Fitchburg State University is a prestigious university situated in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. With its top-tier professional programmes in sciences and liberal arts, it aims to successfully take its place as one of the top-ranking exceptional knowledge hubs in the world. It is one of the top universities in Massachusetts because of the promising and wholesome educational experience it aims to provide students from all around the world. 

Founded in 1894, Fitchburg State University takes pride in having around 7,000 full and part-time students under the 30 undergraduate level programmes and 22 programmes for master's degrees.

Top Reasons to Study in the Fitchburg State University

The reasons why you should choose Fitchburg State University are listed as follows:-

  • Very well-maintained campus and the state-of-the-art science center is the crown jewel of the university. 
  • Not expensive like most private-run universities.
  • Has modern and up-to-date equipments required in a professional and technical courses.

Cost of Studying at Fitchburg State University

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Rankings for The Fitchburg State University

More rankings for this university

Fitchburg State University ranking is #97 in Regional Universities North, #60

In Top Performers on Social Mobility, and #28 in Top Public Schools. It is also known as one of the best universities to study Undergraduate Nursing in.

Admissions at The Fitchburg State University

Avg acceptance rate (Bachelors)


Application Fee


How to Apply at Fitchburg State University

To apply for Fitchburg university students need to follow the below mentioned steps: 

  • First, create an application account by going on the university’s website and complete the entire application within the deadline. 
  • You will then be required to pay $50 (INR 3827) as the application fee for the graduate program. 
  • Then, get the required documents that include the official transcript of the bachelor's degree.

Documents Required to Apply to Fitchburg State University

The required documents for Fitchburg State University as per the program that students wish to apply to are as follows:-


  • Official SAT or the ACT scores.
  • A completed Application form and fee.
  • A 300-word essay stating educational goals and why you want to attend Fitchburg. State University.
  • Letters of recommendation (optional).
  • A resume of activities.


  • Completed application form.
  • Official transcript of a bachelor’s degree accredited by a regionally accepted institution.
  • Three letters of recommendation. 
  • Professional resume.
  • Official graduate-level transcripts.

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Exams Accepted By the University

The exams accepted by Fitchburg State University are as follows:-


Exam Accepted














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Find the updated list of courses available in this university

MS in Computer Science

School of Health and Natural Sciences

Application deadline





24 Months

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Application deadline





24 Months

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BS in Computer Science

School of Health and Natural Sciences

Application deadline

Fall, 01/07/2023




48 Months

Tuition fee



Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

Transportation is quite easy and feasible when it comes to traveling to Fitchburg State. Students can easily take the train which is a 75-minute ride from Boston or even travel via bicycles or on foot. Additionally, Fitchburg State also provides free campus transportation via shuttle, which is serviced by MART. Make sure you adhere to the timings.

Services offered by the university

The following services are offered by Fitchburg State University:-

  • First-Year Seminar for new students and transfer students to ensure that they develop a sense of belonging.
  • First-class tech support.
  • State-of-the-art library. 
  • One card system that can be used as a library card, meal card, door key, et all.
  • Campus Center and Art Exhibit for student engagement.

Student life

Fitchburg State University prides itself in ensuring that students enjoy the best possible campus experience. Here are some of the reasons proving the above statement:-

  • More than 80 clubs and organizations are run by students on campus and anyone from any programme is allowed to participate and be a member. 
  • Fitchburg State has collaborated with local organizations and small businesses to make students have a real-life learning experience. 
  • The Hammond Hall Campus Center is the heart of Fitchburg State University where maximum student interaction takes place.

On campus accomodation

Fitchburg State University is widely known for providing students with a vibrant and pleasant housing experience and residential services. With wide residential halls, buildings, and gender-inclusive housing programmes ensuring maximum safety for students, Fitchburg State aims to provide a wholesome living experience that is conducive to academic learning and prowess.  

Fitchburg State University consists of residential halls and seven apartment-style buildings that are suited to the needs of every student that attends. The housing apartments are reserved for upperclassmen and are chosen based on a priority system. These apartments are equipped with living necessities and amenities and also provide a Financial Aid package for students unable to afford on-campus residence. The average double bed sharing rooms range from 3,695 USD to 4,175 USD (2,82,911 INR to 3,19,662 INR), with the premium ones costing around 4,614 USD to 5,379 USD (3,53,275 INR to 4,11,847 INR).

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University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

Fitchburg State University takes pride in its top selection of faculty and staff members for providing a premium learning experience catered to students. With over 50 graduate and undergraduate programs, it is home to nearly 200 exceptional faculty members. The current and 11th president of Fitchburg State University is Richard S. Lapidus.


University Endowments Value


Research opportunities at university

Fitchburg State University gives great importance to research and has for both faculty and students. It also conducts an ‘Undergraduate Conference for Research and Creative Practice’ which is a golden opportunity for students where they can showcase their academic prowess and achievements through and through. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the course research, creative work, community service, and even a chance to study abroad.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Fitchburg State University provides a plethora of internship and part-time job services as well as career panels and networking events for students looking for career advice. The Falcon Alumni Mentorship and Alumni Job Shadowing Program helps ex-students of the university looking for career opportunities.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

83% of Fitchburg State University students have held this university’s name in high regard and believe that they have been greatly impacted in their careers after passing out. With the numerous job opportunities that Fitchburg State provides, a graduate of this institution earns nearly USD 35,500 (INR 27,18,089) annually two years after graduation and USD 45,700 (INR 34,99,061) annually six years after graduation.





160 Pearl Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420-2697

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