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GRE Flashcards to Boost your Verbal Skills!

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Planning for GRE?

Wondering what's a good GRE score? What to study for GRE? How to study for GRE? From where to study?

Well there is no doubt that there are many websites and books available for the your GRE preparation but isn’t it confusing. Although, there are tonnes of resources available but it is difficult to decide which one is the best, more reliable for your preparation. Even if you are able to master the Quants section with these resources, the Verbal section is always a struggle for everyone. It’s just too many words to remember, isn’t it?

Don’t worry! We have a solution for you - GRE Flashcards by Yocket  !

Download GRE Flashcards for -

You can kick-start your preparation with our latest feature that will help you learn the words effortlessly and smartly. All you need to do is download the Yocket mobile application (available on android as well as iOS) and get the much needed Verbal boost from our brand new feature - GRE Flashcards. Along with this you can practice your overall skills (Quant+Verbal) needed for scoring the perfect GRE score by our recently launched GRE Prep. Get all in one with Yocket mobile application.


Why GRE Flashcards by Yocket?

The most important and popular GRE words are all packed in five sets:

  1. Essential GRE Words 1
  2. Essential GRE Words 2
  3. Frequent GRE Words
  4. Vocab builder 1
  5. Vocab builder 2

The words are categorized based on various phases that you are in, in your learning process. Choose accordingly and start your journey towards the perfect Verbal score that you are aiming for.

  • As you know, the human brain is more responsive to images than just ordinary text. Imagine the GRE words flashing on your mobile screen with the relevant images to help you memorize them better. And that’s not all, there is more to those words along with the images - there is definition, synonyms and sentences as well that will help you understand the usage of a particular word.
  • With every tap a new word pops up on your mobile screen - scan the image, study the definition, the synonyms and the sentences, learn it well. But what if you already know some of these words, then master them. Track your progress while you become proficient with GRE words.
  • In addition to that, word pronunciation speaker is right next to every word which tells you pronounciation of the word you tap open so knowing the word is not enough, exploit it and put it through in your communication and absolutely sound smart.
  • It is easily accessible. You can learn from it anywhere, anytime and everyday!
  • Most importantly, it is free!

All in all this leads to a rich learning experience which definitely tempts everyone to try GRE Flashcards. Exploit it!

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