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Best Fashion Design Courses in Canada: Find Top 5 Fashion Colleges in Canada

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Did you know that our favorite clothing styles—sweatshirts, leggings, and winter boots-were created in Canada? While you are aware of the multicultural diversity, Canada is also well-known for its variety of fashion trends. Today Canada is home to the most versatile fashion designers globally, Mikhael Kale, Greta Constantine, etc. 

Thus, with such fashion experts present in this country, pursuing fashion design courses in Canada is a wise decision. Today, high-end retailers and top brands are investing in Canadian fashion due to the country's diversity and talent. Thus, if you’re looking to develop the right fashion skills and knowledge, studying at the best fashion schools in Canada will benefit you.

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Why Study Fashion Designing Courses In Canada?

Before we can reveal the best fashion colleges in Canada, let’s learn why this country is the ideal student destination to pursue this course:

  • Multiple fashion hubs: Canada is home to numerous fashion hubs, including Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton. Hamilton has been ranked the fifth most extensive body of fashion business in Canada. On the other hand, Toronto has been considered the capital of fashion and technology by fashion experts. 
  • Growth of the fashion industry: Canada is gaining massive support from every celebrity and retailer across the globe. Canadian designers, from Meghan Markle to Mrs. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau,. Due to the fashion week hosted in the country, multiple designers and retailers are exploring and investing in the Canadian fashion market. Studying at the top fashion colleges in Canada can give you exposure to and knowledge of the fashion trends being incorporated. 
  • QS-ranked fashion institutes: There are more than 3+ fashion design universities in Canada that are ranked under QS World University Rankings for Art & Design 2024. 

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Overview Of Diploma in Fashion Designing In Canada

There are currently multiple diplomas in fashion design in Canada available for international students. While the normal degrees in fashion design are available, international students also prefer to pursue the former course studies. 

Here is an overview of the diploma in fashion design in Canada:

Types of Educational Institutions

Public and Private Universities/Colleges

Course Duration

1.5- 2 years or 18 months

Programs Offered

Diploma in fashion marketing, Diploma in fashion design, Diploma in fashion design and production, Diploma in fashion studies

Average Annual Tuition Fees

15,360 CAD - 49,500 CAD (INR 948,000–30,57,000) - 30,57,000)/ Based on years or program costs

Subject Topic Covered

History of Fashion, Brand Marketing, Textile Fundamentals, Fashion production, Pattern grading, Precision drawing, Business skills, Sketching, Pattern making, etc.

Eligibility Criteria To Pursue Fashion Designing In Canada

To pursue fashion design courses in Canada for international students, there are a set of eligibility criteria that need to be met. While these criteria vary by university and study level, this is the standard procedure for all.

  • Official Academic Transcripts
  • Essay
  • English language proficiency
  • Reference Letter
  • Work Samples

Official Academic Transcripts

International students need to submit all official transcripts of their academics. For instance, students applying for a bachelor's program in fashion need to submit relevant scores in fashion subjects or equivalent. For a master's in fashion, students need to submit a bachelor's degree in fashion or equivalent. 


Most universities ask for this, especially when applying to Masters and Ph.D. programs. An essay is written to help the university understand why you are interested in this subject and why you should pursue it. It enables the experts there to understand your interests in the field better. 

English language proficiency

International students need to pass an English proficiency test if they study a subject whose language of instruction is English. The exams allowed are IELTS, TOEFL iBt or paper-based, CAEL, PTE, etc. The scores differ based on the study level. For instance, for IELTS, bachelor studies require a minimum of 6.5, but for Masters, it is a 7. 

Reference Letter

A reference letter is required when applying for any program abroad. This academic letter aims to get two or three people to vouch for your academics or work experience.

Work Samples

Multiple universities in Canada accept work samples for two reasons: to consider your application in cases of low scores and to witness your work in specific fields, such as, in this case, fashion.

Admission Requirements To Apply For Fashion Designing In Canada

Here is the admission process when applying to fashion schools in Canada:

  • Identify which college or university offers fashion design courses in Canada. View the course description, tuition fees, and application details to decide. 
  • Visit the fashion colleges on Canada's official website. Learn about the entry requirements, university application requirements, and what exams you need to take as part of the application process.
  • Collect and submit all the necessary documents before the application deadline. Attend an interview if scheduled by the college/university.
  • Once accepted/confirmed, start arranging funds and applying for the Canadian student visa.

Documents Required When Applying For Fashion Designer Course In Canada

When you submit your application to the top fashion schools in Canada, a set of documents must be submitted. Irrespective of the study level you choose, these are the standard documents that are required:

5 Best Fashion Designing Colleges In Canada

Whether you're pursuing a PG diploma in fashion design in Canada or a normal degree, Canada is home to multiple fashion design colleges. We have covered the top 5 colleges/universities that offer multiple types of fashion designer courses in Canada.

Concordia University

Studying fashion design courses in Canada has its perks, especially at Concordia University. They help students understand the true knowledge of fashion in all aspects and apply it in the practical approach they indulge in. 


Public University

QS World University Rankings 2024


QS World University Rankings- Art & Design 2024


Programs Offered

BFA Design, MDes Design

Average Tuition Fees

11,850 - 20,751 CAD (INR 732,000 - INR 12,82,000) (based on credits)

LaSalle University

LaSalle University is another popular hub to pursue fashion courses due to the range of programs they offer in this field. The university focuses on helping students develop creative thinking with a blend of theory and practice.


Private University

Programs Offered

BA Hons in Fashion design and textile, Fashion Media, and industries, MA Design,

Average Tuition Fees

14,771- 99,000 CAD (INR 912,000 - INR 61,16,000) ( based on credit)

Ryerson University

Ryerson University is another popular name for pursuing fashion courses in Canada. This university has been ranked as the best fashion school globally. The fashion tutors here have excellent fashion knowledge as a few are designers. 


Public University

QS World University Rankings- Art & Design 2024


Programs Offered

BDes Fashion, Bachelor of Design, MA in Fashion

Average Tuition Fees

28,169 CAD - 30,506 CAD (INR 17,40,000 - INR 18,84,000)  /year

George Brown College

George Brown College offers great diploma courses in the fashion field. From fashion engagement to engagement, the university covers a range of skills, such as entrepreneurship, etc., that can help fashion students work well in the current fashion market.


Public College

Programs Offered

Diploma in fashion business industry, fashion management, fashion techniques, & design, PG in apparel technical design, international fashion management, sustainable fashion production

Average Tuition Fees

15,190- 15,480 CAD (INR 9,38,000 - INR 9,56,000)/ for two semesters

York University

York University focuses on helping students learn the art of fashion while restoring a better human connection in their designs. The course aims to help students explore and expand their knowledge about fashion.


Public University

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Design, MDes in Design

Average Tuition Fees

12,284- 29,328 CAD (INR 7,58,000 - INR 18,12,000)  /year

Cost Of Studying In Fashion Schools In Canada

There is a broader choice regarding choosing the best fashion design colleges in Canada. These costs differ based on the study level you select. However, apart from understanding fashion design courses in Canada fees, the cost of living is another factor you need to consider.

Tuition Fees

The fashion designing courses in Canada fees vary based on the level of study you choose and the university style of tuition fees listed:

Bachelor in Fashion Designing

11,850- 99,000 CAD (INR 732,000 - INR 61,16,000) / based on either credit, semester, or per year

Master in Fashion Designing

15,500-28,000 CAD (INR 957,000 - INR 17,30,000)  /year

Diploma in Fashion Designing

15,360- 49,500 CAD (INR 9,49,000 - INR 30,58,000) / based on credit, program fee, or per year

Note: The tuition fee listed here are written on an average basis. It is better to check the university's official tuition fee website to capture the exact tuition fee for the chosen study level. 

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Canada ranges between 15,000- 20,000 CAD a month. The expenses are primarily on accommodation, food, and your costs. 

Career Opportunities After Fashion Designer Course In Canada

After graduating from Canadian fashion designing college, there is a range of career opportunities you can enter into. Based on the experience, the salary for these careers will increase accordingly. 

Here is an overview of the popular job profiles and average salary expectations:

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

Textile Designer

42,729 CAD (INR 26,40,000)

Design Director

93,500 CAD (INR 57,76,000) 

Art Director

65,539 CAD (INR 40,49,000) 

Fashion stylist

42, 494 CAD (INR 26,25,000) 

Retail Merchandiser

44,660 CAD (INR 27,59,000) 

From the Desk of Yocket

From top designers to celebrities, Canada is picking up the pace to become the next big country for fashion. Today international investors are indulging in partnerships with designers in Canada and opening a broader market for this country. With the Canadian market demand increasing its growth, pursuing fashion design in Canada is a wise investment. 

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