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Enjoy America!

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Tell your friends to get ready for your epic Instagram posts once you get to America.

As soon as you arrive, your feed will begin to fill up with photos of new friends from diverse backgrounds, perhaps a road trip to the Grand Canyon and, if you’re lucky, maybe even some real life cowboys (they do exist). Your account will also fill with photos that include your future school’s colors, whether you’re supporting its American football team at a home game (and trying to figure out the rules) or just staying warm in a school sweatshirt while you study in the library late into the night.

Whenever they check your account, your friends will see your life brimming with all the possibility America has to offer: the wild parties, the close, new friends and the hard work that goes into finding success in your adopted home. What they won’t see is what it took to get there.

Preparing yourself for success in campus life and beyond starts with figuring out some key components of American life including credit cards, smartphones, health and renter’s insurance and maybe even a student loan.

SelfScore – your passport to your American financial life.

You’ve probably heard that America is a cashless society, which runs largely on credit. You’ll need to start building up your credit history as soon as you arrive to ensure that you have access to all America has to offer without paying extra fees or dealing with unnecessary hassles.

By assessing your financial credibility through an innovative platform, SelfScore gives you access to a credit card even though you have no credit history. It also helps you set up your U.S. smartphone contract while waiving the $500 typically charged to international students in America and gives you exclusive access to health and renter’s insurance deals.

Start your journey off right by getting your credit, smartphone, and insurance in order so that you’re able to begin exploring all America has to offer the day you arrive. Your friends and family back home will be counting on you and your photos.

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