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Fund your MS at the top 100 US Universities – collateral free

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Better job. Better pay. Better prospects.

It’s what you’ve been working towards since well, always.

Every step you’ve taken so far has been an investment. Certainly, your education has been. And, it’s not over yet, is it? With your undergrad degree in hand, you’re already hungry for a Masters.

If you’re dreaming of an American MS degree, you’re far from alone. And it’s possible to secure a collateral-free loan to study at one of the top-ranked engineering programmes in the US.


Better still, you can secure a collateral-free loan without asking your parents to co-sign. Prodigy Finance offers loans for international students to attend STEM programmes at top 100 US engineering universities.

I did not understand why I could not get a fair loan despite my good income, excellent credit score, great job prospects, no history of defaults and even reluctantly offering high collateral.”

Vinni Gosain

Stories like Vinni’s are about as familiar as they come. Across the globe, talented individuals apply and are accepted to top international universities, only to discover that was the easy part.

Securing financing has traditionally been the highest hurdle between the dream and the degree.

That’s what the founders of Prodigy Finance discovered when they looked for international student loans. And, with degrees in hand, they set off to solve some of the challenges inherent in the international loan market.

The result of their efforts is a vibrant community working to make international education a reality for those with the desire to seize it.

The Prodigy Finance model

Traditional banks view loans as business transactions. (And, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that; money is the business of any bank.) They work with the figures they can see – what you earn (or what your parents earn), previous loan amounts, and how much collateral you can put against the loan in case of repayment defaults.

What traditional lenders can’t see is the future; their business models aren’t developed that way. They aren’t in the business of making salary predictions. And, even if they were, they’ll hardly have the data needed for every university and degree across the world

Prodigy Finance considers both the past and the future.

Not only have we developed the algorithms to do so (which, incidentally, allows most students to secure a larger loan than they would have otherwise), but we have the support of past graduates who have attended the same programmes, been in the same gut-wrenching, how-will-I-pay-for-this position as you.

And that makes a difference.

The very fact that they believe I me, without collateral gives me confidence that I can do more. Because someone else is believing in me already.” Sampath Chanda

Prodigy Finance offers no co-signer and collateral-free loans

Larger loan sizes based on your future potential are just one facet of the Prodigy Finance model. Another feature relieves the pressure from your family, quite literally. Here’s what you can expect from your Prodigy Finance loan.

  1. You won’t need a co-signer.
    Your loan is based on your potential, and no one else’s. And, you don’t need anyone else to stand beside you. (That doesn’t mean, of course, that you shouldn’t discuss the pros and cons of any loan – or other major decisions – with the people you trust. That’s always a good idea.)

  2. Moreover, Prodigy Finance doesn’t require collateral.

    While this may be normal in your country, it’s not a universal standard for educational loans. And, most international students pursuing an engineering master’s degree aren’t sitting with large properties they can put up against a loan. Instead, the company works with community transparency to ensure loan repayment.

    Basically, your parents are off the hook.

    Apart from the finance which I was expecting from the bank, we were also thinking of putting up property… and some private finance. But, we still wouldn’t have met the full amount…It was really Sandhya who told us about Prodigy Finance. And the first thing she told me was, ‘Mom, you don’t need to be involved in this process…I’ll be able to take of it.” Parents of Sandhya Suresh

    See what Sandhya’s parents have to say about the Prodigy Finance experience in this video.

  3. Prodigy Finance works with a speedy, online process.

    All you need are digital copies of key paperwork (and, of course, the ability to upload them to the Prodigy Finance platform). It takes about 30 minutes to complete the initial application. Within a day, you’ll know the terms of your loan, and within weeks, the entire process can be complete.

    That means you can be holding a Prodigy Finance loan letter (you might know it as a sanction letter) before you know it. You may use this letter to secure your I-20 form from the university. Furthermore, this letter can be used at the visa office as a valid source of funding for your MS. You may also use this letter to secure your I-20 form from your university, which is needed to apply for your American study visa.

    Everything is online. Everything is automated. It’s just convenient and easy for you to get that loan… They would asses me on my marks, previous education, work history and give me an attractive rate without any collateral.” Nilesh Samanta, Prodigy Finance Borrower

    Watch the video here.

Prodigy Finance has provided $480 million in international student loans to over 9900 students. Recent investments of $240 million ensure even more students can get their dream education.

And, it’s not just about education.

While there’s nothing wrong with learning for the sake of it (in fact, it’s quite a good thing), an international Master’s degree is truly an investment. You’re committing to your future prospects. You don’t just want a job; you’re after a career, the power to transform yourself, and better the world around you.

Prodigy Finance has the same expectations; success is critical. Educational financing is only one part of that big picture.

The community development team works with Prodigy Finance-funded students and graduates to make it easy to succeed. They consider the aspects of international education that a bank simply wouldn’t tackle:

  • Securing a cell phone in the US,
  • housing discounts, and
  • support for employment recruitment.

At its core, Prodigy Finance believes that education should not be financially bound; it nurtures the growth of students as they fulfill their aspirations. That’s what I connect with”. Shreyas Nahata, Prodigy Finance Borrower

What do you need to know now?

The first step is to check that your dream engineering program supports Prodigy Finance loans. (There’s a good chance; over 100 engineering universities and programs are on the list.)

There’s no cost and no obligation to apply, but if you’ve got questions, now’s a good time to ask. Meet the Prodigy Finance team at in-person events near you, join the conversation on WhatsApp, or take a look at the FAQs for the answers you need right now.

And, when you’re ready to transform your dream into your future, you can apply for a Prodigy Finance loan online.

Get your overseas education funded. Get a loan quote under 20 mins today!

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