Amrita_18 Goswami_1041

a month ago

How many days I should take gap between GRE and IELTS exam ?

I am plannig to give Gre on 22 nd August and IELTS on 29 th August .Is it a decent gap between exams ( Planning for Fall 23) ? Kindly suggest me how many days gap I should take between 2 exams? Because I am so confused because everyone is saying different things .Thanking you in advanced though !!! #gre#ielts

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A D Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, In my opinion, 7 days is a small gap between 2 major exams. After an intensive 4 hours of GRE exam, You won feel like studying for the next 1 or 2 days. Even if you do, there is a good possibility that the productivity will be low. Attempting another intensive exam within a span of 7 days might affect your results. I have heard students cracking the IELTS exam within a few days. If you have th... See more