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Governors State University is a public university located in University Park, Illinois. Established in 1969, approximately 48 km south of Chicago, this university occupies an expansive 750-acre campus.

What is the Acceptance Rate of Governors State University?

The acceptance rate of Governors State University is 52%.

It offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degree programs across four distinguished colleges: the College of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, and the College of Health and Human Services.

Governors State University is committed to fostering an enriching educational environment, equipped with top-notch faculty and modern facilities. With its emphasis on academic excellence and career preparation, Governors State University continues to empower students, contribute to the intellectual fabric of the community, and drive regional growth and prosperity.

Top Reasons to Study in the Governors State University

  • Governors State University takes pride in its diverse student body, with representation from 25 different countries. This international presence enriches the campus community and promotes cross-cultural understanding among students.
  • Governors State University is dedicated to ensuring accessibility and affordability in higher education. As evidence of this dedication, 68% of undergraduate students are awarded scholarships, alleviating financial pressures and enabling them to concentrate on their academic pursuits and personal development.
  • Governors State University values inclusivity and provides opportunities for students from all backgrounds. Approximately 40% of undergraduate students are first-generation college students, opening doors to higher education for individuals who are paving the way for future generations.
  • Diversity is celebrated at GSU, as 60% of students identify as belonging to a racial or ethnic minority. This vibrant and inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging and supports a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

These remarkable qualities of Governors State University, including its diverse student body, scholarship opportunities, commitment to inclusivity, and outstanding faculty, contribute to a vibrant and supportive educational environment for students to thrive and achieve their goals.


Cost of Studying at Governors State University

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Admissions at The Governors State University

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How to Apply at Governors State University

To apply to Governors State University, follow these steps: 

  1. Begin by visiting the official Governors State University website.
  2. Look for the "Apply Now" button and click on it to access the application portal.
  3. Create an account on the designated application platform and provide the required personal and academic information accurately.
  4. Choose your program of interest and provide any program-specific details or documents as requested.
  5. Pay the application fee according to the program you are applying to.
  6. Ensure that you arrange for official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities attended to be sent directly to the university's designated email address or mailing address as specified on their website.

Application fees vary based on the level of study at Governors State University. For undergraduate program applicants, there is a non-refundable $25 application fee. 

Master's program applicants are required to submit a non-refundable $50 application fee, while doctoral program applicants must submit a non-refundable $75 application fee. 

Please note that the application process for Governors State University is standardised for all students, whether they are domestic or international, and regardless of their academic level, be it undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral.

Documents Required to Apply to Governors State University

Here's a table outlining the documents required for each degree program at Governors State University for the academic year 2023-2024:

Degree Program Required Documents
Bachelor's Degree High school diploma or equivalent, official high school transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, application fee, personal statement or essay, letters of recommendation (optional)
Master's Degree Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, official transcripts from all colleges attended, minimum GPA requirement, application fee, personal statement or essay, letters of recommendation (optional), test scores (GRE/GMAT may be required for some programs)
Doctoral Degree Master's degree from an accredited institution, official transcripts from all colleges attended, minimum GPA requirement, application fee, personal statement or essay, letters of recommendation, test scores (GRE/GMAT may be required for some programs), resume or CV, research proposal or statement of purpose

Exams Accepted By Governors State University

For undergraduate programs (Min. scores):

  • ACT - 18 
  • SAT - 980 
  • TOEFL PBT - 500 
  • TOEFL CBT - 173 
  • TOEFL iBT - 68 
  • IELTS - 6.0 
  • ELS - 112 level 

For graduate program (Min. scores): 

  • GRE - Verbal Reasoning: 150 & Quantitative Reasoning: 150
  • GMAT - 450 
  • TOEFL PBT - 550 
  • TOEFL CBT - 213 
  • TOEFL iBT - 80 
  • IELTS - 6.0 
  • ELS - 112 level 

For doctoral program (Min. scores): 

  • GRE - Verbal Reasoning: 153 & Quantitative Reasoning: 148
  • GMAT - 500 
  • TOEFL PBT - 577 
  • TOEFL CBT - 233 
  • TOEFL iBT - 91 
  • IELTS - 6.0 
  • ELS - 112 level

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Priyanka Mavillapalli

Priyanka Mavillapalli

Computer Science

Spring 2023

Madala Jaswanth

Madala Jaswanth

Business Analytics

Fall 2024

Akshay Mahto

Akshay Mahto

Computer Science

Fall 2024

Sujwal Dmello

Sujwal Dmello


Information Technology

Summer 2024

International Students

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Alumni at Governors State University

  • Ron Daly: Entrepreneur and business leader, founder of a renowned technology company.
  • Dr. Judy L. Mitchell: Renowned researcher and academician in psychology, known for groundbreaking studies on cognitive development.
  • Rita Sola Cook: Award-winning journalist and media personality, known for impactful reporting on social issues.
  • Colton Krska: Highly regarded artist and sculptor, with exhibited works in renowned galleries.
  • Kayla Siam: Successful businesswoman and philanthropist, dedicated to empowering underprivileged communities through charitable organisations.
  • Stacy L. Crook: Respected lawyer and advocate for social justice, known for her efforts in championing equality and fighting discrimination.

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Governors State University
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Governors State University
MS in Computer Science
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Governors State University
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Governors State University
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Governors State University
Health Informatics
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Reviews for Governors State University

Campus life

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Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

  1. Metra Train: The Metra Electric District line runs from University Park to downtown Chicago, with a stop at the university. The weekly fare for unlimited rides between University Park and downtown Chicago is $35.25.
  2. Pace Bus: Pace buses provide local transportation within University Park and surrounding suburbs. The weekly fare for unlimited rides on Pace buses is $28.
  3. University Shuttle: Governors State University provides a free shuttle service for students to travel between the university and the nearby Metra station. The shuttle operates on weekdays during peak commuting hours.
  4. Ride-Sharing: Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are also available in University Park and surrounding areas.

Services offered by the university

Governors State University provides a wide range of services to its students, faculty, and staff. Here are some of the key services that the university offers:

  1. Academic Advising: Governors State University provides academic advising services to help students plan and achieve their educational goals.

  2. Career Services: The university offers career services to assist students with job search strategies, resume writing, interview preparation, and career exploration.

  3. Counseling Services: Governors State University provides confidential counseling services to support the mental health and well-being of students.

  4. Disability Services: The university offers disability services to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

  5. Financial Aid: The university provides financial aid services to help students pay for their education through scholarships, grants, and loans.

  6. Health Services: Governors State University provides basic medical care and health services to students through its campus health center.

  7. Library Services: The university has a well-equipped library that provides access to a wide range of resources, including books, journals, and online databases.

  8. Student Activities: Governors State University offers a variety of student activities and organizations to promote student engagement and personal growth.

  9. Technology Services: The university provides technology services, including access to computer labs, wireless internet, and technical support.

  10. Tutoring Services: Governors State University provides tutoring services to help students succeed academically.

Student life at Governors State University

  • Diverse Student Organisations: Participate in various student organisations encompassing academic, cultural, and recreational clubs to engage with peers and explore common interests. For instance, there is a sustainability club dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in everyday life.
  • Exciting Campus Events: Attend a range of stimulating campus events including concerts, lectures, workshops, and cultural celebrations for entertainment and intellectual enrichment. One notable event is the summer Musical Theatre Camp named "The Little Mermaid."
  • Campus Recreation: Access fitness centres, join sports leagues, and engage in outdoor activities for physical well-being. 
  • Student Government: Get involved in student advocacy, collaborate with administrators, and shape campus initiatives.
  • Convenient Campus Facilities: Enjoy dining options, study spaces, computer labs, and lounges for a comfortable campus experience.
  • On-Campus Housing: Live in supportive residential communities to foster connections and a conducive living-learning environment.

On campus accomodation at Governors State University

Governors State University offers on-campus housing options that provide convenience, community, and a comfortable living environment for students. Here's the on-campus housing accommodation at Governors State University:

Governors State University provides two types of residence halls: Prairie Place and University Park. Both options offer fully furnished apartments with private bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

At Governors State University, on-campus housing options cater to the needs of different students. Prairie Place is specifically designed for upperclassmen and graduate students, offering apartment-style living with four-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio configurations. The weekly charges for Prairie Place range from $181 to $205, depending on the room type.

For first-year students, University Park provides suite-style living with two bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and a common living room. Similar to Prairie Place, the weekly charges at University Park range from $181 to $205.

Living on-campus at Governors State University extends beyond providing accommodation; it offers a vibrant community where students can form lasting friendships and actively participate in various activities and events. Both residence halls provide amenities such as laundry facilities, study rooms, and recreation areas, enhancing the overall living experience for students.

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1. What are the Governors State University tuition fees?
The Governors State University tuition fees amount to 10,108 USD ( INR 8,09,170).

2. What are the Governors State University GPA requirements?
The Governors State University GPA requirement is 2.77.

3. What is the Governors State University UG/ PG ratio?
The UG and PG course ratio is 0.97.

4. What is the Governors State University acceptance rate?
The Governors State University acceptance rate is 52% for Undergraduate students.

5. Are the programs taught in the English language at the Governors State University?
Yes, the programs are taught in English at the University.