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Officially incorporated in 1907, the University of Redlands was founded by Jasper Newton Field with the aim to usher in growth and innovation. University of Redlands’ first classes commenced in 1909 with 10 courses, 59 students, and 9 faculty members. At present, the University has more than 2400 students from over 43 countries globally and teaches more than 40 programmes, ranging from arts to chemistry. 

Today, the University of Redlands has 8 regional campuses, located in Redlands, Burbank, Marin, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Diego, South Coast Metro, and Temecula, apart from community colleges throughout Southern California. The University strives to offer limitless opportunities and give personalised attention to its students with accessible faculty and small class sizes.

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Redlands, Temecula

The University of Redlands offers a plethora of courses for both American and international students to study there. Some of the major reasons are:

  • It is highly accessible with more than 90% of students receiving economic assistance, ranging from merit-based scholarships to financial aid.
  • It offers personalised education and accessible faculty with a student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1.
  • It was ranked #12 in Best Regional University in the West in 2021-22, nurturing 24 Fulbright students over the last 13 years. 


Cost of Studying at University of Redlands, Temecula

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Admissions at The University of Redlands, Temecula

How to Apply at University of Redlands, Temecula

University of Redlands applications are required to be submitted online with the relevant documentary proofs within the specified timeline to be eligible for admission. Like all universities, the University of Redlands also requires applicants to submit their applications online along with specified documents within the stated timeline. 

  • Students can apply online through the Commons Application website along with the specified documents. 
  • The UG regular admission deadlines for students are Fall (January 15th) and Spring (November 1st).
  • The University of Redlands  application fee is a non-refundable deposit of 50 USD (3820 INR).

Documents Required to Apply to University of Redlands, Temecula

Students are required to upload all the specified documents, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other supplemental information, with the Common Application or send them directly to the Office of Admissions. Some of the documents as per the University of Redlands requirements include:

  • Official transcripts from all secondary schools.
  • Personal essays.
  • Letters of Recommendation from teacher and guidance counsellor.
  • SAT or ACT scores.
  • Responses to the University of Redlands specific questions.
  • English proficiency test scores.
  • Application fee of 50 USD (3820 INR).
  • A certificate of finance.

Exams Accepted By University of Redlands, Temecula

The following standardized graduate tests along with English Proficiency tests are required as per University of Redlands admission requirements for international students.

Tests (For both UG and PG)

Minimum Score

SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing)


ACT (English and Reading Sections)



  • 80 (for iBT)
  • 550 (for paper-based)





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Alumni at University of Redlands, Temecula

The University of Redlands has over 50,000 alumni members all over the globe with the alumni association having a strong social media presence and hosting several events periodically. Some notable RU alumni are David Boies, Gerald Albright, Greta N. Morris, and Jack Spicer.

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Reviews for University of Redlands, Temecula

Campus life

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Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

The most common type of transport in Temecula is single-driving private automobiles, though Temecula's Public Traffic/Safety Commission and City Council are actively working to provide alternate sources of public transportation. A proposed high-speed train system is being set up which will connect all major Californian cities. Other common transport systems are carpooling and Dial-A-Ride services for senior citizens and those with disability. 

Services offered by the university

With a team of customer service-oriented professionals in Facilities Management, the University of Redlands offers a plethora of amenities and study programmes, such as -

  • Academic Success Skill Resources.
  • College Success Strategies Course (SSRV 154).
  • Heating and air conditioning (HVAC) services.
  • Academic Success Coaching.
  • Management of campus utilities (water, electricity, and gas).
  • Peer Mentoring.
  • Subject and Writing Tutoring.
  • Academic Probation Program.

Student life at University of Redlands, Temecula

A wide range of on-campus and outdoor activities are available, along with several student organisations and activity councils for all University of Redlands attendees. Some of the major aspects of student life include -

  • More than 120 student organisations and clubs, concentrating on student leadership to Greek life.
  • Students can volunteer for community service actively curated by the Office of Community Service Learning (CSL), providing over 100,000 hours of service outreach each year.
  • Excellent intercollegiate athletics opportunities with both men’s and women’s teams vie for national opportunities in NCAA Division lll and compete for conference championships in the SCIAC.
  • Social Affairs Programming Board and ASUR Student Government opportunities.

On campus accomodation at University of Redlands, Temecula

The main campus of the University of Redlands has 3 student residence halls, namely Anderson Hall, East Hall, and Williams Hall. The University of Redlands requires all students to live on campus, with those aged between 16 and 23 given priority. Students can select their rooms through the MyRedlands Housing portal, with those seeking accommodation due to medical/physical/psychological needs having to complete an Accommodation Request with Academic Success and Disability Services.

The Anderson Hall is the largest residence hall on-campus housing 200 students from a variety of majors, with a wing reserved for sophomores and juniors. The air-conditioned double and triple occupancy rooms of the East Hall and Williams Hall house 250 first-year students in total.

  • The air-conditioned halls cost between 3,413 USD and 5,974 USD, while the non-air-conditioned ones cost around 3,243 USD to 5,688 USD
  • The single apartment-style accommodations cost between 7,169 USD and 7,764 USD, while the double ones cost around 6,571 USD
  • The single residence hall rooms are limited for students with approved disability conditions and the cost ranges roughly from 6,485 USD to 8,589 USD

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1. Is it difficult to get into the University of Redlands?
University of Redlands, Temecula Acceptance rate is 77% as of 2020. Hence, it is moderately easy to get into the University given other prerequisites are fulfilled.

2. How much is the tuition fees for international students at the University of Redlands?
As of 2021-22, the tuition fees for Fall, Spring, and May terms for international students are 53,716 USD.

3. What is the standard meal plan and insurance cost for international students?
The health insurance and standard meal plan at the University of Redlands cost roughly 1,819 USD and 4,076 USD respectively. 

4. Does the University of Redlands provide merit-based scholarships for international students?
Students who have applied for merit-based scholarships are judged on their leadership skills and academic excellence. Merit-based scholarship for first-year students range in value up to 32,000 USD.

5. How many Letters of Recommendation are required at the University of Redlands?
The University requires 2 LoR from international students - one from college/school officials such as the counsellor, another from any academic teacher (science, math, English, history, or foreign language).