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Cost of Living in Paris in 2024: Cost of Accommodation, Transport, Food in Paris

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Known as the world's fashion capital, Paris is one of the largest cities in Europe and a sought-after study destination by students across the globe. It is worth mentioning that Paris is placed at 9th position in the QS best student cities list 2024. Paris is home to some of the best educational institutions, and 12 of its prestigious universities feature in the QS World University Rankings list 2024. All these aspects attract thousands of international students to this beautiful city every year, but thinking of student living cost in Paris, many of them step back.

Is the average living cost in Paris for students too high? What are the different types of expenses you need to incur? In this blog, we dwell at length about the cost of living in Paris for Indian students and other international students, all possible expenses, along with some tips to plan your budget well for a cost-effective stay. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview of Living Cost in Paris for International Students
  2. Tips to Reduce Living Cost in Paris for Students

Overview of Living Cost in Paris for International Students

Studying at the universities in Paris requires a reasonable sum of money to cover all your expenses. The living expenses in Paris for students are affordable and manageable if you are wise enough with your finances. The average cost of living in Paris for students is approximately 1200 EUR per month. Therefore, the monthly cost of living in Paris for Indian students is around 9,98,823 INR. The actual living cost will depend on your lifestyle and preferences. 


Average Cost Per Month


700 EUR


300 EUR


50 EUR


200 EUR


100 EUR

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Let us now discuss each factor influencing the average living cost in Paris for students:



The residential areas in Paris are pretty saturated owing to the fact that 2.5 million people reside in just 65 square kilometers. But all the places of accommodation are well equipped with basic amenities to offer a comfortable stay. International students in Paris may opt for the following types of housing:

1 BHK Student Apartment 

700 EUR - 1,300 EUR

Shared 2 BHK Apartment 

350 EUR - 650 EUR

You may also choose to live in your respective college/university hostels (if any). The costs vary depending on several factors. Hence, you must check the official university websites to gather exact information.



Food covers an integral part of your cost of living in Paris as a student. The monthly average cost of living in Canada for international students is usually between 200 EUR to 300 EUR for food. The estimated food costs in Paris are mentioned below:


Price Range

1 Litre Milk 

0.80 EUR - 1.50 EUR

Loaf of fresh white bread 500g

0.91 EUR - 1.81 EUR

Rice (white)

0.50 EUR - 1.13 EUR

Eggs (12)

2.00 EUR - 4.00 EUR

Water (1.5-litre bottle)

0.50 EUR - 1.00 EUR


Paris has a convenient public transportation system. You may explore every corner of the city at an affordable rate. A single ticket costs 1.90 EUR, but if you use the metro or bus system regularly, it may be worth it to consider getting an unlimited monthly pass, known as the Navigo pass. A monthly pass covering all metro zones, RER regional train, bus, and tram costs 73 EUR. 



When in Paris, you can expect endless entertainment. A ticket for a mainstream international movie ranges between 10 EUR to 12 EUR. If you are a fitness freak you may join the gym that costs around 30 EUR to 80 EUR per month. You may also indulge in some free entertainment in Paris like visiting museums and seasonal events that offer special discounts for students for various activities. 



Shiting to a new country invites a lot of expenses. Apart from the major ones like housing, food, traveling, you need to keep an extra sum of money for miscellaneous costs. They may include stationery, cosmetics, and other household items.

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Let us now have a look at some money-saving hacks to reduce the overall living expenses in Paris for students:


Tips to Reduce Living Cost in Paris for Students

Regardless of the comparatively high living cost in Paris for international students is, one may live self-sufficiently by saving and earning through different ways. You need not always cut on costs to save money. Instead, wisely handle your finances. Discussed below are some money-saving tips to minimize the Paris living expenses for students:



French universities altogether offer more than 500 scholarships for Indian students. Some are offered by the Government of France and others by French universities. All of them are well-funded and beneficial to managing your studying costs in all cities of France, including Paris. Hence, they reduce your overall living expenses to study different courses in France


Part-Time Jobs

One of the best ways of reducing the cost of living in Canada for Indian students per month is to opt for part-time jobs. In France, having a student visa is offers the eligibility to work as a student or take up different internships. However, part-time jobs in France should not exceed 18.5 hours per week, and the job duration must be no longer than 52 weeks.


Balanced Lifestyle

Apart from acquiring academic education, studying in another country is all about learning to live a balanced life. Adhere to a simple life and save those extra pennies wherever possible. As we have already been mentioned, opt for affordable accommodation, use cheaper means of transport, have home-cooked meals, etc.

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Student life in Paris is an opportunity to grow as a learned and responsible individual. To manage living cost in Paris for international students, it is essential to be aware of one’s budget and plan all expenses accordingly. For further guidance and counselling, get in touch with our Counsellors at Yocket to have an easy study abroad experience. 



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