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Study In Dublin For International Students: Top Dublin Colleges and Universities

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If you fancy a European lifestyle but don’t wish to struggle with the facade of learning a new language for your survival, then Ireland is definitely the place for you. Most students who prefer studying in Ireland, choose Dublin. Dublin is not only home to some of the best universities in Ireland but it also houses the headquarters of many top companies in the world. Therefore, many international students choose to study in Dublin. To gauge a clear picture for international students wanting to pursue higher education in Dublin, let’s take an overview of all Dublious factors you need know about - such as best public universities in Dublin Ireland, top colleges,  cost of living of international students, student life, etc.


Table Of Content:


  1. Types of Dublin Colleges And Universities
  2. Public Colleges & Universities in Dublin Ireland
  3. Private Colleges & Universities in Dublin Ireland
  4. Cost Of Studying & Living  In Dublin
  5. Part time Jobs In Dublin For International Students
  6. Job Opportunities In Dublin After Graduation
  7. Student life In Dublin
  8. Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Dublin

Types of Dublin Colleges And Universities


study in Dublin, you definitely won’t fall short of options to choose from when it comes to Dublin colleges and universities. The ancient English city of Europe caters to some of the top universities in Dublin.


The Dublin colleges and universities can be broadly categorised into two parts:


  1. Public Universities & Colleges in Dublin
  2. Private Universities & Colleges in Dublin


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Let us take a closer look at the colleges and universities in Dublin for international students under each one -


Public Colleges & Universities in Dublin Ireland


Some of the best universities in Ireland are public universities.  These colleges and universities are state funded and offer a wide range of courses.


Here’s a list of  the best public universities in Dublin:

  • Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • Dublin City University
  • Technological University Dublin
  • National College of Ireland
  • National College of Art and Design
  • Institute of Public Administration
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Dublin Institute of Technology
  • National College of Ireland


Let’s further discuss the top three public universities in Dublin Irelandof them in detail below:


  1. Trinity College Dublin


Established in 1592, TCD is Ireland’s oldest university.  Trinity College Dublin offers courses at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in areas including  Arts, Humanities & Social Science, Engineering, and Mathematics & Sciences. Studying courses in History or Research Sciences at the Trinity College of Dublin is the best choice to make.  


Tuition Fees

€ 10,000 - € 20,000 / year

QS Rank


Top Courses

Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Immunology, Mathematics, Engineering, Psychology, Politics, English, Computer Science & Information Systems, Biological Sciences, Chemistry

Study benefit

Provides a research-centred, collaborative environment that provides ample opportunities to work with global leaders.

  1. University College Dublin


University College Dublin is one of the top research-intensive universities in Europe. UCD is home to over 34,000 students, 39 percent of which come from outside Ireland. The university walks a step ahead of the rest of the world with its progressive technology and teaching methods. Studying here will help you become an expert in any of the STEM courses.



€ 8,000 - € 15,000/  year

QS Rank


Top Courses

Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, computer Science, economics and business, electrical and electronic engineering, environment/ecology

Study benefit

High Quality of teaching along with excellent student support

  1. Dublin City University


Established in 1989, DCU is a relatively young university. It is known for  its academic excellence, research work and industry partnerships. Apart from these, the university also boasts of diversity with over 22% of the international student population representing more than 110 different nationalities.


Tuition Fees

€ 15,000 - € 23,000/year

QS Rank


Top Courses

Business & Management, Social Sciences, Computer Science & IT, Humanities, Journalism & Media, Medicine & Health

Study benefit

Offers exchange programs for students in countries including Spain, France, Germany and Austria.


Now that we know about the top public universities in Dublin, let us also take a look at the private colleges and universities -


Private Colleges & Universities in Dublin Ireland


You will find knowledge in abundance in Dublin. There are many private colleges and private institutes in the city that offer excellent education. As compared to the public colleges and universities, they are smaller in size and offer lesser programs.


Some of the top private colleges in Dublin Ireland include:


  • Griffith College
  • Dublin Business School
  • College of Computing Technology (CCT)
  • Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • American College Dublin
  • Dorset College
  • Hibernia College
  • IBAT College Dublin
  • Independent College Dublin
  • ICD Business School


Let us know a little more about these institutes:


  1. Griffith College


Griffith Colleges' inspiring teaching curriculum makes it one of the best colleges in Dublin and in Ireland. The use of multiple teaching methods allows them to train students to be an all-rounder. From classroom learning to GD’s and practical application each and everything is covered at Griffith.


Tuition Fees

€ 12,000 - € 15,000/ year

Top Courses

Data science, International Business, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence

Study benefit

Offers High-impact research and an outstanding student experience

  1. Dublin Business School


Known to be amongst the best business colleges in Dublin Ireland, DBS  is also the second of the two largest private colleges in Ireland. They have courses for everything related to business and also offer several programs in Arts, and Law. Students across the world pursue business in DBS to build a strong and promising career.


Tuition Fees

€ 8,000 - € 14,000/ year

Top Courses

Accounting and Finance, Arts, Business & Management, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Information Technology, Law, Marketing & Event Management, Media & Journalism

Study benefit

Known for High quality of teaching and expertise in Business studies

  1. College of Computing Technology (CCT)


CCT College Dublin has very quickly earned a spot on the list of best private colleges in Ireland. It has programs that are concentric with the upcoming industry needs. College of Computing Technology aims at overall skill development among its students,thus, making them industry ready!


Tuition Fees

€9,000 - €14,000

Top Courses

Cybersecurity Essentials, Data Analytics, IT, Data Analytics for Business

Study benefit

Provides Industry-oriented teaching and bright futuristic opportunities


Whether you study in a public or a private institute in Dublin, you will need to spend on your studying and living expenses. Check a snapshot of your study expenditure in Dublin below -


Cost of Studying & Living In Dublin


The amazing lifestyle in Dublin comes with a price tag. Dublin is slightly more expensive as compared to many other European cities. However, for lovers of history, literature and a touch of the modern corporate world, living in Dublin will totally be worth it!


Tuition fees for international students might range anywhere between € 10,000 - € 50,000 for undergraduate courses. Whereas, postgraduate courses will cost you about € 9500 - € 35,000. You will also have to pay a semester fee of € 3000 or below every semester.  


The cost of living in Dubin for international students varies with individual choices. However, on an average you can expect your monthly expense in Dublin to be about €1000 - €1200.


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Next let us discuss about the part time job opportunities for students in Dublin -


Part time Jobs In Dublin For International Students


If you’re anxious about your monthly expenses in Dublin, you need not worry! A part time job at various Dublin colleges and universities can help you manage your lifestyle.

By law, international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in Dublin while studying. Students can also extend working up to 40 hours per week during holidays

Some of the part-time jobs available in Dublin for international students are: 

  • Customer support
  • Customer support analyst 
  • Digital marketer
  • Waiters
  • Nanny 
  • Drivers etc

Discussing studying in Dubin would be incomplete without mentioning the job opportunities for students post study. Let us take a look -


Job Opportunities In Dublin After Graduation


Studying abroad is fruitful if you land a job after graduation. Due to the low corporate tax, Ireland houses the headquarters of corporate giants in Dublin. This also means that there are many jobs available in Dublin for international students.


Top companies in Dublin: 


Call Dublin the avenue of offices, with an array of companies you can get a job in one of the top companies in the world. Some of the companies based in Dublin are:


  • Google
  • Accenture
  • Hubspot
  • MongoDB
  • Docusign
  • Guidewire
  • Facebook
  • Paypal
  • Indeed
  • Twitter
  • eBay
  • Linkedin


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Last but not the least, here is a quick look at student life in Dublin -


Student life In Dublin


Dublin has something for all! From museums for nerdy explorers to classic breweries for party animals, Dublin serves you a variety of experiences. Study in Dublin for international students assures a memorable journey due to its inclusivity. Ireland is famous for its student-friendly approach, and you can count on Dublin as the hub of student communities.


How is Dublin’s Weather?

Dublin’s weather is oceanic, cool and humid throughout the year. However, you might have to face many challenging days in Dublin due to its temperature drops. Dublin can get as cold as 5’ C to 15’ C. So, if you are someone who loves a good chill (quite literally!) then Dublin is your place.


For those wanting to study in Dublin, we have also covered a few commonly asked questions to help clear any doubts -


Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Dublin


  1. Which are the top 3 universities in Dublin for international students?

Ans: The best universities in Dublin for international students are:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • Dublin City University


  1. Can I get a job in Dublin after studying?

Ans: Dublin has a pool of opportunities to offer to international students after completing their Masters. So, if you are planning to study in Dublin, you can be relieved about finding a job. 


  1. Is it worthwhile to study in Dublin for international students?

Ans: If budgeting isn’t an issue for you, then Dublin is a great place to study. Many Indian students study in Dublin for a rewarding career.


  1. What kind of student visa is needed to study in Dublin for international students?

Ans:  If your course in Dublin is shorter than three months, you will need a C-study visa. If your course is of a longer duration, you will need a D-study visa.


Overall, studying in Ireland, especiallyDublin for international students is an adventurous experience. Students are greatly impacted by the cultural mix, corporate exposure and skilled educators in Dublin. Therefore, it would be fair to say that choosing  Dublin for your higher education is an excellent choice!

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