Washington State University, Tri-Cities

Washington State University, Tri-Cities

Washington, United States | Public


In 1989, Washing State University Tri-Cities was set up under Washington State University as one of the three campuses in that region. In WSU Tri Cities, 7 doctoral degrees, 14 master’s and 17 baccalaureate programs are available and in 2007, it became a pure four-year public university after freshman and sophomore courses were added.
This is a relatively new campus compared to the main one which is located in Pulman. In 2016, the Washington State University’s ranking has been 140 under the best National Colleges. In 2011, WSU Tri-Cities granted degrees to 487 students making it the largest class since it the campus was established.



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This urban campus is located in northern Richland, Washington alongside the Columbia river. The campus has an adjacent bike path which goes after the Columbia river and joins nearby parks in Richland.


After a discussion between the university chancellor and the state governor, it was decided that research laboratories, conference rooms, research-teaching winery and a 3000 plus bottle wine library will be constructed within the campus. The Tri-Cities campus stands out in this aspect since it is the only institution in the entire Pacific West which gives so much importance to the wine business management program.

Residing Options

Presently this particular campus offers no housing to its students but for the future, the university has planned to build student only apartments near the campus. Also, there is no system to travel by bus which creates commuter issues for some students.


WSU Tri-Cities believes that the strength of an institution is dependent on its faculty members and academic programs. This institution believes in an alternative approach towards education and gives immense importance to team work. Apart from that, the professors expect their students to be sincere towards their studies and it is normal for a student to engage himself/herself in a rigorous amount of coursework with tons of assignments and strict deadlines.
The professors are really friendly and genuine here. They are willing to help any student who has doubts and queries regarding the particular course. Also, many tend to help students after office hours and make sure that they understand what’s being taught in class. The number of students here being relatively small compared to other universities, the attention bestowed upon each student proves to be effective.

Jobs and placements

The placement cell in this campus assists the students to move to the next level after graduation. Assistance for enrolling in Graduate Schools, Professional Schools or any particular career deemed suitable for the student is available here. Various firms and employers collaborate with this campus and offer internships and other kinds of training to the students.
The Career Development Office here provides one-on-one career advice to any interested student. This facility can be availed by even the near term alumnus of the institution. Apart from career guidance, the students will be taught on how to enhance their resumes and cover letters. Beside that, they will also be prepared on how to face the board of interviewers.

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