Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University

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One of the largest universities in the state of Michigan, Grand valley State University is spread over 1,322 acres providing education to more than 25,000 students. It was started in 1960 and is located in Allendale in Michigan. Students can choose from 86 undergraduate degrees covering over 200 areas of study. This is also one of the largest universities in United States of America in terms of enrolment, attracting thousands of students even globally. The college believes on sustainable development and ensures that the student receive knowledge on such subjects through various programs like environmental studies, natural resource management, etc. They have various campuses, one of them is situated in Holland – the Meijer Campus.



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The campus is situated just 12 miles away from the Grand Rapids area; the students have access to the second largest city in Michigan. This means good restaurants, clubs, and bars are not very far. The lifestyle of the campus and the surroundings, help students experience both rural as well as urban life. For relaxation, students can take a drive till Lake Michigan which is just 20 minutes away from the campus. It is also one of the popular summer destinations for the students.


Grand valley has three campuses. The main one is located in Allendale; the other two are located in the nearby surroundings. The Allendale campus is so huge, that it is divided into north and south. The campus has more than hundred classrooms and labs, well equipped for the good research and lectures. The Allendale campus is also home to most of their athletic activities. Thus, if you are budding sportsmen, then the perfect location will be on this campus. The intellectual heart of the campus, Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons, is one of the most popular attractions in the campus.

Residing Options

There are 29 residence halls in the campus for the student body. Also, the Allendale campus has three on-campus apartment complexes. The options for living on campus are many, which is also highly recommended by the college. But even then, only a quarter of the population choose to live on campus, rest find off-campus residency.


The faculty of Grand Valley State University are very supportive of students and strive to see them succeed in their endeavours. Also, most of the faculty members are themselves excelled in their subjects providing quality education to the students. The University comes second all over the country for the number of faculty who are Fulbright scholars.

Jobs and placements

Placements are high in the areas of computer training, medical, nursing, and business related areas. The college grooms you well for the interviews so that you look confident enough. With a global presence at the campus, your personal connections also rises helping you to build your further career.


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