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Colleges in Ottawa: 6 Best Colleges in Ottawa for International Students

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Ottawa has everything a great city should have: a bustling arts scene and some of the best local food and drink in the country. However, the city also has the kind of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and charm that many major cities lack. Bike paths, jogging paths, walking paths, and blading paths are woven into the fabric of Ottawa's urban centre; the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, runs through the city; and there are magnificent green spaces strewn throughout.

Moreover the city offers high-quality education and rational tuition fees for international students. So, if you’re looking forward to study in Canada, here, in this blog we have mentioned a list of colleges in Ottawa Canada for international students that you can go through and make a wise decision according to your interest.

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 Top 6 Colleges in Ottawa Canada

There are public and private colleges in Ottawa that offer the best quality fluent education, both in French and English. The following Ottawa colleges for international students are:

  1. Augustine College
  2. Herzing College
  3. Algonquin College
  4. Ottawa Ladies College
  5. Willis College
  6. La Cité Collège

So, these are some of the top colleges located in Ottawa, Canada for international students to pursue any course. Let’s discuss it in detail:

1.  Augustine College

Augustine College is a private Christian liberal arts college in Ottawa, Ontario. This college bids two semester long programs attentive on the histories of science, humanities in late, classical antiquity and in the modern era. This college does not operate under a provisional or territorial.

Type of College


Application Deadline

17 March 2023

Tuition Fees

Per credit hour: 488.00 CAD (29767.45 INR)

Full time (2 semester per year): 11,720.00 CAD

(714906.84 INR)

Courses Offered

Literature the ancient world, history the ancient world, Beginning Latin, Philosophy the modern world, Art the modern world, Reading the scriptures, Music in Western Culture, Science Medicine & faith the modern world

Admission Requirements

Completion of high school or GED (Distance GED not acceptable)

A minimum age of seventeen years

Official college transcript showing at least 24 transferable semester credit hours

2.  Herzing College

Herzing College is on the east end of Ottawa in the St. Laurent shopping centre. The college is well known for delivering career focused, convenient and high-quality education that advance student success both academically and professionally. The college provides undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields and also tuition fees are low and affordable for international students.

Type of College


Application deadline

01 Jan 2023

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate courses: 16,043 CAD (978604.98 INR)  per year (excluding textbooks)

Courses Offered

Healthcare, Business and Technology

Admission Requirements

A high school graduate degree with an average score from a recognized university.

A minimum of 6.0 in IELTS is necessary for all international students

A score of 173 in TOEFL (CBT)

A score of 500 in TOEFL (PBT)

3.  Algonquin College

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is an open institute that is connected with the Canadian Bureau for International Association, Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association, and Polytechnics Canada. The institute offers undergraduate degree programs and postgraduate degree programs. Presently, the college has an overall population of 19,957, with over 4,000 international students addressing from more than 130 countries.

Type of College


Application Deadline

April 23, 2023

Tuition Fees

16,200 - 23,000 CAD/ year

(988181.80 - 1402974.16 INR)

Courses Offered

Hospitality & Tourism Management, Information Technology, Commerce, Nursing, Interior Design, Building Science and Public Safety

Admission Requirements

TOEFL iBT score of 80-88 or an IELTS Score of 6.0- 6.5 based on the course

4.  Ottawa Ladies College

The Ottawa Ladies College was denoted as a non-denominational educational institute that provides best quality education to women. It is among the best colleges in Ottawa Canada for international students. The primary aim of college was to offer education to women in different subjects with grade levels 1 to post- secondary.

Type of College


Application Deadline

May 15, 2023

Tuition fees

Undergraduate courses: 7,300 – 10,700 CAD per year (445291.80 -652687.98 INR)

Postgraduate courses: 8,000- 15,500 CAD per year (Excluding textbooks)

(487991.01- 945482.59 INR)

Courses Offered

Science, Mathematics, handicrafts, athletics, household arts (needlework, cooking and sewing)

Admission Requirements

Higher Secondary School Certificate

Language proficiency test in English or French

5.  Willis College

The Willis College is among the best Ottawa colleges for international students, which provide company-led business, technology and healthcare programs and diplomas. It helps students to gain professional knowledge and experience required to succeed. It is the most affordable college for international students in Ottawa.

Type of College


Application Deadline

31 Aug 2023

Tuition fees

16,200 – 22,000 CAD/year

(988181.80 -1341975.29 INR)

Courses Offered

Health Sciences, Technology and Business Administration

Admission Requirements

Minimum score of TOEFL: 500 PBT, 74-76 iBT, 185 CBT

TOEIC: 775

Overall score of 5.0 in IELTS

Cambridge: CPC or CAE band of 5.5

6.  La Cité Collège

La Cité Collège is the largest French-language college of applied arts and technology in Ontario, Ottawa. It offers more than 90 post-secondary programs, many of which are limited to college and exceptional in Canada. Most programs are 1-, 2- or 3-year courses with combined internships. The college provides French-language distance education courses in autism and behavioural science, human resources management, early childhood education, palliative care and multimedia webmaster - programming, among other courses.

Type of College


Application Deadline

1st May 2023

Tuition fees

13,000 - 18,000 CAD/ per year (792985.40 - 1097979.78 INR)

(Undergraduate & Post- graduate courses)

Courses Offered

Human Resources Management, Palliative Care – Multidisciplinary, Webmaster – Multimedia, Autism and Behavioural Science etc.

Admission Requirements

Strong Academic Record from a recognized university or college.

English Language Proficiency Scores

Letter of Recommendation for full time students

Universities in Ottawa

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As international students arrive to create their careers, Ottawa caters to their needs and interests. Ottawa has long been a popular student destination because it provides a wealth of amenities, ranging from a vibrant social scene to high-quality education. You now have all of the information you need to select the best institutions for international students in Toronto. Consult a Yocket counsellor immediately if you would like expert advice on the subject.

Frequently asked Questions about Colleges in Ottawa

Ques. Is Ottawa a good place to live for international students?

Ans. Yes, Ottawa is the best city for students who are willing to study in Canada. The city offers a high quality of education and many other places for students to explore their journey in Ottawa.

 Ques. Are colleges in Canada free for international students?

Ans. No, the colleges in Canada do not offer free education to international students. However, there is an option for full tuition scholarship or fully funded scholarship that students can avail to study without paying tuition fees.

Ques. What are some affordable Ottawa colleges and universities?

Ans. Some affordable Ottawa colleges and universities are:

  • Willis college
  • University of Ottawa
  • Saint Paul University
  • Ottawa Ladies College
  • Algonquin college and many others.

Ques. Is Ottawa a cheaper city to accommodate?

Ans. Yes, it is less expensive as compared to other cities in Canada. If you buy a home in central Ottawa, it is 54% cheaper and if you search outside the central area; it is 65% cheaper.

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