University of Illinois at Springfield

University of Illinois at Springfield

Illinois, United States | Public


University of Illinois, Spring Field is a Public University established in 1969 and was incorporated into the University of Illinois system in 1995. The college is in fact popular for its liberal arts courses while a couple of specialized master’s programmes are offered too.



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UIS is located in Springfield and spread over 740 acres of lush green land near Lake Springfield in Illinois. Springfield by itself is a small city capital of Illinois and has to offer only as much makes up for your needs. It is nothing extravagant but it is not the country side too. The area has a lot of historical importance with a lot of public attractions inspired by Abraham Lincoln. Chicago is a 4 hour drive from UIS and is the nearest American city that is fancied.


Infrastructure in UIS is really good. All facilities are up to date and liked by students. There are several of community interaction centers that students become beneficiaries of. There is a lot of greenery in and around the campus which makes it really beautiful. The only concern is the fact that there isn’t much of engineering infrastructure. The university provides for only few specialized engineering courses which make it less favourable for the engineering students.

Residing Options

In campus residing is as good as you see it meaning that it is very average. You get rooms that have to be shared with a roommate. There are issues of cleanliness and disorder in the halls sometimes but most of the times, it is fine. Overall, campus housing in UIS is not bad for the cost that you get it for.Off campus housing near UIS can be expensive compared to on campus stay unless you find roommates to move in with. There are plenty of options though, near the campus or in the city proper. Safety is not a big issue in Springfield and you can actually stay wherever with a little care.


With the Faculty to student ratio being 1:14, the students find the class sizes bearable. The faculty is known to be knowledgeable from across various fields. The most popular majors are Computer Science, Business Administration and Management and Computer Systems Analyst. Interestingly the online courses provided by the university (especially Computer Science) is valued greatly and is highly appreciated. Students take these online courses to even get a leap in their careers. Popular professors in the university are Anne Strahle (Communication), David Bertania (History), Elham Khorasani (Computer Science), etc.

Jobs and placements

The career center helps students with various levels of guidance during job searches. However, the median starting salary is low at $42600 which is one of the downsides of the university. The mid career salary may go to about $80,000. Some of the biggest companies/organizations recruit from the campus, like Walt Disney, Frazier Industrial, State of Illinois, State Farm Insurance Company, Accenture, Deloitte, General Electric, etc.

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