Freiberg University of Mining and Technology

Freiberg University of Mining and Technology

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Established in 1765 the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (usually translated from German as Freiberg University of Mining and Technology or Freiberg Mining Academy and abbreviated TUBAF) is a German university of technology with about 6000 students in the city of Freiberg, Saxony. There is a surprising fact about this university that the chemical elements indium (1863) and germanium (1886) were discovered by scientists from here. The university is cost efficient in all terms of its education and admission to all programs from Bachelor through PhD is without tuition fees; students pay only a registration fee of about € 70 per semester. That is the only university in Germany which does that, basically you’d call it a welfare trust.
German language eligibility:-
German is not a compulsion as the university provides courses in English, but if you consider the fact that you’ll be studying in a German university then you must have a basic knowledge of German language, so as an advice you should consider joining German classes before taking admissions in this university.
Exams required:-
As German language is not a compulsion, the university takes students on the basis of their previous knowledge and grades. There are not entrances until now but a specific set of exams for the visa are required which differs from university to university.



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With a prospering history in mining of over 800 years Freiberg (German for "free barrow") is a mining town in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. Its historic town centre has been placed under heritage conservation and is a chosen site for the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Ore Mountain Mining Region. Freiberg is a pretty little town, a proper country side which is a good place to take your mind off from the city life. With a few known bars and historical sites the town does not give you much to do over the weekends. If you love happening nights and busy mornings where you find every food joint outside your doorstep then this is precisely not the place for you.


The university has a pretty big campus compared to the towns size, it almost seems like the town belongs to the university. The campus is historic and is considered as heritage. University’s main building is marvelous from inside and was a tourist spot until university’s trust made it a private campus only for students and their parents. Today, TU Bergakademie Freiberg is a university of technology comprising six faculties: mathematics and informatics; chemistry, biology and physics; geoscience, geoengineering and mining; mechanical engineering; material sciences; and economics for which the university has a different building for each or at least a different section.


As the place is at the outskirts from various cities you may not find a notable or renowned faculty at the university, but the ones present there are nonetheless than those who have won prizes. The university has taken good care of the faculty at the campus because many professors do not prefer to teach at places which are not in the metro section of the country. As per few international students professors are a bit set back in their friendly behavior but once you know them they’ll help you in every possible way after all that’s the famous German habit, the people there don’t jell up to strangers but once they get used to you they’ll help you in every situation.

Jobs and placements

Yes, the university has kept a number of programs for placements in campus. There are few programs after every semester that help you get an internship for the holidays in which you can make contacts and with the help of those contacts you can get placed in the firm you were in after your studies are completed.

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