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Complete Guide to TOEFL Exam for Canada Student Visa

Kashyap Matani

Canada is home to more than 200,000 Indian students and has witnessed an increase in the numbers in the last few years. Getting not just a student visa but also PR in Canada is achievable, and one of the most important steps in the process is proving your English language proficiency through various distinguished exams.

Among these, the TOEFL is one of the most popular exams that assesses an individual’s English language skills. But the question is, is TOEFL accepted in Canada for a study visa? Yes, it is! Explore Yocket Premium today to get complete personalized guidance on the admissions process in Canada! By becoming a Premium Yocketer, you get expert guidance and counselling in finding the top universities that suit you the best. You are just a click away from finding your dream university. 

Read on as we help you uncover the TOEFL requirements for Canada student visas and  TOEFL Canada immigration requirements!

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TOEFL for Canada Student Visa

There are primarily two major languages in Canada: English and French. While French is spoken in only a few regions like Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and Brunswick, the English language is widely spoken across Canada. English also happens to be the medium of instruction in all major universities in Canada.

Students from non-English speaking countries planning to move to Canada are required to produce English-language proficiency test scores. Since the majority of teaching and classroom interactions will take place in English, the test scores will ensure that a student can follow through the course curriculum with ease.

There are several exams, like IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, DET, etc., that students can take to prove their English proficiency. The Test of English as a foreign language or TOEFL is one of the most popular exams taken to prove English language proficiency for studying in English-speaking countries like Canada. While taking a TOEFL exam, you are usually tested in four major segments: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

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Now coming to the most important question- “Is TOEFL accepted for a Canada student visa?” Well, yes. TOEFL is valid for a Canadian student visa. The TOEFL is usually of three types: the TOEFL cBT, the TOEFL iBT, and the TOEFL pBT, and each one is accepted as proof of English proficiency. Let us understand what these mean:

  • TOEFL pBT: TOEFL pBT is a paper-based test, usually less common and taken in areas with limited internet facilities.
  • TOEFL cBT: TOEFL cBT, on the other hand, is a computer-based test, which is highly common among the international population.
  • TOEFL iBT: TOEFL iBT is an internet-based test that can now be taken as the TOEFL iBT home edition test.

Recently, another type of TOEFL exam has been prevalent due to COVID-19, which is the TOEFL iBT home edition, aiding students to take their TOEFL exam in the comfort of their homes. You may ask, “But is TOEFL Home Edition accepted for a Canada student visa?” Yes, just like other forms of the TOEFL exam, a TOEFL iBT home edition is accepted!

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Now, let us move on to finding out the TOEFL score for a Canadian student visa.

Learn more about the Do’s and Dont’s of the TOEFL exam on our YouTube page.

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TOEFL Score Requirements and Criteria for Student Visa in Canada

The TOEFL score for each of the four sections is added to sum up to an overall score valid for both the TOEFL pBT and TOEFL iBT exams.

Let us understand the various score ranges for TOEFL given  below:







Very good



Very good





















A student wanting to apply for a student visa in Canada must display a minimum of the “competent” level in their TOEFL scores. Therefore, the most preferable TOEFL score for a Canada student visa at a majority of Canadian universities is usually considered to be 540-580 for TOEFL pBT and 80-90 for TOEFL iBT.

While the TOEFL score is counted as an English language proficiency test score to get a Canadian student visa, the minimum requirements for the TOEFL score usually lie in the hands of the Canadian university you are applying to. Therefore, make sure you check the language score requirements at the university’s official website before appearing for the exam.

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Is TOEFL Accepted for PR in Canada?

Canada has different work visas and immigration programs that can make you eligible for PR in Canada. One important thing that has to be kept in mind while applying for PR in Canada is that TOEFL is not accepted for PR in Canada, no matter how high your score is. TOEFL Canada Immigration is valid only when applying for a student visa in Canada.

Getting a PR in Canada is entirely dependent on two major English proficiency exams: the IELTS General Training and the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, CELPIP.

Skilled immigrants can easily become eligible for Canadian PR through the express entry system. The system has three major pathways:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Given below is a brief table on the minimum English language requirements (IELTS)  for Canadian immigration:


Minimum CLP Level





Federal skilled worker program






Federal skilled trades program






Canadian experience class






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From the Desk of Yocket

Canada offers a wide range of courses along with the holistic development of students with diverse cultures and environments, and TOEFL scores are the first step towards getting your Canadian student visa. Apart from this, more than 12,000 universities across the globe including universities in Canada, accept TOEFL scores as proof of your English language proficiency. 

Trying to build a career by taking the ambitious step to study abroad is an overwhelming journey, and we understand the turmoil. With Yocket Premium, you not only get your profile built by our top-of-the-field counsellors, but you also get guidance for making a strong application that will get you the admission you are looking for. Take the step and invest in being a better you!

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