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Best Part Time Jobs in France for International Students


Studying in France is a fascinating thought for anyone planning to study abroad. However, students moving to France face a setback in gearing up with their expenses as the cost of living in France is 200% higher than in India.

So, what do you do as an international student to fulfill your dream of studying there? Look out for part-time jobs and have your best shot at studying in France economically!

Understanding the tuition and living expenses involved in studying in France can get overwhelming, let alone finding the right university. However, booking a 15-minute consultation call with our Yocket experts can help you smooth the entire application process to your dream French or any abroad university!

To simplify, international students have many part-time job opportunities in France. This way, studying and exploring the country can get easier. In this blog, we will list the benefits, eligibility/rules to be fulfilled, locations and divisions to work in, and the wages that international students get while working part-time in France. So, begin reading!

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3 Benefits of Part Time Jobs in France

If you are interested in studying in France, what could be your main concern? Perhaps French part-time jobs are even worth your time? To evaluate that, consider some of the additional financial advantages that come with your part-time student jobs in France: 

  • Exposure

As an international student, working in Paris, particularly part-time work, opens up a world of opportunities for you. In this glitzy metropolis, you learn a great deal about business, finance, culture, and more.

  • Networking

You get to meet a lot of people and have the chance to socialize as a working student. By doing this, you are establishing connections that can come in handy later on. 

  • Skill development

It's common knowledge that taking on part-time work entails working and upgrading your skills. This will guarantee that during your time in France, you will acquire a few new skills.

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Having known the advantages, you might now be quizzed about whether you are eligible to work in France. Let’s find out in the next section!

Eligibility to Work Part Time in France for an International Student

There are several fundamental eligibility conditions that you must fulfill to work part-time in France. For example: 

  • Part-time employment is permitted in France for any student enrolled in any French university. 
  • Possess a current residency permit.
  • Your part-time work in France must be approved by the university where you are enrolled. 

You are free to start working in France if these conditions are satisfied. However, there are certain strict rules that international students must follow when working part-time in France. We will discuss them in the next bit.

Note: To work in France, students no longer require Autorisation Provisoire de Travail (APT, or Temporary Work Permit). There is a built-in provision for this in the residency permit.

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Part Time Job Regulations to Work in France

International students studying outside of the EU are permitted to work up to 964 hours a year as long as the following requirements are met: 

  • With a student visa, students in France are permitted to work 20 hours a week, or 964 hours of part-time work annually
  • You are permitted to work 472 work hours if you are enrolled in a 6-month program. 
  • Your work schedule should not conflict with your academic schedule or the university's curriculum.
  • For overseas students working part-time in France, the minimum hourly pay is around EUR 7.61 (INR 680). As a result, part-time employment can help them earn up to EUR 7,900 (INR 7,10,380) annually.
  • In addition, a student attending a French university may find work. International students are often offered a one-year contract by universities, which runs from September 1 to August 31.
  • Students may work up to 670 hours between September 1 and June 30. Contrarily, 300 hours might be worked full-time between July 1 and August 31.

Remember that programs, including internships, do not permit part-time employment. Therefore, prepare ahead for your study-related costs in France if you are expected to accept an internship.

What are the Types of Jobs International Students can take in France? 

Now, the most pondering question. What jobs are available for international students working part-time? Well, there are several major divisions and locations that you can work part-time from in France. Let us discuss them in detail.

University Part-Time Jobs for International Students in France

To gain extra earnings, most French universities offer on-campus part-time jobs to students. These can help you network, build leadership skills, and flourish at your university. Some of the locations and jobs you can take up are: 

  1. Library and Bookstore Assistant
  2. Administrative Office Worker
  3. Dining and Cafeteria
  4. Campus Guide
  5. Tech Supporter

Off-campus Part-Time Jobs for International Students in France

Apart from on-campus jobs, you also have several opportunities to tackle your expenses off-campus. Many simple jobs that don’t require a lot of mental work are available, such as: 

  1. Server/ Bartender at restaurants
  2. Retail outlets
  3. Customer service
  4. Cashier
  5. Personal Tutor
  6. Translator
  7. Freelancer
  8. Babysitter
  9. Driver
  10. Dog walker


In France, plenty of professors hire bright, motivated students on a part-time basis to serve as their assistants. Similarly, Indian students in Paris have access to several such part-time occupations. By doing this, you will get additional money for a rainy day, alongside learning from a reputable instructor. 

Three Interesting Part-Time Jobs in Paris You Should Think About! 

For international aspirants wanting to study in Paris, this is a unique section for you! Part-time work is widely available in Paris. Therefore, Parisians have you covered if you're considering working while you study there. 

As an international student, you should apply to three fascinating opportunities alongside the standard part-time jobs available in Paris. They are:

  • Work at Disneyland.
  • Be a blogger in Paris.
  • Take up volunteer work.

How Much do Part Time Jobs Pay in France?

Another troubling question is regarding the wage that you earn as a part-time worker, no? Well, as mentioned earlier, international students are paid a minimum wage of EUR 7.61 (INR 680), but this varies job-wise. This way, you can earn a minimum of EUR 7,900 (INR 7,10,380) a year by working part-time.

Some of the jobs and average salaries of French part-time jobs are tabulated below:


Average Pay Per Hour

Teaching Assistant

EUR 21 (INR 1,890), hourly.

Private Tutor

EUR 20 - 27 (INR 1,800 - 2,430), hourly.

Bartender/ Waiter

EUR 10 (INR 900), hourly.

Uber Driver

EUR 20 (INR 1,800), hourly.


EUR 11 (INR 990), hourly.


EUR 10 (INR 900), hourly.

Dog Walker

EUR 8 (INR 720), hourly.


EUR 21 - 27 (INR 1,890 - 2,430), hourly.


EUR 15 (INR 1,350), hourly.

Museum Jobs 

EUR 8 - 10 (INR 720 - 900), hourly.

How to Get Part-Time Jobs in France?

What are the ways to find part-time jobs? To find part-time opportunities in France, you can use any of the following methods that work for you:

  • Consult the university you are studying in and check what positions are available.
  • Keep a check on bulletin boards and newspapers.
  • Take guidance from seniors and professors.
  • Look out for opportunities online on various job portals.

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As an international working part-time, you'll get more than simply the additional money you're hoping for. It will also facilitate your market entry, increasing your chances of landing a job in the same location and company in the long run.

Thus, it might be advantageous for your development to try to work part-time in your field of study. By choosing student loans in France, you will also be able to control your expenses!

From the Desk of Yocket

Well, that is everything about studying and working part-time in France. The advantages alone are sufficient to motivate you to take up a job while studying there. However, always be mindful of the eligibility criteria, rules, and regulations aligned with working abroad. Violating them could lead to serious repercussions. Hopefully, this blog resolved all your queries regarding the wages, locations, and types of part-time jobs available in France for international students.

If not, unveil the several Yocket Premium services by getting in touch with our Yocket experts. From finding the right university and course based on your profile to debriefing you on the costs involved and the scope of finding part-time jobs, we are here to help. Become A Premium Yocketer Now!

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