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Montclair State University provides an enriching collegiate experience with a diverse and dynamic campus life. Boasting a vibrant community, the university offers over 300 clubs and organisations, catering to various interests from academics to cultural pursuits. Students benefit from a lively arts scene, including theatre productions, art exhibitions, and a thriving music program. With a commitment to holistic development, Montclair State encourages involvement in community service and leadership opportunities. The Red Hawks' Division III athletics add a spirited dimension to campus life. Combined with numerous events, lectures, and cultural activities, Montclair State University creates a vibrant and inclusive environment for its students.

Montclair State University achieved notable rankings in various categories according to the 2023 US News & World Report. Globally, the university secured the 1008th position in the Global Universities ranking. Nationally, it gained recognition with a commendable 182nd position in the National University Ranking. In the field of Business & Management Studies, specifically at the undergraduate level, Montclair State University earned the 326th rank, reflecting its commitment to providing quality education in this domain. These rankings underscore the institution's academic excellence and its standing on both the national and global stages, positioning Montclair State University as a noteworthy and competitive educational institution.


Nestled within 252 acres of picturesque New Jersey landscapes, Montclair State University's campus is a harmonious blend of architectural elegance and lush greenery. Iconic structures like Richardson Hall, a red-brick Georgian gem housing the Feliciano School of Business, complement contemporary marvels such as University Hall's modern glass façade. Interconnected by tree-lined pathways, the campus seamlessly integrates academic buildings, residence halls, and recreational facilities like the Student Recreation Center. The John J. Cali School of Music resonates with melodious energy, while the George Segal Gallery adds artistic flair with outdoor sculptures. From coffee at Bohn Hall to games at Panzer Athletic Complex, Montclair State's campus provides a vibrant and inviting backdrop for its 21,000 students.

Popular Programs:

University's academic landscape, boasting over 300 programs, presents a diverse array of popular choices from multiple perspectives. In terms of enrollment, Business Administration, Management, and Marketing take the lead with nearly 630 graduates annually, while Psychology's appeal shines with over 386 graduates, reflecting its strong reputation. From a ranking standpoint, U.S. News positions Montclair State in the top 83 for Elementary Teacher Education and #171 for Fine Arts, showcasing educational excellence. Reflecting student interest, Health Professions, Computer and Information Sciences, and Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, including Environmental and Global Studies, align with career trends and personalised learning paths. Niche further highlights popular majors like Human Development, Biology, Communications, Foods & Nutrition, etc.


University excels in melding curriculum structure with flexibility, promoting inclusivity and diversity. General education requirements build critical skills, while majors offer varied tracks and minors for specialisation. Honours programs and academic support enrich the student journey. Prioritising inclusivity, the university fosters diversity through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, cultural centres, and diverse faculty recruitment. Indian communities thrive with support from the Indian Students' Association and faculty contributions. Representing 100+ countries and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, Montclair State embodies global diversity, nurturing dialogue and mutual respect. Inclusive efforts extend to multicultural Greek life, Disability Services, and the Pride Center, underscoring the university's dedication to a comprehensive and diverse educational experience.


University positions its graduates for success with a robust Career Center and a formidable alumni network. A striking 92% employment rate within six months of graduation underscores the university's commitment to student readiness and industry relevance. The average starting salary of $51,200 attests to the value placed on alumni by employers, particularly in top fields like Business, Education, Computer Science, and Health Professions. The Career Center's proactive approach, offering resume workshops, interview preparation, job fairs, and valuable industry connections, empowers students with crucial job-hunting skills. The extensive alumni network of over 250,000 provides mentorship, internship opportunities, and valuable career guidance, creating a strong support system for new graduates entering the workforce.

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Frequently asked questions on Montclair State University Ranking 2024

1. What kind of career support does Montclair State offer?

Ans. Montclair State University's Career Center is a dedicated hub for students, offering a suite of services to propel them towards career success. From impactful resume and cover letter workshops to simulated mock interviews providing valuable feedback, the centre ensures students are well-prepared. Engaging job fairs facilitate connections with potential employers and professional networking, unveiling new opportunities. Personalised career counselling guides students in choosing paths, skill development, and navigating the job market. The centre provides robust internship and job search assistance, offering access to an extensive job board and industry insights. With an alumni network of over 250,000 professionals, students benefit from mentorship, internship opportunities, and valuable career advice, creating a holistic support system.

2. How does Montclair State prepare students for a diverse and global workforce?

Ans. Montclair State University serves as a vibrant training ground for navigating a multicultural world, leveraging its diverse student body and faculty. Complementing this, the university champions global awareness and cultural understanding through diverse initiatives. Study abroad programs facilitate immersive cultural experiences, while foreign language study nurtures communication skills crucial for global careers. Internships with international organisations offer first hand exposure to global contexts, enriching students' professional journeys. Courses on global issues broaden understanding of international dynamics, encompassing politics, economics, and social justice. Cultural centres and events further amplify this commitment, connecting students with diverse backgrounds, fostering empathy, and nurturing a deep appreciation for global diversity.