, many companies need this.

Students of the data analytics courses in NZ can expect jobs under the following profiles:

  • Statistician

  • Data analyst

  • Business intelligence analyst

  • Data scientist

  • Information security analyst

Data Science students can expect to earn anywhere between NZD 74,454.89 to NZD 133,314.36 per annum after pursuing data analytics courses in New Zealand.

International students can work part-time using their student visa. You can also apply for post study work visas after completing your studies. New Zealand is an amazing destination for studying data analytics courses. MS in New Zealand would make an excellent educational environment for students. 

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