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Application Requirements for Canadian Universities

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Application process to Canadian universities can be very confusing. These simple steps by Yocket can be a handy checklist for the college application process.These cover the basic requirements needed while applying. Some universities or courses may need you to submit additional materials, essays, etc. whereas some may need less than this list. You can check the requirements on the pages of the course.

Before starting the application process, you must thoroughly research the universities and courses that you want to apply to because you will be paying a non-refundable application fee of about CAD$100 while applying.

Application Requirements for Canadian Universities

There are documents that need you need to submit to the university you are trying to apply to. Most of these will have to be uploaded to an application portal.

1. Minimum Education Equivalence or Marks:

If you are applying from India, you need to have completed a total of 16 years of education before your masters in Canada. If you did a three-year undergrad, you may have to take up a 1 year Post-grad diploma from India before applying. One may also find a list of Canadian Universities that accept three-year grad.

2. University Transcripts:

If you have finished your degree, you can request your college to offer you a transcript of your degree that includes your overall performance, your marks, your curriculum, etc. You should get the form and all the relevant information from your college admin office. In case you haven’t finished your final exams, you will be given an interim transcript for your foreign university application. However, if you get an admit, you will have to submit the final transcripts. 

3. Copy of your university degree:

If you have been given one. If not, then any proof that you have graduated is acceptable. If you’re in your penultimate year of study, you need not worry about this. However, it is good to mention that somewhere in your profile.

4. English Language Requirements:

One may appear for TOEFL or IELTS but without any doubt, IELTS is the most preferred English language proficiency test in Canadian Universities. The score should be a minimum of 6.5 overall IELTS band with at least 6 minimum bands in each. The higher, the better. Similarly, for TOEFL, the general criteria is at least 90 overall, with minimum 20 in each section.

5. Statement of Purpose, CV and Letters of Recommendation:

These documents play an important role your university application process. Refer our SOP writing tips for information on how to write a good SOP and how to draft LOR.

6. GRE or GMAT:

You may wonder- Is GRE required for Canadian universities? Well, if you are applying for MS in Engineering in Canada and aiming for one of the top universities, then you may most likely have to submit a good GRE score. For MBA, you give GMAT. There is no expected score mentioned by any university but some university course pages give you an average of the scores of previous years’ applicants. You may refer to those.

These are just the most basic requirements. Different courses have different requirements and they’re all mentioned on their respective course pages. You should definitely do a lot of research on your courses and universities before applying, and this includes making note of all the requirements needed at the time of application.

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