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MBBS Fees in Canada for Indian Students in 2024

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Canada is one of the top countries preferred to study any medicine course, the most popular being MBBS. The major reason for this choice is the budget-friendly cost of doing MBBS in Canada. The annual tuition fees for these top Canadian MBBS institutions ranges from $26,000 CAD to $96,000 CAD. For an Indian student, this means that tuition costs will cost between INR 14 to 55 lakhs. Canada has continued to be a preferred destination to pursue MBBS due to the affordable MBBS in Canada fees.

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Cost of Studying MBBS in Canada for Indian Students

For any study abroad applicant, the cost of MBBS in Canada can be separated into three parts:

It might cost up to CAD 100,000 or INR 5,995,500 every year. There are multiple aspects that contribute to the Canadian MBBS fees for Indian students. Let us analyze the three aspects of expenditure further:

Pre Arrival Cost to Study MBBS in Canada

This includes expenses incurred prior to enrolling at the university, such as registration costs for the required Entrance Exam for Canada, visa fees, and so on.

The following is an estimation of such costs:

Type of Expenditure



CAD 422 or INR 25,300


CAD 27 or INR 1,620


CAD 309 or INR 18,530


CAD 210 or INR 12,590

Canadian Student Visa

CAD 235 or INR 14,090

Air Travel

CAD 350 (INR 20,980) - CAD 1200 (INR 71,950)

Health Insurance

CAD 600 (INR 35,970) - CAD 800 (INR 47,960)

Tuition Fees of Top Universities for Pursuing MBBS in Canada

The MBBS fees in Canada for Indian students range from CAD 1,20,000 to CAD 3,50,000 or INR 73,31,000 to INR 2,13,83,000 based on the university choice. The cost of studying medicine in Canada for international students is not expensive. Students unable to afford the cost have multiple funding opportunities in Canada to choose from, such as scholarships. But apart from this solution, this country’s highly ranked MBBS institutes offer a nominal MBBS fee structure in Canada.

Thus, to help you choose the most cost-effective MBBS in Canada fees, we have listed the details below.

Pro tip: The table also lists the MBBS in Canada fees in Indian rupees for better reference to Indian students.

Apart from this MBBS course fee in Canada, there are other costs that are included under the cost of studying MBBS in Canada for Indian students. We have listed a detailed list in our next category.

Additional Expenditures Included in Cost of Studying Medicine in Canada

The cost of studying medicine in Canada is not limited to the tuition fees; there are several other factors that contribute to your expenses. Here is an overview of the external expenditures that you need to consider with the fees for studying MBBS in Canada:


Average Cost Per Month


CAD 400 (INR 23,980) - CAD 600 (INR 35,970)


CAD 200 (INR 11,990) - CAD 300 (INR 17,990)


CAD 100 (INR 6,000) - CAD 250 (INR 14,990)


CAD 30 (INR 1,800) - CAD 50 (INR 3,000)


CAD 600 (INR 35,970) - CAD 700 (INR 41,970)

From the Desk of Yocket

The cost of MBBS in Canada is a great choice for tight-budgeted students looking to study MBBS abroad. But only a small percentage of international students are admitted to MD programs at the best universities in Canada. They only accept candidates who have demonstrated the ability to become future health-care leaders. As a result, you should only consider pursuing an MBBS in Canada if you are exceptionally competitive and have a strict academic attitude. Now that you have the details of the fees of MBBS in Canada, it’s time to choose the right college among the 10 Best Medical Colleges in Canada for International Students in 2023.

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