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Follow these 3 easy steps to get a list of Ambitious/Moderate and Safe Universities in under a minute!

Step 1 - Interested Course, the GRE and Language requirements

Get started with selecting your interested masters course and entering your expected/ achieved general test scores.

  1. Select the Course you wish to pursue from a list of popular courses available in 800+ Universities.
  2. Enter your GRE score for Verbal and Quant sections.
  3. Enter your English Proficiency Test scores ( TOEFL or IELTS)

Step 2 - Undergraduate Performance and Work Experience

Universities love students who have been consistent through their Undergraduate degree and have some experience under the belt!

  1. Enter your Undergraduate score in the prescribed format.
  2. Enter Relevant work Experience (in months)– Relevant work experience being that which is either directly related to the course you are applying for or demonstrates reasonably that the skills acquired through the experience will enable you to pursue the particular Masters degree.
  3. Select the highest level of Technical Publications under your kitty. ( Universities, especially those offering research intensive masters, love students who have demonstrated inclination towards research!)

Suggested: Grad School Finder Guidelines

Step 3 - Application Rating

Now that you have filled the obvious, the more important aspect of application rating comes in. Universities prefer students who can demonstrate strong motivation, compassion and have clarity in their ideas & actions. Your application is what communicates these details. Rate your application submissions using our rating guide.

  1. Rate your SOP (Statement of Purpose) on a scale of 1 to 10. The SOP is used by the University to understand your decision, goals, experiences and alingment with the University. A strong SOP can get you a top University abroad even with an average profile. Know how to rate your SOP here.
  2. Rate your LORs (Letters of Recommendation) on a scale of 1 to 10. LORs are essential as they help Universities know how you’ve performed previously, directly through your professors and employers. A strong LOR can increase your chances while a dull one will not enthuse confidence in the chances of your selection. Know how to rate your LORs here.
  3. Extra-Cuurricular Rating – Extra curricular achievements demonstrate your eagerness and ability to perform in diverse spaces. Universities love students who demonstrate a study-play balance in their profile. Know how to rate your Extra-curriculars here.
  4. Community Service Rating – Being compassionate and empathatic are aspects which add value to the culture of the University, hence Universities acknowledge such well rounded individuals. Know how to rate your Community Service here.

Shoot it! And get the results. Get average profiles that have got in and also University wise admits for the course of your choice. This will help you understand profiles that are closest to yours and the kind of admits recieved by them! You can also connect to these peers through Yocket. Try as many times as you wish to and use different combinations till you have a fair idea about your chances.

If you have just given GRE and applying, Grad School Finder will be your companion in deciding the Universities you should apply to. If you are still young and planning on the longer term, the Grad School Finder is the perfect way to know where you stand, , what grad school program is right for me, what you can do to better your chances of into best Universities abroad. If you are neither of these but just want to have some fun checking out how the smart ones get there- Go ahead, play on!

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