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Sending SAT Score to Colleges: How To Send SAT Scores To Colleges?

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the tech entrepreneur Bill Gates SAT scores were 1600 and 1590, respectively. Many must be wondering, isn’t these too high of a score? Or are these values the parameter for a “good” SAT score? No. A “good SAT score” will ensure your admission to the undergraduate college you want to attend. Therefore, it keeps changing for every student. But whatever your SAT score may be, ask yourself — is my SAT score send? 

Because until you know how to send SAT scores to colleges or scholarship programs, it would be impossible to secure a seat. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the facts. 

  Table of Contents

  1. Overview of SAT Exam to Study Abroad
  2. Different Types of SAT Score Reports 
  3. Step-by-step Process to Submit SAT Scores to Colleges
  4. Frequently Asked Questions on Sending SAT Scores to Colleges

Overview of SAT Exam to Study Abroad

SAT is a standardised test conducted by the college board for undergraduate admissions. This multiple-choice test includes 154 questions that need to be answered in 3 hours. Highly popular in the US, it evaluates a candidate's Reading, Writing & Language, and Mathematical knowledge. 

Candidates need to pay a fee of $101 for SAT without an optional essay and $117 for SAT with an optional essay. However, the international students also need to pay an extra $49 fee. One gets their SAT scorecard within 2-4 weeks of the test date evaluated between a 400-1600 scale. 

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Once you receive the SAT score, it must get submitted to the desired college authorities. But is this decision that easy? No. 

Before sharing their SAT score reports, students must make the choice. Let’s understand how it works? You have to send your reports through the College Board. If you have taken SAT more than once, you will have to decide on the type of report to be shared. 

For this, you can check out the particular college website and its score requirements. However, the college board will share all score reports if you do not choose a format. To make an informed decision, let’s dive into the…

Different Types of SAT Score Reports 

You can check the available SAT suit assessment score reports from the students portal. The following score reports can be used while sending SAT scores to colleges. 

  • Total Score Report: Total score report includes a score within the 400-1600 range. Along with it, the colleges can also check the score range you might expect to get if you took SAT on different days. 
  • Sectional Score Report: This includes the score of two sections, i.e. Evidence-based Reading and Writing + Maths. The SAT consists of three sections Reading, Writing & Language, and Math. But the first two are combined into one section in this type of report. 

Note: Additionally, it is crucial to understand the subscore details given in your SAT report. This information will be beneficial in knowing how to send your SAT scores to colleges.

  • Test Scores: The three test scores include Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. This part of the score report presents the test scores in the context of benchmarks for college readiness, depicting whether you’re on track, almost on track, or need improvement. This score report also contains the numeric value of questions answered correctly. 
  • Cross-Test Scores: This score report particularly includes the analysis of science and social study/history questions. It is derived from the questions of all three sections. 
  • Subscores: It contains the scores depicting a candidate's command of evidence, expression of ideas, words used in context, the heart of algebra, standard English conventions used, problem-solving and data analysis ability, and passport to advanced mathematics. 
  • Superscore: When a candidate has given the SAT multiple times, Superscore represents the compositive average, including the highest score they have achieved per section irrespective of the attempt. 

Now that we know the types of SAT score reports, let’s understand how to submit SAT scores to colleges. 

Step-by-step Process to Submit SAT Scores to Colleges

How do I send my SAT scores to colleges? How long does it take to send SAT scores? How much does it cost to send SAT scores? Let’s reveal the answers to all these intriguing questions and learn the process of how to send SAT scores to colleges. 

  • Log in to your college board account, then visit the “Send SAT Score” page. Search college names and add them to the college recipient list. 
  • Each time you register for SAT on the weekend, you can share four free score reports from the day you register up to 9 days after the SAT date. Nonetheless, for sharing reports other than free ones and knowing how much does it cost to send SAT scores, check this table: 



Request Additional SAT Score Report (for newly added college)

$12 per report

SAT Report Rush Request (will be delivered in 3-4 days to the college)

$31 per report + any regular fee amount

  • If you have taken SAT multiple times you can share the best scores among all attempts. Besides, you can send different score types among test scores, sectional scores, cross-test scores, and more as per the desired college/school’s SAT score requirements.
  • Check the last date of SAT score submission for the applied college/school.
  • Review your order and select the desired mode of payment. 
  • You can also check if any scores have been automatically sent to any college after your testing date. 

Now, if anyone will ask, how do you send SAT scores to colleges? You can explain these steps to them. Furthermore, clearing SAT will also give you the advantage of earning a scholarship and funding your undergraduate study. You can check out this SAT scholarship guide for reference. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Sending SAT Scores to Colleges

Ques. Should I send my SAT scores? 

Ans. If your SAT scores fall above the 75th percentile, you should submit them to the desired college/school. They will strengthen your application and chances of getting selected for an undergraduate course. 

Ques. What are the SAT fee waivers while sending SAT scores to colleges? 

Ans. SAT fee waivers include the exemption of exam fees with or without essays, the score report sharing fee, college application fees, CSS profile application fee, and others. It can be availed by the international students in US and US citizens in 11th or 12th grade who need financial assistance.

Ques. Can students choose to send only a part of their SAT scores? 

Ans. No. If you are wondering how to submit SAT scores to colleges, you can choose to send or not send your entire SAT score of a particular attempt. However, selecting Math score from one attempt/date and Writing & Language score from another date is not allowed. 

Ques. Is it compulsory to choose “SAT score send” from the College Board only? 

Ans. Yes. The colleges usually require you to share your SAT scores from the College Board website. They don’t accept printouts, copies of scores, or school transcripts with SAT scores. 

Ques. What if I miss the college application deadline for sending SAT scores? 

Ans. Delay in the SAT score is a gamble. The college authorities may or may not judge the late applications. In fact, a few colleges like the University of Texas, Stanford University, and others specify beforehand that the late SAT score applications will not be reviewed, thereby disqualifying the student. 

Ques. How can a student ensure that their SAT score doesn’t get lost?

Ans. A college will surely receive your SAT score report either through SAT registration or a College Board account. It can only get misplaced if you select the wrong college/university name. Therefore, double-check at your end. However, many universities will directly connect with you if something is missing from your application. So stay calm, as you can always resend your SAT scores by reordering them. 

Ques. Is there a correct time to send SAT scores to colleges?

Ans. Yes. It is advised to share your SAT score report 2 weeks before the college deadline. This will give you the time to check your portal and ensure that it has been received. 

Ques. Will the colleges know about all your SAT scores? 

Ans. No. There is no authority through which colleges can check a student’s SAT scores in various attempts. However, a few colleges can ask the candidates to share all their SAT scores according to the attempt dates. 

Ques. How fast is the standard shipping process for sending SAT score reports? 

Ans. SAT scores are sent electronically to the colleges/schools on a rolling basis. The college board usually shares the rush scores on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Non-rush score requests are delivered once every week, mainly on Wednesday. 

Ques. How long does it take to send SAT scores to colleges?

Ans. Depending on your SAT date, you may receive the scores anytime within 2-6 weeks. Then SAT score reports should be sent to the colleges/schools within 10 days from the date you receive them. 

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