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What are the Career Opportunities After MS in UK?

Sumeet Jain

As the 5th largest economy in the world, UK is the ideal destination for motivated individuals planning a career after MS. Data suggests that around 75% of the international students in UK are employed after graduation. Around 6% of the graduates only enroll in doctoral programs while all others prefer to take jobs. Some of the sectors with promising careers after MS in the UK include Engineering, Computer Science and IT, Healthcare, Accounting and Finance and Marketing. You can take about 4 months to look for a job in the UK.

If you are wondering do Indian students get jobs in UK after MS, then the answer is a big yes! In fact, the first and foremost advantage defining your scope and job opportunities in UK after MS is the Graduate Immigration Route. Read this blog to get information on all key aspects about job opportunities in UK after MS.

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Scope After Studying MS in UK

There are 2 options before you, once you complete MS in UK. You can either look for a job after MS in UK or pursue higher education, specifically research. 

Here are few notable points regarding your scope after studying MS in UK:

  • According to the most recent Graduate Outcomes survey data of 2018-19, almost 94% of master’s degree graduates are either working or enrolled in further education within 15 months from completing their programs.
  • The average salary of a person working in UK is around £71,000 per year which is roughly 70,00,000 INR per year. Compared to an investment of around £15,000-35,000 per year in tuition fees for a master's degree, the average salary gives a sound return on investment.
  • Your salary is expected to appreciate by about 23% with a PhD degree than what you are paid for the same job after a master’s degree.

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How to Find a Job in the UK?

One of the first questions that may have come to your mind while thinking about your career options is how can I find job opportunities in UK after MS from UK? First of all, there is always good demand for skilled professionals in various sectors across UK , mainly IT, engineering, health, etc. The next thing that might come to your mind is it easy to get job in UK after masters? It is not a cakewalk to get a job in UK after completing MS but you can definitely find one by looking for it in the right place.

Take a look at the different ways you can look for jobs in UK:

  • Participate in job fairs and career events: One of the first stops to look for job opportunities in UK after MS is by participating in job fairs and career events. Most of the time, your university’s career center will help you to be a part of such events and prove your talent to secure job offers from top participating companies.
  • Job search through The “Find a Job” feature of the is also very helpful while looking for jobs and also ensures that the job opportunities comply with the requirements to work in UK as international students.
  • Apply to companies: One way to find a job in UK is to directly apply to companies who are hiring for various positions. 
  • Use of social media: Social media has become more relevant and popular when it comes to recruitment. Companies use their social media handles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to advertise job openings and attract prospective candidates to apply.
  • Newspaper: Local as well as national newspapers mostly have dedicated sections for advertising job openings with all necessary details.
  • Placement through recruitment agencies: You can register with a reliable recruitment agency to find out latest updates on job openings, shortlist jobs according to your preference, help with submitting applications and understanding industry norms etc.

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Job Opportunities After MS in UK

There are various angles to be explored when we talk about UK job opportunities after MS. Your career prospects will depend upon various aspects like the university’s employability ranking, type of organization you will be working for, job roles you will be hired for and most importantly what salary expectations you can have will depend on these factors altogether.

Let us take a look at each of these one at a time:

Top Universities for MS in UK: Employability Ranking and Average Salaries

Graduating from one of the top universities for MS in UK will definitely add to your earning potential. In fact, top employers in UK target graduates from coveted institutions. Take a look at the table below to know about the top 10 universities in UK, their employability rankings and average salaries offered to MS graduates:

University Name

QS Employability Ranking

Average Salary per year

University of Oxford



University of Cambridge



University College London



Imperial College London



University of Manchester



London School of Economics and Political Science



University of Edinburgh



University of Bristol



University of Leeds



University of Nottingham



Top Recruiters after MS in UK

It is the ultimate aim of every student to land a job with one of the top recruiters after MS in UK with lucrative packages. Here we have prepared a list of top recruiters in UK along with details of the sector and average salary packages offered to MS graduates:


Average Salary

Venturi Group












Air Swift


Morgan Hunt




InterQuest Group


Popular Job Titles and Average Salaries

Before concluding, let us take a look at the most popular job titles and their average salaries in UK:

Job Title

Average Salary

Civil Engineer


Project Manager


Mechanical Engineer


Electrical Engineer


Computer Technician


Software Developer


Biomedical Engineer


Data Analyst


Software Engineer


Product Development


Is it easy to get job in UK after masters? Well, one thing is for sure that there are abundant employment options in UK, all you have to do is prove your worth and cut through the competition to land the job of your dreams. The unemployment rate in UK stands below 4% ensuring opportunities for all including you. So brace yourself up for a world full of UK job opportunities after MS. One you have a good settled job in UK, you can apply for PR in UK, also UK offers 2 year stay back policy fro internatioinla students. 


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