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Best F1 Student Visa Experience | Visa Interview Questions & Answers

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USA student visa interview questions vary from consulate to consulate but the way of tackling them is the same - confidence, patience, presence of mind and right body language.

Profile Details:

University: University of Houston
Course: MS in Computer Science

Hyderabad Consulate
Date: May 2018
Status: Approved
Counter No: 33

Visa Interview Experience:

My passport and i-20 were handed over to VO by a volunteer itself.

ME: Good Morning Sir.
VO: Good Morning, How are you?
I’m good. How are you?

VO: I’m good. So have you been to USA before? (Was expecting this question for sure.)
Yes sir, way back in 2012, to attend a family function (I was like shit, I mentioned the term ‘family’, luckily did not ask anything further), I went for a month.

VO: Did you go with your parents? Has the Visa expired? When did it expire, if yes?
Sir I went with my mother, and yeah my visa has expired really long time back so I don’t remember exactly when it expired. (I was shitting myself here, did not remember when it expired.)
(Types something for 20 seconds)

VO: So you will be pursuing Masters in US?
Yes sir.

VO: Okay, who are your sponsors? What do they do?
My parents are sponsors, and I have a 30L education loan sanctioned additionally, dad realtor and mother housewife.

VO: What is your dad’s income and how much are the savings?
My dad’s income 5L sir (was skeptical here, because of low income so added about mother too) mother has 5L income and hence a combined amount of 10L.

VO: Do you have any siblings?
Yes sir an elder brother, working in Hyderabad itself.

VO: When did you pass out?
I’ll finish my undergrad this year.

VO: Did you write your final exams then? How much are you expecting you Percentage?
Yes Sir I have, and recently received my results too, I’m expecting 72% sir.

VO: Have you written GRE or any other exam? If yes, what’s your score?
Yes sir I have, 303.

VO: Do you have your loan sanction letter, may I see it?
Yeah (passed the document.)

VO: Are you waiting for any other admits/decisions?
No sir, I applied to 6 and received admits from all the 6 universities.

VO: So Houston is your first preference right, what was your second preference?
RIT was my second preference sir.

VO: Wow RIT? That’s a good one, why not that?
RIT does have a better reputation, but I couldn’t receive any financial aid i.e. scholarship so had to look at all options and hence Houston was best fit.

VO: How much is RIT’s 1st year fee? (Was shocked that this was asked too.)
Sir it’s roughly around 48K dollars for the 1st year.
(Types something for 20 seconds)

VO: Visa Approved, good (yeah that’s what I heard, couldn’t hear what he said at all)
I’m sorry sir I couldn’t hear you.

VO: (Looks straight into my eyes) your visa is approved sir, good luck.
Thank you so much, have a good day sir.
(Handed me the I-20 and took the passport)

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