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France Student Visa Interview: Tips to Crack France Student Visa Interview

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A France student visa interview is conducted, as a final step towards your completion of a French student visa application. The interview is of utmost importance, and plays a major role in deciding whether you'll be eligible for studying in France. While preparing for the France student visa interview it is essential to take note that the specialists are not hoping to reject candidates however searching for candidates who might fit the shape or the exclusive expectations continued in the host nation. 

So, keep reading as this blog will tell you all about cracking the student visa interview questions for France and a lot more! 

Table of Contents 

  1. Importance of the French Student Visa
  2. Most Asked Questions in France Student Visa Interview
  3. Tips for Cracking the France Student Visa Interview


Importance of the French Student Visa

Post your online application for the French student visa, you will have to appear for the mandatory France student visa interview. The interview is really crucial as you will be required to convince the consular with your reasons to study in France. The panellists always look for candidates who would fit the mould or suit to the high standards followed in the host country. The normal visa processing time for a French student visa is 3 weeks

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Most asked questions in France Student Visa Interview  

While giving your France student visa interview questions, it is important to be prepared to respond effectively to all of the questions that the interviewer typically asks. This is why we've taken the time to prepare this exhaustive and effective list of potential France interview questions and answers: 


Ques. Introduce yourself. 

A question that is asked in almost all types of interviews. You can prepare 2 to 3 lines on which you greet the person in front of you. Then, express your motivation to pass the interview.

Ans. “Hello, I present myself (your name and first name). I am (your age) years old, I am (you can say what you are currently doing, if you are a student explain what you are studying, if you work or are completing an internship briefly tell your post, what you do there … etc.) I will be happy to answer all your questions”.


Ques. What guided your choice towards French education?

While answering this question with respect to your country of origin, you can highlight several points:

  • The quality of studies in France.
  • The ease of finding a job in your country with a French diploma.
  • The easy business immersion that allows training in France compared to what you have in your country.

Ans. “I opted for France because it is a country which offers quality training, a multitude of advantages for foreign students which is similar to French students, but also because once my training is over I know that in my country of origin it is a diploma which is recognized by the State and by the recruiters, therefore, a fruitful training from all sides”.


Ques. What are your motivations for choosing your training/program?

To anticipate the answer to this question, you must put on paper what is your study project and your professional project.

A professional project can be for example wanting to be a network and information systems architect. Your study project could be in order to do scientific preparatory classes. Or a licence in networks followed by a master/school of the engineer in the field of networks and information systems. So, concretely what you will do as a study that will help you achieve your professional dream.

Ans.  “What motivated me enormously for the choice of his training is that it allows me to perfectly realise what I have traced as a professional project is the perfect study project to become [project manager Marketing, Commercial, Computer Engineer, etc.]”


Ques. What is your professional project?

This is definitely a highly asked question during a France student visa interview.

When you are brought up to tackle this subject, you need above all 3 ingredients that we consider essential:

  • Motivation, having a passion for what you want to do.
  • Know exactly what you want to do (that said, you want to work in which sector of activity, an exercise which profession, etc.)
  • And of course the consistency of what you do as a choice of training/program (study project) with this professional project.

Ans. “My short-term professional project is to integrate a company as a network and information systems engineer. In the medium term, I plan to move to the position of architect”.

You can adapt your examples according to what you do. But above all, make sure that it aligns with your choice of training and your study project. 


Ques. Why did you choose this study project/program?

The study project as we may have talked about in the last few questions is the study trajectory or your choice of training.

Ans. “I chose the training in network systems and information security because I would like to be an architect in information systems security, this study project will allow me to receive complete training which will assure me the realisation of my professional project”.


Ques. Why did you get bad marks in a given year/semester?

Ans. “Getting bad or even good grades is part of the normal student curriculum for all students at all levels. The management of studies, like anything else in life, is a management that is sometimes meant as a priority. From the start, one of my first goals was to focus on the subjects that make up the heart of my job, which you can also notice on my notes”.


Ques. Are you aware about the annual cost of living in Paris?

The tuition fee in Paris ranges from 4,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR on an average per year. You can speak about your university/school’s tuition fee, and the estimated cost of living in France, on a rough basis. 

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Tips for Cracking the France Student Visa Interview

Acing student interview questions for France can definitely be a big win, if you are aiming to study in France. Here are some tips which will help you crack your France student visa interview questions: 

  • Be calm, composed, and articulate.
  • Breathe and stay relaxed.
  • Give precise and comprehensive answers.
  • Answer all questions truthfully to the best of your knowledge.
  • Smile and take every question positively.
  • Be honest and don’t answer more than what is necessary – talk to the point.

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You can easily crack the France student visa interview, provided you are aware of your surroundings, studies and France as a country. It is also really essential to be confident, and answer all questions politely. And you will find yourself acing the France student visa interview!

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