Private Liberal Arts Swarthmore College was established in 1864 by Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) members in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. In collaboration with Bryn Mawr and Haverford College, Swarthmore is a part of the Tri-College Consortium. Students can enrol for classes at all four institutions through the Quaker Consortium, which links Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania.

Swarthmore College allows students to choose their major and offers more than 40 different course options. Every year, the Campus offers more than 600 courses.

Swarthmore College courses are from performing arts to the social and natural sciences and engineering with various specializations.

Top Reasons to Study in the Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College has the vision to provide outstanding education and academic facilities for students to explore the professional world. 

  • Swarthmore College scholarships are available 100% for international students and U.S. residentials. The financial aid students require from the College to afford a Swarthmore education will be the basis for students' financial scholarships to Swarthmore.
  • Students who complete their degree through the Swarthmore College's Honors Program are exclusive to the United States and emphasize independent study in small seminar classes. The programme culminates in oral and written exams graded by outside examiners who are authorities in their field.

Cost of Studying at Swarthmore College

Average tuition fee


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Rankings for The Swarthmore College

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Admissions at The Swarthmore College

How to Apply at Swarthmore College

  • The interested applicants must register at the online application portal of Swarthmore College by clicking on apply now button.
  • The students must submit all the necessary documents related to the preferred course.
  • Submit the application fee.
  • The admission committee contacts the students regarding their applications.
  • The students must be part of the Swarthmore College interview by the school's representative.
  • The selected students are offered a selection letter from the authorities. 

Note: Application Portal: Online application portal

Swarthmore College Application fee: For international students, the application fee is 60 USD(4,699.23 INR)

Documents Required to Apply to Swarthmore College

  • Transcripts and degrees of higher secondary and secondary levels
  • Copy of passport and visa 
  • Copy of proof of your citizenship
  • Resume and cover letter
  • Letter of Recommendation (on official school letterhead)
  • Graduation and Post-graduation certificate (Wherever applicable)
  • Proof of professional work experience (if applicable)

Exams Accepted By the University

The students must fulfil the following standardized test requirements to accomplish the Swarthmore College admission requirements.

English Proficiency Requirements

Swarthmore College does not require an English language proficiency score. Still, if most students' education has been in a non-English language curriculum, students must provide results from the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test at the time of admission.

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Application deadline





48 Months

Tuition fee


Application deadline





48 Months

Tuition fee


Application deadline





48 Months

Tuition fee





Scholarship amount




Scholarship type

Need based


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

The Campus of Swarthmore College is near to railway station. And a direct commuter rail route takes 25 minutes to travel to downtown Philadelphia. Philadelphia also serves as an East Coast transit hub. It takes two to three hours to get from Philadelphia to New York and to Washington, D.C. Driving from Campus to the Philadelphia International Airport takes roughly 15 minutes. Shuttle vans provide service around Campus and nearby Chester, Media, local retail, and Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.

Services offered by the university

  • Swarthmore College campus features modular classrooms, learning spaces, and business incubators to enhance students' learning abilities.
  • The Campus comprises advanced labs, a cafeteria, a co-working space, and an information library. 
  • The Campus is fully facilitated with an unlimited wifi connection. 
  • In Campus, students will get the following facilities:
  • Personal Safety, i.e., Protection from Fire, Theft, Sexual Harassment, Physical and Emotional Abuse.
  • The College offers seven more speciality collections in addition to its three main libraries (McCabe Library, Cornell Library of Science and Engineering, and Underhill Music and Dance Library). The McCabe Library has served as a Federal Depository for specific U.S. Government papers since 1923.
  • Support Environment, i.e., Atmosphere that promotes Study, Sleep, and Cleanliness
  • Christian Worship, i.e., an atmosphere that promotes a love for God, respect for fellow students, and Sabbath reverence

Student life

Swarthmore College campus is enclosed in 425 acres (1.72 square km). It is organized along a north-south axis marked by Parrish Hall, which has two levels of student accommodation in addition to many administrative offices and student lounges. The weekly student newspaper, The Phoenix, and the campus radio station WSRN-FM are on the fourth floor. There are trails and several wooded acres.

  • Swarthmore College offers 22 wide range of Athletic teams such as Acronaires, Basketball, Futsal, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, and Hockey to join.
  • The Swarthmore branch of 180 Degrees Consulting is the biggest university-based consultancy in the world. We look for students to assist us in offering free consulting services to nearby nonprofit groups primarily concerned with social impact.
  • Swarthmore College provides spiritual well-being learning to students by conducting several spiritual programs on the Campus.

On campus accomodation

Swarthmore College offers on-campus accommodation for all its students.

  • Swarthmore College campus has 17 residential halls, and around 95% of students opt for on-campus accommodation during their course.
  • It is surrounded by scenic beauty, monuments, historic places, and other attractions for students and staff members to access easily.
  • Swarthmore College campus has an eight-person home to a 200-person dorm, just a few of the sizes of Swat's residence halls. A broad mix of students from various class years resides in each hostel.
  • Dining Services provide a varied menu made with the best ingredients and, when possible, locally grown and produced goods. Vegetarian and vegan choices are always available on our menu.


University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

The student-to-faculty ratio at Swarthmore College is 8:1. The class size is small to provide undivided attention to every student.173 full-time faculty members on the tenure track have a terminal degree in their discipline. The male-to-female ratio of the school is 0.9, and students indulge in the experiences offered by the University.


University Endowments Value


Research opportunities at university

Swarthmore College provides research opportunities in various fields. With 66 per cent of students engaged in undergraduate research or independent creative projects and 90 per cent of graduates going to graduate or professional school, Swarthmore has a reputation for being a researched-focused institution. In the Honors Program at Swarthmore, which was modelled after the Oxbridge tutorials, students can begin taking double-credit seminars in their third year and frequently complete honours theses.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Swarthmore College students are provided with several internships and externships (one-week mentored job-shadowing experiences held in various locations across the country during winter break)opportunities. Nearly 70% of the all-class complete at least one internship before graduation, demonstrating the value of summer internships in preparing Swatties for the workforce. Swarthmore collaborates with organizations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase to hold on-campus hiring events, attend career fairs, and participate in consortium interview sessions.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Swarthmore College has a high employment rate, and the students become a part of job opportunities at various big organizations and companies.





500 College Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081, United States

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