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PTE Exam Books & Study Materials: Find Out the 5 Best PTE Exam Books & Study Materials

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Acing an exam like the PTE Academic requires the identification of the effective practice material to enhance the preparation strategy. As a result, the natural questions that the test-takers come across are: What are the best PTE exam books for preparation? Or Which are the best PTE study material and resources?

Getting the right resources will help you get a grasp of the PTE test pattern & syllabus. And also, will help develop an understanding for the types of questions and the difficulty that the exam will test for. More importantly, effective usage of the right PTE study material will help ensure that you are at the requisite skill-level to crack the PTE Academic.

PTE Exam Books:

Quite naturally test-takers get lost in the search for the optimum PTE practice materials. The following is a list of the best 5 PTE study materials and resources, and how to use them to crack the PTE exam:

  1.  The Official Guide to PTE Academic

This is a study resource prepared by the official PTE Pearson test body and it covers all the four sections end-to-end. It highlights the complete guidelines for the PTE test. Thus, helping you understand the PTE exam inside out.

For preparation, it consists of well-structured test papers as well as written mock exams. Also, the scoring key, and format of scoring are provided. A CD of 200 plus practice test exam papers and has an answer key for every test paper is provided along with the book, to further enhance your preparation.

The official guide will help to identify which sections are troubling you the most and thus, wherein you will need further improve the performance. Noting down difficult questions where mistakes are made and then re-solving the same question types is far more helpful than hoarding and partially using other PTE exam books.

  1.  PTE Academic Practice Test Plus Volumes 1 and 2

PTE Academic Practice Test Plus, which comes in two volumes, is regarded as one of the most important PTE exam books. This resource comes along with recorded PTE speaking tests and also PTE listening tests.

The volumes 1 and 2 both have practice tests, of which it is recommended to attempt at least three prior to giving the final examination. Analyzing weaknesses and trends from each mock test will provide you the necessary intelligence to correct the mistakes and achieve that desired overall score.

  1.  Wiley’s PTE Advantage for The Academic Module (WIND)

This one is a standard guidebook formatted similar to the Official Guide to PTE Academic. It comes along with an exhaustive repository of tips, strategies, examples, practice exercises, answers and explanations. This can be used as a supplementary resource along with the Official Guide

  1.  PTE Academic 79 Plus

This book has been written by Pearson and is written with the aim of helping test-takers to maximize their PTE score. It is recommended to use this guide as a final revision toolkit before cracking the PTE exam.

In addition, if you are someone who has scored well in the mock test and doesn’t have much time before the test, then this resource would be an effective PTE study material.

  1.  PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2021

Similar to the books such as Word Power Made Easy, this book is intended to help enhance the vocabulary for the PTE exam. This is recommended as a PTE study material only if you are someone who isn’t well versed with the language and isn’t much of a reader. So, if you are looking to enhance your PTE vocabulary, you can start going through the words in small lots, noting down the new ones and mapping it to its usage.

Although there is no dearth of PTE study material, cracking the examination ultimately depends on your ability to absorb, assimilate and master the content from a few. The trick to clearing any examination or acing PTE exam preparation is to ensure that you are well practiced for the examination itself through tests and clearing out recurring errors through intelligent usage of resources such as the ones listed in this article.

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