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Finalizing US University from Multiple Admits: Find Out the Factors to Consider

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US in-takes usually happens in January, September, or May. Once you have applied to your short-listed Universities in the US. The knuckle-cracking anxious wait begins. However, you can expect the university to respond to you in a month or a few months. For instance, if you began applying to universities by December, you can expect a response by mid-February and can keep coming in until mid-May.

Finalizing Universities: Selecting the Best U.S. University

In case you’re accepted in multiple universities, picking the best one for you can get overwhelming. So, how do you choose which university is the best for you? Especially if the ones you’ve got selected hold the same ranking as the others.

  1.  Pros and Cons of the Universities:

To make your decision of choosing among the universities you’ve been selected in, start with making a pro-con list. The pro-con list must list out factual differences between each of them. List the differences of the university costs, lifestyle, opportunities, courses etc.

  1.  Courses:

Compare the courses, experiences, and the syllabus of each course. Make sure that the course you choose aligns with your ambitions, goals, and interests.

  1.  Interact With Alumni:

Another way to pick a university is by talking to the alumni of the colleges. University pass-outs engage in healthy discussions to guide others. They let you in on helpful insights, experiences, and opportunities that helped them achieve success. An interaction with someone who has been-there-done-that is the best person to talk to in this matter. 


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  1.  Join the Yocket community:

As mentioned above, the best way to find answers to your queries is by talking to peers abroad. To get in touch with students abroad, join the largest international student community of Yocket. Students all over the world are on Yocket and can help you make your decision at ease.

  1.  F-1 Visa:

In the course of your university acceptance, your visa plays an important role. Therefore, be mindful to check if the university you have been accepted to has attached an ‘I-20’ form along with your acceptance letter. This university document signifies to the US government that you’re eligible for an F-1 visa.

  • You should receive this document via post within 3-4 weeks of your admit. Holding this document makes you eligible for a student F-1 visa.

Note: Some universities might also offer you the ‘I-20’ form only after you’ve provided an Affidavit, Bank Statement, Financial support, etc. for verification

  1.  Scholarships:

Enquiring further, you can check with the scholarships offered by the various colleges you’ve been accepted to. If you’re eligible for scholarships, it will ease your study abroad expenses. 

  1.  Internships and job opportunities:

Apart from the academic considerations, having a far sight about your career is important. Learning about the internships and the job opportunities you can opt for will help you determine your future path. This will clear your confusion as you will be able to visualize your future prospects. Pick the university that will teach you the skills you wish to learn.   

  1.  Other lifestyle factors:

In addition to the above factors, also consider looking upon the weather, lifestyle, weekly/monthly expense, faculty, learning, social and cultural life etc. Your environment and social life play a vital role in a student’s life. To wholly enjoy your student life experience, embrace your environment. Analyse all the adjustment factors of the place you will be living in.

Picking your university gets you one step closer to pursuing your dreams. Therefore, choose a university that allows you to live the life you envisioned. Your exciting study abroad journey begins now. So, get on the ride and have fun!

In case of a hitch, get in touch with a Yocket professional to help you out.

All the best!

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