LOR for Graphic Design: How to Write a LOR for Graphic Design?

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Have you always wondered how thousands of students from India fly overseas to pursue their graphic designing dream in the best universities around the world? Do you, too, want to study in those top-notch universities? If yes, kudos! As this article will explain to you the LOR graphic design requirements to seek admission to universities across the globe. It includes the types of LORs for graphic design, steps to write an actionable one, a few tips, etc.

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What is a LOR for Graphic Design?

The Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a form that is developed with the goal of saving recommenders and alumni valuable time by providing a single, common set of questions. The questions remain embedded in each participating b-schools’ existing application system, so it requires only a few significant changes.

A LOR graphic design is an instrumental document that tells the admission committee through the reference of a professional, be it a professor, a senior in your undergraduate, an employer you worked for, etc. Usually, there are two types of LORs i.e. academic and professional.

Who Can Write a LOR Graphic Design?

Letters of recommendation should be written by people who know you well and who have been responsible for evaluating your academic or professional work. The list includes professors, research guides, managers, and workplace supervisors.

Following are some points to remember while writing a LOR across various graphic design subjects.

  • LOR should be specific as a generic or copied LOR won’t have a great impact on the admissions committee.
  • It must give a clear picture of your personality.
  • It must focus on your strengths and name a few weaknesses, but that should be completely written in a smart way so that it does not create a negative impact.
  • Remember, the points must not be repetitive and they must not depict the same picture as already given in your resume.
  • It must focus on your achievements and other credentials in a very short and qualitative way.
  • A LOR must be written on the official letterhead of the institution that the recommender is presently working at.
  • Please remember that every other student applying for the graphic design program in the institutions is submitting LORs. The admission office goes through a lot of them on a daily basis. Therefore, yours should stand out in the crowd. And to achieve this uniqueness, it must include some attributes supported by real-life examples.

Sample LOR for Masters (MS)

How to Write a LOR for a Degree in Graphic Design?

A letter of recommendation for graphic design programs can be written by following the given structure/format.

  1. Select Your Recommender

Before drafting your LOR, it is essential to make sure that your recommender is well acquainted with you. Also, the recommender's post and qualifications can add credibility to your application. If you are a student, then a LOR from the Head of the Department will be more useful than from a junior professor. If you have internship experience, then a LOR from an internship mentor will also add value to your candidature. If you are a working professional, then a LOR from the head of your division or department/manager will add weightage to your application.

  1. Different LOR by Each Recommender

While the letter of recommendation template can be the same, draft a new letter for every recommendation. Each letter should have a personalised account of the candidate’s accomplishments and achievements.

  1. Get Your Resume Reviewed

Sometimes, due to a lack of contact for a few years, your recommender might not be informed/ or remember about your personal and professional profile. Therefore, ask your recommender to review your resume beforehand. Reviewing the resume will help them highlight your goals and strengths in the LOR thoroughly. An institution does not want to know every good thing about the candidate. The LOR should endorse the most marketable asset of the candidate which can prove their dedication to the field.

  1. Prepare the LOR In Sync with the Course

Review admission criteria of a university, b-school, or college and include the language which meets the specific requirements for the position, the projects, achievements, qualities/skills, and more.

  1. Use Anecdotes

A good letter of recommendation is not only about listing the already mentioned information in the resume. While the letter of recommendation template can be kept the same, using narratives and anecdotes is a great way to communicate how the candidate has sailed through difficulties earlier in life. Quantifying the candidate’s strengths by ranking them in comparison to other batchmates or colleagues will also prove their integrity and ethics.

  1. Use Active Voice

To make your LOR graphic design more powerful, construct the sentences in active voice instead of passive. This would make your LOR more crisp and concise.

  1. Organise the LOR and Write a Conclusion

A properly organised LOR will include information about how the recommender knows the candidate. Start with a salutation, followed by an introduction which includes an assessment of the candidate in two to three paragraphs, a summary, and a conclusion. The conclusion must sum up how the candidate will benefit from the course and contribute to the university.

Note: Every graphic design university usually asks for 2 to 3 LORs as part of the application process. However, to know the exact guidelines and rules for writing one, you can check the official university websites.

How to Write an SOP on Graphic Design?

Mistakes to Avoid in a Graphic Design LOR

A letter of recommendation on graphic design can make or break a student’s chance at a great education abroad. So if you have been requested to write one such document, it is your responsibility to do so with utmost care and honesty.

Please avoid the following commonly made mistakes in your LOR:

  1. Be Authentic: The most common trap to fall into is plagiarism and copy-pasting one LOR from multiple institutions or candidates. This can straight away get your letter rejected.
  1. Political Statements: It is important to be considerate of sensitive topics like racism, gender equality, etc, and avoid mentioning issues/opinions that might instigate negative reactions.
  1. An Informal Tone: You must keep in mind that the letter is entirely professional and maintaining decorum in the language and structure is highly advised.
  1. Use of Irrelevant Information/Facts: Do not forget to keep your letter to the point, mentioning the candidate’s attributes that matter in the admissions procedure for a specific course.
  1. Dishonesty and Exaggeration: While it may seem like a good idea to draw up a rosy image of the candidate, it should be understood that admission officers at reputed universities are seasoned in judging such letters for their worth. In conclusion, a lot of a candidate’s prospects at an educational institute depend on a well-written LOR.

Besides the academic performance and a statement of purpose (SOP), universities abroad put a lot of emphasis on the letter of recommendation by professionals who have been an integral part of the candidate’s tenure at school/college. Hence, it should be written with honesty, care, and attention.

Letter of Recommendation Guide for MS, MBA, and Others

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