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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World in 2024

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We all want a job that pays well, don’t we? After years of education, and investing time, resources and energy, it is only natural to want a high-paying job. But what you wondered what jobs pay the most in the world, and what degrees and specializations allow you to get there? Well, we have an answer for you. Keep reading to find out!

In today’s scenario, students have started to plan their career choices, even before beginning their higher education, due to the constantly rising cost of living. Whether you are a fresher or a professional, it is imperative to search for lucrative career trajectories and industries with strong potential for maintaining the personal economy and growth. Moreover, if you are looking to leverage higher education for better career opportunities, consider exploring Yocket Premium services. With over 10,000 success stories, Yocket is here to make your study-abroad dreams turn into reality! Connect with us to learn more.

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How to Earn the Highest Paying Job in the World?

The "highest paying jobs in the world" may not always be achievable, but that should not deter you from the path. High paying jobs depend on many variables, like the industry you choose to work in, your educational background, and most importantly, your skills. Nonetheless, the following tactics will help you improve your chances of securing a lucrative and satisfying career:

  • Focus on In-Demand Skills: In an ever-evolving career space, it is very important to have the right skills if you’re looking for lucrative career opportunities. Technology, healthcare, and artificial intelligence are among the research disciplines with strong demand and projected job development. Acquire skills that apply to various sectors, with an emphasis on specializations in healthcare, data analysis, cybersecurity, coding, and renewable energy engineering.
  • Stay Updated: To remain competitive in the ever-changing employment market, never stop learning and improving your skills. Participate in workshops, take online courses, and keep up with industry developments.
  • Network with Professionals: Use your present network, online forums, or professional networking events to establish linkages with individuals in your target industry. Seek out mentors who can help you, share their knowledge, and provide career guidance.
  • Use Online Resources: To meet recruiters and present your talents, use professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Having discussed the ways through which you can land a high-paying job, let us find out the top 10 highly-paying jobs in the world.

Jobs in High Demand

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Globally

Certain occupations routinely rank highly on lists of the highest paying jobs, regardless of the nation, city, size of the business, or number of workers. As a result, these roles are awarded the highest salaries available worldwide.

Here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Anesthesiologist
  • General and Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Psychiatrists
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Engineers
  • Investment Banker
  • Professional Athletes
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Corporate Lawyers

See the section below for the required experience, top employers, and the highest-paying occupations in the world, along with the average salary for these positions worldwide.

1. Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

The top position in the hierarchy of any organization is that of the CEO. Regardless of the size of the business, the CEO is in charge of all daily corporate operations, resource management, and managerial procedures. In addition, a CEO must inspire his group of managers and staff to increase productivity without pressuring them.

Process: Amongst the prerequisites for becoming a CEO, earning a bachelor's degree and maybe an MBA is the most elemental. 

Experience Required: Minimum 5 years of managerial experience and above.

Skills Required: Excellent Team Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, Decision-making Skills, Negotiation Abilities, Time Management, and Organization Skills.

Top Companies: Amazon, Apple, Wipro, Samsung, IBM, Aditya Birla Group, etc.

Average Annual Salary of CEOs in Different Countries


Average Annual Salary of CEO


USD 8,50,000 / INR 7,04,55,780


GBP 3,20,000 / INR 3,37,78,960


CAD 240,000 / INR 1,46,92,870


AUD 3,50,000 / INR 1,90,33,810


EUR 2,20,000 / INR 1,98,50,560


INR 3,20,00,000

High Paying Jobs in the UK

2. Anesthesiologist

Being the highest paying job in the USA, an Anesthesiologist is among the best-paid jobs in the world. To guarantee patient safety during surgeries and other medical operations, anesthesiologists are essential. They are adept at keeping an eye on vital signs, delivering anesthesia, and controlling pain during and after surgery.

Process: For starters, you must earn a bachelor's degree in biology, physics, or chemistry. Then earn a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree, gaining a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and diseases.

Experience Required: 12-15 years.

Skills Required: Good Accuracy and Precision while Administering the Dose of Anesthesia, Strong Core Knowledge of Pharmacology and Medical Instruments, Ability to Handle Stressful Situations, Good Communication Skills, Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Skills.

Top Companies: Hospitals and Health Consultancies such as Henry Ford Health Systems, Trinity Health, ICON, Kaiser Permanente, etc.

Average Annual Salary of Anesthesiologists in Different Countries


Average Annual Salary of Anesthesiologists


USD 4,25,000 / INR 3,52,27,890


GBP 1,12,000 / INR 1,18,22,640


CAD 3,40,000 / INR 2,08,14,900


AUD 3,90,000 / INR 2,12,09,110


EUR 2,00,000 / INR 1,80,45,960


INR 25,00,000

3. General Surgeons

Numerous medical disorders are diagnosed and surgically treated by general surgeons, who are multifaceted experts. In addition to managing intricate procedures involving the digestive system, skin, breast, and soft tissues, they also treat common illnesses like appendicitis and hernias. Additionally, they offer pre- and post-operative treatment to guarantee a seamless recuperation. In conclusion, general surgeons provide comprehensive support throughout the surgical process and are the go-to professionals for various surgical demands.

Process: Get a bachelor's degree in a science-related field, followed by medical school to gain a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

Experience Required: 10-13 years.

Skills Required: In-depth Knowledge of Related Medical Conditions, Excellent Eye-to-Hand Coordination, Accuracy and Precision, Patience, and Good Ability to Recognise Symptoms.

Top Companies: General and orthopedic hospitals, specialty hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Apollo Hospitals, etc.

Average Annual Salary of General Surgeons in Different Countries


Average Annual Salary of General Surgeons


USD 4,25,000 / INR 3,52,27,890


GBP 2,25,000 / INR 2,37,50,830


CAD 3,65,000 / INR 2,23,45,400


AUD 2,15,000 / INR 1,16,92,200


EUR 2,15,000 / INR 1,93,99,410


INR 35,00,000 

4. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a medical professional with a focus on mental health, assessing, identifying, and treating emotional, behavioral, and mental illnesses. To promote mental health and well-being, they employ exams to diagnose issues and develop treatment plans that may involve counseling and medication.

Process: Begin with a bachelor's degree in a science-related field, followed by four years of medical school. After earning your medical degree, you will complete a four-year residency program in psychiatry to gain practical experience. Obtaining a state license is also necessary.

Experience Required: 10-12 years.

Skills Required: Strong Listening Skills, Good Attention to Detail, Good Communication Skills, Empathy towards the Patient, Strong Knowledge of Core Therapeutic Practices and Treatments, and Commitment to Maintaining Patient Records in a Confidential manner.

Top Companies: Kaiser Permanente, US Department of Veterans Affairs, General medical and surgical hospitals, Outpatient care centers, Psychiatric and addiction hospitals, etc.

Average Annual Salary of Psychiatrists in Different Countries


Average Annual Salary of Psychiatrists


USD 2,45,000 / INR 2,03,07,840


GBP 2,25,000 / INR  2,37,50,830


CAD 3,15,000 / INR 1,92,84,390


AUD 2,75,000 / INR 1,49,55,140


EUR 1,60,000 / INR 1,44,36,770


INR 27,00,000. 

5. Data Scientists

The need for data scientists has grown significantly as a result of the ongoing global recession, placing them in the top 5 highest paying positions globally. Based on market patterns and the company's years' worth of reports, data scientists assist the organization in making important financial decisions. It is projected that by the end of 2026, there will be 11 million (approximately) data science positions. In India, there were 2,720 data science jobs in 2018, and by 2025, there are projected to be over 16,500 data science jobs, according to Nasscom.

Process: While a bachelor's degree in data science, statistics, or computer science is common, it's not always necessary. You can gain expertise through online courses, boot camps, or self-directed learning. Programming skills in Python, R, SQL, data manipulation, data visualization, and statistical analysis are crucial. Hands-on experience can be gained through internships, personal projects, or engaging with online data science communities.

Experience Required: 1-5 years.

Skills Required: Strong Knowledge of data decluttering, Re-structuring and Organizing Tools, Interpretation of Data, Knowledge of Different programming languages such as Python, MySQL, Pandas, Numpy, etc., knowledge of Machine Learning, Big data, and Deep Learning, Decision Making Skills, Data Interpretation, and Good Communication Skills.

Top Companies: IBM, Cloudera, Accenture, Deloitte, Google, Walmart, etc.

Average Annual Salary of Data Scientists in Different Countries


Average Annual Salary of Data Scientists


USD 2,05,000 / INR 2,07,22,290


GBP 75,000 / INR 79,16,940


CAD 1,05,000 / INR 64,28,130


AUD 1,75,000 / INR 95,16,910


EUR 75,000 / INR 67,67,240


INR 13-18 L 

Having discussed the intricacies of the top 5 most well-paying jobs in the world, read on to find out the highest-paying jobs in the top countries globally.

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Now that you know about the highest paid professions in the world, let us discuss some skills that can help grab an offer from them.

Skills Required for Getting A High-Paying Job

Although the nature of employment is constantly changing, certain abilities are in great demand and can help you land a high-paying position. Here is a summary of the two primary categories to consider:

1. Technical Proficiency

  • Science and Data Analysis: In many disciplines, having the capacity to gather, examine, and evaluate data is essential. This includes proficiency with data visualization, Python programming, and statistics.
  • Software Development: Software developers are in great demand for creating complex systems as well as websites and apps. Concentrate on learning languages such as C++, Python, or Java, and stay up to date with emerging technologies like cloud computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Numerous sectors are changing thanks to the sciences of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Being knowledgeable about AI and ML ideas might be quite beneficial.

2. Soft Skills

  • Communication: In any line of work, the ability to communicate ideas succinctly is a must. This entails having excellent verbal and written communication abilities in addition to attentive listening.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving: Employers respect those who can tackle problems creatively and analytically to find solutions.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: In today's professional environment, the ability to collaborate with others is crucial. This covers interpersonal, leadership, and teamwork abilities.
  • Adaptability and Lifelong Learning: Long-term success in the ever-changing world of work requires both adaptability and a willingness to master new skills.

Jobs for International Students in the USA.

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK, US, and Canada

Below are the top paying jobs in the countries infamous among students. Know that while most of these jobs require bachelor's and master's degrees, some don't. You must thoroughly inquire about your field through experts and the internet. Said that, let us see which jobs are most popular in the US, UK, and Canada now!

Highest Paying Jobs in the USA

Tabulated below are the most lucrative jobs in the United States.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary 

Surgeon (General, Orthopedic, etc.)

USD 4,20,000 / INR 3,48,13,440


USD 2,60,000 / INR 2,15,51,180

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

USD 1,90,000 - 3,50,000 / INR 1,57,48,938 - 2,90,11,200


USD 2,45,000 / INR 2,03,07,840

Data Scientist

USD 1,32,500 / INR 1,09,82,810

Highest Paying Jobs In The USA

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK

Tabulated below are the highest-paying jobs in the United Kingdom.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

GBP 3,20,000 / INR 3,37,78,960

Director of Information Technology 

GBP 1,20,000 / INR 1,26,67,110

Specialist Medical Practitioners (e.g., Anesthesiologists, Surgeons)

GBP 1,12,000 / INR 1,18,22,640

Director of Sales & Marketing 

GBP 92,015 / INR 97,13,030

Public Relations & Communications Director

GBP 70,000 / INR 73,89,150

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Tabulated below are the most well-paying jobs in Canada.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary


CAD 3,55,000 / INR 2,17,33,200


CAD 2,25,000 - 3,50,000 / INR 1,37,74,560 - 2,14,27,010


CAD 2,50,000 - 3,50,000 / INR 1,37,74,560 - 2,14,27,010


CAD 3,15,000 / INR 1,92,84,390


CAD 3,15,000 / INR 1,92,84,390

Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada

From the Desk of Yocket

So, that was everything on the highest paying jobs globally. Hopefully, this blog assisted you in determining which field you can choose if you wish to be among the richest people around the world. Remember to chase your aspirations wherever they may lie. As, you must love what you do, not do it as a chore.

Irrespective of whichever field you may wish to work in, having a degree in it will always be beneficial. Gaining in-depth knowledge about your field will simplify your work experience, help you be more informed, and improve your skills too. Said that, if you wish to acquire degrees from respected universities worldwide, reach out to our Yocket experts. Not only will they assist you with finding your fit course and university-wise, but also help you find scholarships, get visas, and more!

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