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The university is located in the beautiful lap of Lehigh Valley in the 2500-acre sprawling campus. Out of the whole campus, 180 acres of land includes recreational fields and 150 buildings. The campus is divided in a constant thread of land around the South Mountain namely the Asia Packer Campus (predominant), Mountaintop Campus (sports field and art hall), Murray Goodman Campus (16000-seat stadium and other sports facilities). Lehigh also houses the gothic architecture-style library called the ‘Linderman Library' which owns a rare collection of 40,000 volumes of books. Students wish that the positioning of the library was closed to the dorms of Lehigh.




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Lehigh University is located in Bethlehem, PA- a historically and culturally vibrant community. This hillside university is a convenient drive from Philly or New York City. This beautiful city has been nicknamed ‘the Christmas City’ of the US. Historic Bethlehem is a quaint area with beautiful homes, delightful shops and eateries on charming cobblestone streets. Home to Musikfest- the largest musical festival in North America holding more than 600 free live performances in all genres of music- this place is the place for a music lover to be in. Bethlehem also hosts athletics and cultural festivals, a classic car exhibition, a street art exhibition and many other exciting events. With sightseeing opportunities, historic relics, outdoor activities (yes, plenty of them), the casino and the downtown shopping, this small city has a lot to offer.


Lehigh University has a picturesque wooded campus spanning 2358 acres.

Residing Options

Dorms at Lehigh University are Centennial I (close-knit living), Lower Cents (only for freshmen, can get very loud), Dravo (biggest rooms), Richards (adequate sized rooms), Upper Cents (close to the dining hall and library). M&M may be the smallest size dorm but most people love it because it is close to the hills. Overall students feel there isn’t any dorm which is ‘bad’. All places have their pros and cons. On-campus housing may cost about $500 to $800 per month. On-campus housing may be limited and may not be available for all graduates. Off-campus housing may cost about $800-$1200.


Faculty to student ratio is 10:1 with average class size being 27 students each. The university has a total of 540 full-time faculties. A total of 784 students on campus (both graduate and undergraduate) are employed in the faculty projects. Students may learn to get good grades even while going out multiple times a week. Some of the popular professors are Richard Vinci (Engineering), Jack Lule (Journalism), Eric Salathe (Mathematics), Joseph Yukich (Mathematics), etc.

Jobs and placements

Starting salary is $58000 and mid-career salary is $1,18,000. Mechanical Engineers had their median salaries at $78000. Some of the companies that come on campus are Ernst & Young, IBM, JP Morgan, etc. Popular cities after graduation are New York and Pennsylvania.


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