Governors State University

Governors State University

Illinois, United States | Public


Located in the University Park of Illinois, Governor’s State University stands as a promising public university since 1969. It is spread over 750 acres of land and enrols more than 3500 students every year. It offers undergraduate, graduate to doctoral courses. The undergraduate courses have both junior as well as senior levels, which makes it an easier choice for students who have just shifted from community college. The college promotes diversity, sustainable development, as well as culture among the students, which is a complete package.



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It is located on the south of Chicago, amidst the suburban city and towns. If you want to go for a drive, then Kankakee and Joliet are just 30 minutes away. North-western region of Indiana is another place you can explore from here. The college is right in the middle of towns and cities, leaving you to experience both kind of culture.


The college is spread on a 750 acre campus that is surrounded by nature and lakes. The campus has a Family development Centre for the parents and the students to come together and participate in various programs for their development. The college also proudly owns a Centre of Performing Arts, which attracts lot of musician around the country. The unique thing that makes the college stands out is the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park inside the Governor’s State University. When others just talk about sustainable environment, this university prefers to remain an example to its students, which is why they run by one of the state’s largest solar enabled system. Now, they have also opened a wind turbine. Students just don’t leave the college with book knowledge, but also practical experience. The college is dominated by females who take 67% of the student population. The rest 31% is the male student population.

Residing Options

There is no housing inside the campus, but the university guides the students to the housing that is affiliated or operated by the college so it is convenient for the students. But only 5% of the student population goes for that option, rest find their own accommodation.


Students speak highly of their professors here. The faculty here strives to provide quality education for students with practical knowledge. They also embrace diversity. Since the tradition is not dividing the college into departments, but interdisciplinary studies, the University professor here holds ranks. Most of the professors have Ph.D. to their qualification. The process to get inside the college is easier than others which are why it attracts a lot of community college goers. But even then, it is one of the finest universities to be a part of.

Jobs and placements

Placements directly from college are very limited. But the University prepares you well so finding a job after college is not difficult. Also in the course of education, you will build a lot of network through alumni and other projects, which will help you in future to get placed.

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