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GRE Vocabulary Games: Learn about GRE Word Quiz and Best Games to Improve Vocabulary

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In the age of smartphones, many people today "gamify" ordinary activities ranging from exercising and eating to buying and studying. What is the goal? The goal is to eventually transform dull chores into engaging and thrilling ones with high repeat value. These games are designed to make you love the activity you're doing, even if it's something traditionally tedious, like studying for the GRE. The best games to improve vocabulary are available in different forms to help students understand techniques and prepare for the GRE.

These exam-prep GRE vocabulary games have grown in popularity among aspirants. Because preparing for the GRE can be difficult, if not impossible, to fit into an already-busy schedule, it's no wonder that businesses are attempting to capitalise on GRE verbal practice games. Let us now straightaway make you explore the GRE word quiz, and GRE vocab games!

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Importance of GRE Vocabulary

One of the most significant and vital parts of the GRE is the practising vocabulary section. Scoring good marks in this section and the other two will result in seeking admission to a leading university or institute for a master’s course. Since the test is a slow process, you should begin studying vocabulary well in advance through reliable GRE vocab games. There is a limit to how many words you can properly study at once. Cramming at the last minute will not allow you to master thousands of words. Other important features of this section include:

  • This portion is almost exclusively a vocabulary test; analogies, sentence completion questions, and antonyms assess your comprehension of the words in both the question and the answer choices. 
  • It's also one of the most difficult areas to ace because you either know the terminology or you don't. 
  • GRE Vocabulary is a compilation of advanced terms, around 3500 in number, that you may be able to read or spell readily but whose meanings you may be unaware of. 
  • The GRE prefers to evaluate candidates based on their words with many meanings that can be utilised as distinct parts of speech.

Sentence Equivalence Tips for GRE!

Different Types of Vocabulary Games for GRE 

Let us now know about the best games to improve vocabulary: 

1. GRE Vocab Challenge

GRE Vocab Challenge is an iPhone app created by The Princeton Review that tests users on high-frequency vocab through four unique challenges: an antonyms challenge, a definitions challenge, a synonyms challenge, and a connotations challenge. The game allows you to review answers along with the explanations of words. The definitions, including parts of speech, are fairly detailed, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, connotations, and example sentences.

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2. Quizlet

Quizlet, the leading GRE word quiz game is a free site with thousands of GRE vocabulary decks contributed by users. When looking for a deck, make sure it contains a large number of terms that you are likely to face while appearing for the GRE. If you search for "GRE Kaplan," you can locate good numbers of the deck, which is completely based on Kaplan’s high-frequency vocab lists.

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3. Cram

Cram is one of the best GRE word games online free where users can select a (GRE) vocabulary deck, practise it, and enjoy playing games. Jewels of Wisdom (a matching game) and Stellar Speller are the two games available (a space-based spelling game).

4. Jewels of Wisdom 

Jewels of Wisdom is an entertaining and engaging game in which you must match 15 "jewels" (vocabulary words) to their "inscriptions" (definitions). The faster you complete the game, the higher your score. When you match an inaccurate definition to a word, a lock appears above it, preventing you from matching it for one turn.

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5. Memrise

Memrise is the best vocabulary game app and website that offers interactive practice and flashcards and is frequently praised by the language-learning community. Begin by creating a free account and then searching for GRE vocabulary cards. If you can't locate one, search for the "Standardised Test" section. Most Memrise decks borrow information from prominent test-prep books, so you're usually guaranteed high-frequency GRE vocabulary diversity.

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GRE vocabulary games are a great way to practise that will help you score good marks in the GRE vocabulary section. With GRE word quiz, you will be able to master words with good application of mind-games. You may also try Yocket GRE Prep to access the latest GRE questions to ace your preparation.

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