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The University of Lausanne, is an Institute of higher teaching and research in Switzerland. It has 7 faculties with 15,300 students and around 3000 researchers. The faculties are: Theology and sciences of Religions, Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration, Arts, Social and Political Science, Business and Economics, Biology and Medicine and Geoscience and Environment. Medicine, Life Sciences, Geo sciences, Environment, Business, Humanities and Social sciences are the main academic disciplines.


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The university of Lausanna is located on the shores of lake Geneva, in the heart of French speaking region of Switzerland, in a beautiful green landscape with splendid views of the Alps. The Dorigny campus is just a few minutes away from an excellent public transport system ito link with the city of Lausanne.

Residing Options

The Lausanne university does not provide accommodation at the campus. However, there are many student halls and student houses in Lausanne. The rooms are inexpensive and include shared bathroom, kitchen and common rooms with TV etc. The Foyer Bon Accuel and the Pensil Bienvenue are for females only. The accommodation at the Fondation Solidarite Logement pour les etudiants aim to provide accommodation at the cheapest possible rate. The University’s Social Affairs and Student Mobility Service (SASME) is an useful source for information on finding accommodation.


The EMBA is a 16 month, part time course, undertaken on every second Friday and Saturday. The teaching methods are bold and at times unusual. The academic excellence has been laid by the newly developed theories and methodologies by the faculty professors. Some of the techniques are; business simulations, story telling, one-on-one coaching, keynotes and panels, action planing and follow up, reflection,projects, debate, dialogue based approach and self assessments and peer assessments. These are complemented by adopting newer educational tools digital technology. Appps provide access to course materials, news- feeds and interactive features which enable students to connect with staff members and faculty.

The professors are outstanding academics. The services of experts from different institutions are obtained to deliver specific courses. The EMBA combines lectures, exercises and case studies,

The program commences with the Introductory Week. This is aimed at easing the re-entry into the studying environment. This intensive but also has a strong social aspect. The first project, the strategy & sustainability project commences during the introductory week.

The Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 comprise the core business concepts modules to understand business analytics, strategic management and leadership. A total of 16 topics and the modules connected with the Focus area are covered during these periods. The Study Abroad module aims to foster international business perspectives with the collaboration of recognized academic institutions. The week long tour includes theoretical lectures, practical analyses and discussions of case studies, group work and business simulations. Visits to local companies and guest speakers enrich the experiences of the students. The capstone projects are designed so that the knowledge and skills gained during the course work are transformed into practical use. The students work on 3 projects, namely the Strategy Consulting project, Entrepreneurship group project and the Strategy & sustainability group project. In the Strategy consulting project the students act as in-house consultants. Entrepreneurship group project is undertaken as a small group exercise. The Strategy & Sustainability group project starts during the introductory week. The Professional and personal development program is carried out throughout the 16 month study program.

The focus on Management & corporate Finance include the the following modules; Corporate Finance, Financial Investments and Strategic Taxation Issues. The Focus on Healthcare management includes modules on Healthcare Strategy & Marketing, Health Technology Assessment and Therapeutic Innovation. This course is recognized by the FMH.

Jobs and placements

The Careers Center in combination with the strong international relations maintained by the university and the Mobility Unit offers international exchange programs, advice on careers, internships and employment opportunities.

The Professional and Personal Development Program is delivered concurrently with the main EMBA program throughout the 16 months. It aims to enhance skills and assist in developing a career plan. The tailored approach enable the students to analyze own individual needs and goals. Interpersonal competencies are particularly given attention through professional coaches so that these would be strengthened. Career management series, individual and group coaching, self marketing and mindfulness & personal reflection are the tools undertaken to ensure the success of the program.

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