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Tips for GRE Essay: How to Write GRE Essays

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Students who are about to take their GRE tests are always nervous when it comes to Essays. One thing I would like to emphasize on, that no one is a born writer with an exceptionally excellent vocabulary. You need to have the confidence that you can write well. Don’t worry if you don’t have a very good vocabulary.

For An Issue essay, you must first understand the topic given and then think of an essay's positive and negative sides. Issue Essay is one of the essays of section 1, and this section is specially charted to understand and measure the analytical writing skills of a student. In this essay, one must write a detailed passage on the given topics with good writing skills. So, to know how to write an essay perfectly, we have aligned below all the GRE issue essay tips for your convenience.

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KIC’s Education’s Formula

  • Debate as if you are in real time conference, think practically and support your side with 2-3 examples that can prove your point.
  • Never give your opinion as “I think or I Guess”, this is the place where we need your opinion and not your guesses.
  • Make use of examples that support your Ideas
  • Make sure you write grammatically correct English rather than not having your idioms right.
  • It should be convincing and should have a logical connectivity
  • To write an issue essay you should be aware of the types of questions that are asked. You also need to go through various test preparations in order to prepare for the final test.
  • The time duration is thirty minutes and the word limit is 300- 400 words
  • Extending your word limit won’t fetch you more marks- IT’S A PURE WASTE OF TIME
  • Mock tests before hand will help you understand and increase your reasoning ability on the day of the “Test”

You need to differentiate between an Issue essay and an Argument Essay –
Both are different in their own ways. Also such essays don’t judge your vocabulary but your grammatical and analytical skills.

Structure on How to Write the GRE Essays

It is a simple 5 paragraph short essay that you must write within 30 minutes. So, you should know how to write an essay perfectly and write it in such a way that it's easy and clear for the reader to read, evaluate, and understand your issue essay.

1. Paragraph 1 will be the Introduction:

Understand and Analyze (2-3 minutes) - Begin like a normal essay and add a bit of complexity of the issue essay to score points. Also be focused throughout the entire essay. Make sure you are neither casual nor generic.

Rhetorical devices are the most common:

  • A generalization about the topic
  • A quotation if you wish to add
  • A short anecdote to set-up your position
  • A historical framework

2. Paragraph 2 will include:

First Body Paragraph- (5 – 7 minutes) Use the most specific example that can be from any of the verticals – Science, History, politics, business or personal experiences. But also make sure you CHOOSE the most relevant one, something you are knowledgeable about and something you believe in for each of the paragraphs that can support your thesis.

Your Body Paragraph will include the following steps:

  • Emphasize on your example
  • Relate and connect it to your Topic
  • Show the interconnection of the entire thesis (Spend more time in proving that your example supports your thesis and your belief in it. This part is the most crucial bit of your essay)

3. Paragraph 3 will include:

Second Body Paragraph (4- 6 minutes) - This is similar to the above paragraph but make sure you use a DIFFERENT EXAMPLE altogether.

4. Paragraph 4 consists of the:

Final Body Paragraph - (9minutes) - Again use the similar idea… Add a 3rd example and link it to your thesis… Give an interconnection and prove it as a part of your thesis and not just a random and a generic idea… Be Specific!!

Prior to the conclusion you have a paragraph called the Reservation. You can state that the other side is equally true.

5. Last 5th Paragraph

The Conclusion (5 Minutes) – Interconnect all your 3 examples and introduce the opposing position on the issue and then debate and reinforce your own thesis, hence this part of your essay helps you conclude and get more ideas for a perfect conclusion.

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Tips on How to Write GRE Issue Essay 

An issue essay is a part of the analytical writing measure of GRE. Each question privileges a topic of general interest that can be discussed from a different viewpoint and applied in different scenarios. There are some GRE issue essay tips that you can follow to improve your score.

  • Limited Time Period

You will have a limited time period in which you have to prove your statement. You must analyse the topic and state the valid point with good reasons and examples. It can be positive or negative depending upon your viewpoint, don’t try to discuss both sides of the essay; otherwise, it may lead to difficulty making a clear deportment.

  • Practice a Few Essays

Before the final GRE test day, you can practice for the issue essay and all the other sections through GRE Yocket Prep. It will help you to provide instant solutions, and also, you’ll get to know where you stand.

  • Use Relevant & Real Examples

It is always better to use real and relevant examples for the GRE issue essay. The examples can come from a broad range of topics like science, business, politics, education, history etc. But you must ensure that the examples you’re considering are related to the reasons and the topic. You can use names, dates or places to make your example more definite.

  • Keep it Engaging

When writing an issue essay, ensure your write-up should be engaging for the examiner. Avoid using repetitive sentences; focus on what you think should be right, along with real examples. Regardless of your analysis and group, your essay's overall impression should be positive.

  • Stay on Topic

It is one of the most important tips for GRE essay is to stay on topic, don't divert yourself. If the topic is about AI technology and how it is impacting industries, then you should be validating your point on the same topic and not by using other examples.

It's always better that you organize your essay; the stronger it becomes for the examiner, the better it will be because they check how you develop an argument to support your intention of the issue essay. Scoring a good GRE score is always profitable for your university selection, and if you want to score good, then you can practice using our Yocket GRE Prep. You can get an instant test score report that will help you improvise accordingly.


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